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Why Learning Chinese Is the Right Choice

Regardless of whether you live in China or not, learning Chinese is bound to give you a leg up in life. Considering that China’s economy has grown vastly over the last two decades. And it still continues to grow at a faster rate than other large nations. It is the leader in e-commerce. 

Each year China adds the equivalent of the entire Australian economy to its Gross Domestic Product. Over the next decade, Chinese consumption has a projection to grow by $6 Trillion through to 2030.

China was one of the first adopters of new technology, like paying with WeChat and Alipay. Almost ten years after these payment methods were available to the Chinese people, companies from the West, such as Skype, Paypal, GooglePay, and other prominent e-commerce finance institutes, have finally caught up and made these payment innovations available.

The Chinese are innovators and encourage businesses to come to their shores with tax incentives for companies, and nonrestrictive Business Visas.

Why Learn Chinese: Because Chinese Culture Is Everywhere

This growth has naturally led to Chinese people getting more and more involved in business, travel, trade, study, and all manner of economic activity on the world stage.

Chinese culture is now present in every major city in the west. Therefore, the benefits of learning Chinese can be reaped whether you end up staying in China or not. Knowing how to communicate efficiently in Chinese will inevitably increase your ability to connect with more people for business, social, and even romantic reasons.

More important than all of that is the fact that learning Chinese will change you. This will broaden your thinking, just like traveling abroad broadens the mind.

Additionally, It will change your perspective on philosophy, economics, relationships, psychology, society, and more.

On top of it, it will give you almost one Billion new Mandarin-speaking friends, business partners, even lovers. If you can’t converse with native speakers, you might lose out on the beauty of the Chinese country and culture.

We’ve never lived in a more tolerant, accepting, and fundamentally kind society as we have here in Chengdu. However, it took us conversing with local people to see how lovely these people are.

Sure, you’ll make more money knowing Chinese, but we’ve got a sneaking suspicion you might just become a better person overall.

For example, Mandarin Blueprint received an award in 2017. We came up with a method to help new students learn Chinese in a new and innovative way. This is when we created our course, The Mandarin Blueprint Method. Sign up to start your 14-day free trial.

“I think Chinese is pretty cool. ”

— Luke