Phase 2: Vocabulary Building

Acquire Vocabulary Faster than Ever Before

As your foundation of components and characters grows, you will unlock an increasing number of compound words made up of these essential building blocks. We’ll teach you how to create mnemonics to memorize the words almost instantly, and supply multi-media flashcards so you never forget what you learn.

Hack vocabulary using the power of ‘living links’

Link to the Characters

As you attempt to find a connection to a new vocabulary word, say it out loud. Does anything come to mind? Is there any connection, even a tenuous one, to a sound you already recognize?

What if, when you hear the word 你好 níhǎo (hello), you visualized someone staring at their knees, perplexed, wondering HOW these KNEES got there, only to then say HELLO to several new acquaintances that entered the room?

Link to the Sound

Are you surprised to find out that “肌肉” jīròu – muscle” is the same pronunciation as “鸡肉 jīròu – chicken meat?” Can you imagine a chicken that is jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime? How about the word “说明” shuōmíng – “To Explain” sounding a little like Sean Connery saying the word “Swimming”? Does that conjuring up the image of Mr Connery giving swimming lessons?

Whether the Chinese word you are learning sounds like something from your native language or a previously learned Mandarin word, taking a moment to recognize the sound connection will make the memory all the more solid.

Link to Images

We recognize images far better than text or even sound. If you associate a memorable image and the sound of a new word when first seeing it, you are so much more likely to form long term memory of that word, and in record time. In The Mandarin Blueprint Method, we show you how to quickly take your lived experience and turn it into an intelligent online image search. Once you’ve chosen an image (or images) to represent the word, it’s time for the final step.

Create & Review Incredible Multimedia Flashcards

We have created and organized thousands of powerful spaced repetition flashcards in perfect order for you. All you need to do is add your images and start reviewing! Each flashcard contains studio-quality native male and female audio for every word you learn.

Unlock & Easily Memorise over 4,000 common Mandarin words

Unlock & Easily Memorise over 4,000 common Mandarin words

Just as components are the ‘keys’ to the ‘locks’ called characters, characters are your keys to unlocking words. By following the Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO), you will learn the most useful words first, and these will only become available after you have learned the characters that make them up. Naturally, as the database of characters between your ears expands, so do the potential words you can unlock.

Learn 4,000 Common Mandarin Words in Months, or Even Weeks, From Zero