Phase 3: Sentence Building

Acquire Grammar Easily Through Comprehensible Input

To learn how to use words correctly, you must see and hear them in the context. After just a few levels of our course, you will begin to acquire grammar through reading and listening to content you can understand, also known as “comprehensible input”. Usually, doing this in Chinese without the help of translation takes many months, even years. With The Mandarin Blueprint Method, it is now possible to go from zero to reading and listening in just a few weeks.

See New Words in Context You Can Understand Immediately

At the start of phase three, your character count is 105, and word count around 80. Usually, this would be nowhere near enough of a foundation to start getting comprehensible input, but not with our course. Our team of native writers has prepared example sentences using words and characters you already know so you can see words in context as soon as possible.

Knowing the characters and words in the sentences we provide gives you a HUGE advantage over other learners. You will get the fully comprehensible context you need to acquire new vocabulary and grammar right away.

Play YOUR Way

There is more than one way to make your way through the course, depending on your learning goals. If you are in a rush to acquire Mandarin, we have laid out a fast-track by clearly labeling the absolutely essential sentences. These “required” sentences teach you a certain key grammar structure, or they are part of a larger piece of content you unlock in Phase 4.

Phase 4: Paragraph Building

Stepping it Up a Notch with Conversations, Opinions and Short Stories

In the same way that learning a character can unlock a new vocabulary word and a new vocabulary words unlock sentences, several sentences can unlock more extended form dialogues, opinions, or short stories. Getting larger context like this allows you to start to read and listen in a broader context, which is even more fun!

Acquire Words More Naturally with Greater Context

The broader context provides a greater depth of emotion, and the possibility to engage more with the language. Plus, because all content is created to suit your level perfectly, you can understand everything. This way, when you see that a “New Short Story is Unlocked,” you can focus on enjoying the content without having to constantly run to the dictionary.

Listen and Read Offline from Any Device

All of our stories, articles and dialogues are downloadable and accessible offline so you can immerse yourself in Mandarin Chinese wherever you are. All content has built-in male and female audio of varying speeds.

Phase 5: Story Building

Read Full Stories in Mandarin Without Help

Many of the paragraphs you unlocked in the previous phase form over one hundred full stories to be unlocked in Phase 5. There are western classics like Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding hood as well as stories from ancient China that will give you an insight into Chinese philosophy and myths that have influenced the culture. After you learn all the paragraphs of a story, the full story will unlock.

No More Learning Vocabulary or Sentences. Just Pure Context.

You’ll still learn character-by-character, but learning vocabulary and grammar will become far more eclectic. Instead of being as strict about precisely which words you see in each sentence, we’ll drop the idea of using vocabulary and sentence flashcards as a requirement and instead focus on giving you graded reading content. Such an approach is far less controlled, and thus simplifies the process. Your discipline to reach that point will pay off!

Start Acquiring Mandarin Grammar the Natural (and FUN) Way