Phase 2: Vocabulary Building

Acquire Vocabulary Faster than Ever Before

We’ll teach you how to create super-effective mnemonics to learn any Chinese compound word almost instantly. You can then review the multi-media flashcards we provide so you never forget what you learn.

Hack Vocabulary Using the Power of ‘Living Links’

Link to the Characters

Mandarin words are completely alien to English speakers. So how do you learn them? By connecting to something you already know.

Look at the characters used in the word and think about what they mean. Because of how logical Chinese words are, it’s like they have their own mnemonic built-in devices.

电视 diànshì (“Television”) is composed of two characters meaning”electricity” and “shadow”. The mnemonic “Use electricity to create colourful shadows of things on a screen” just writes itself.

Check out this 65-minute video of Luke going through a bunch of effective mnemonics and try some out today.

Link to the Sound

Some Mandarin words can sound like English. We use this to your full advantage. 

“说明” shuōmíng – “To Explain” sounds a bit like Sean Connery saying the word “Swimming” So imagine Sean Connery giving swimming lessons. 

On top of that, Mandarin is full of homonyms – words that sound alike. This stumps most Western speakers, but what if you used this to your advantage too? 

“肌肉” jīròu “muscle” for example sounds the same as “鸡肉 jīròu – chicken meat. Sounds complicated. Now imagine a chicken that’s jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

We’re not being eccentric just for the fun of it. The more ridiculous and whimsical the mental image, the more likely you’ll remember it. And the words and sounds associated with it.

Link to Images

Most of us can recognize (and recall) images better than text or sound. So it pays to associate words and sounds with images. 

But not just any image. The trick is to (quickly) take an experience from your life . . . and turn it into an intelligent online image search. Now you’ve got the right image. We’ll show you exactly what kind of experiences and what images to avoid.

Review Multimedia Flashcards and Make Them Your Own

The course contains thousands of flashcards spaced in the perfect order. All with studio-quality native male and female audio.

You can also personalize every flashcard with images and “living links” of your choosing. Inject your own dose of whimsy and make the flashcards your own.

Learn 4,000+ Common Mandarin Words (and How to Use Them Like a Native)

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You’ve learned how components form characters. Now you can combine these characters into everyday words.

Follow the Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO) to learn the most useful characters and words first. As always, OCLO ensures you’re only exposed to words you know the characters for. As you learn more characters, you unlock more words.

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