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Do you dream of speaking fluent Chinese?

Reading is the key to making that dream a reality FAST.

According to the most cited linguistic research and polyglot (speakers of many languages) around the world, all languages are acquired in only one way:

By getting understandable messages into your eyes & ears.

In other words: Consume Chinese content you understand A LOT.

But, did you know that the fastest and easiest way of doing this is by first learning how to read?

Here’s why.

Reading is so much more comprehensible than listening (especially for a beginner) because you can take as much time as you need to get the message of a sentence. This is not the case with listening.

Reading has been proven in countless linguistic studies to be an incredibly effective way of acquiring vocabulary and grammar, too.

But that’s not all…

Reading also makes otherwise incomprehensible listening-based content, such as TV and podcasts, way easier through the use of subtitles and transcripts.

Put simply: The quicker you learn to read, the sooner you’ll have AMAZING breakthroughs with Chinese.

Here’s the problem, though…

The Chinese writing system is notoriously difficult to master and acts as a HUGE barrier to entry for learners.

To become literate, you need to learn thousands of characters and words, which is super boring and takes years with conventional methods…

But thankfully, there is an alternative:

The Blueprint

This 9000-lesson curriculum can get you to a near-native level of Chinese comprehension in a fraction of the time of even the best alternatives we’ve seen.

All from your laptop or phone, without ever going to class, paying for a tutor, or picking up a textbook.

The curriculum is like a Chinese degree on steroids, and members enjoy access to Chinese experts on the Member Service Team whenever they need, so The Blueprint is priced at $997 for lifetime access.

But hey…we get it…even with an installment plan, that’s a bit steep for some learners, especially when they aren’t yet aware of what is possible with the course.

So, we came up with an idea…

What if we challenged people to reach the point in the curriculum where they realize basic literacy? 

That would allow learners to get incredible results and see the true value of The Blueprint for a fraction of the full price. At the same time, we’ll help them smash any false beliefs about Chinese being “the hardest language in the world.”

Are you ready to see just how EASY learning Chinese can be?

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!

How You'll Reach Literacy...

Day 1: Pre-Challenge

Before jumping into characters, we’ll first get you up to speed on how to pronounce Mandarin and read pinyin (if you don’t know already) and how to set up your flashcards. If you get through this part quickly, feel free to get a head start on characters!

1st Half: Character Building

On Day 2, go get started with Phase 1 (levels 1-6) of the course and begin learning characters with the proven & effective memory palace technique called “The Hanzi Movie Method.” We’ll provide daily goals to keep you on track.

2nd Half: Vocabulary Building

Midway through the challenge, and you’ll start unlocking “compound words.” These are multiple-character words made up of characters you’ve already learned. You’ll then use the MB mnemonic technique called “Living Links” to memorize words in seconds. Don’t forget to finish your flashcard reviews each day.

Final Day: Acquisition

On the final day, you’ll unlock hundreds of sentences, and you’ll watch a lesson going over thr first 30. You will be able to read and understand these sentences (plus hundreds more) without the need for pinyin or english translation. For real.

After this point, you can take your skills even further and continue all the way to the end of Phase 3 (level 20), reaching 263 characters, 350 words, and hundreds of example sentences! This makes up at least 65% of Chinese by coverage.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!

What you get for just $7 USD

The Mandarin Blueprint Method
  • Access to the first 20 levels of The Blueprint curriculum – $100 Value
  • A special discount on The Blueprint (only for MB Challengers) until the challenge ends – $200 Value (if you take it)
  • Downloadable studio-quality audio for hundreds of example sentences – $100 Value
  • Access to MB Member Service Chinese experts throughout the challenge – $50 Value
  • Access to a companion course with videos guiding you through the challenge and keeping you on track – $50 Value
  • Access to Traverse flashcard software to ensure you remember everything you learn- $50 Value
  • The ability to read and understand Chinese FAST, and the HUGE confidence and status boost that comes with that – PRICELESS
  • BONUS: The Habit Building Bootcamp that helps you break bad habits that prevent you from achieving the Chinese level you desire – $500 Value

Total Value: (at least) $1050

As Well as These Amazing Resources, You’re also Getting Our Fantastic Bonus Worth $500 to Make Your Journey Even Faster and Easier!

  • ​4 Hours Of Video
  • Bonus PDFs, videos, and assignments

What you’ll be able to do:

  • ​​Shape your environment, mindset, and emotions to progress with Chinese no matter where you are or how you feel.​​
  • Make spending time with Chinese exciting and motivating to the point where you’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning to get started.
  • ​​Learn to track, review, and refine your habits for life-long success.
  • ​​Break bad habits that prevent you from achieving the Chinese level you desire.
  • ​​Save​ the stress and frustration of NOT being able to find the time to progress at Chinese!

Join the Mandarin Blueprint Challenge Today

For Just $7 USD!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!

Hear From The MB Community Of Language Enthusiasts!

"Did Duolingo for a year, Confucius Institute the next... This is a million times more efficient."
- Korneel Snauwaert
"Such an easy way to learn a complex language. I literally have to stop myself from studying, because it's just so much fun."
- Corinna
"Choosing Mandarin Blueprint was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made."
- Craig Cavanagh

Join the Mandarin Blueprint Challenge Today

For Just $7 USD!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!

About Luke & Phil

After both passing the highest level Chinese exam in 25% of the average time by immersing in comprehensible Chinese content, we joined forces to build a course that could get learners to advanced Chinese comprehension as fast as possible.

After years of hard work, The Blueprint is now complete.

This course has made it possible for anyone to go from zero to advanced in a fraction of the time of conventional methods, and you can now get permanent access to a huge chunk of it for just $7 USD today.


You’ll get 30 days of access to the first 3 phases (20 levels) of our patent-pending curriculum, The Blueprint, a companion course with videos guiding you through the challenge and keeping you on track, dedicated Member Service support from Chinese experts answering your questions throughout the challenge, and Traverse flashcard access and support.

All these features and benefits are worth at least $650, but here’s something you get that’s worth far more…

If you manage to stay on track and complete a level each day, you will also be able to read basic Chinese without pinyin or English translation. From this achievement comes the biggest benefit of The MB Challenge: Confidence.

You’ll know that Chinese is not only far easier than you may have thought, but that it is indeed possible for you to become fluent in a fraction of the time of most learners.

You’ll have the choice to do either a 15-day or a 30-day challenge. The emails and course materials are identical for each, and you’ll get 30-days total access to the course materials. If you choose a 15 day challenge, you’ll still get 30 days of access, but the emails will be spread over 15 days instead of 30. 

Your access will be revoked after 30 days. Towards the end, we’ll give you the chance to purchase the entire curriculum (with a discount) or just the 20 levels of the challenge for a much smaller fee.

If you complete the 20 levels available before the challenge ends, you will be able to learn how to read, write, and pronounce (with the correct tone) 263 common Chinese characters and 350 common words, which make up 65%+ of Chinese by coverage.

We’ll also provide you with hundreds of completely comprehensible Chinese sentences with studio-quality native audio. You can download these for listening practice and review them as flashcards.

You’ll also learn The Hanzi Movie Method & Living Links mnemonic techniques via MB’s patent-pending Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO).

You can choose either a 15-day or 30-day challenge.

The 15-day challenge demands a 2-3 hour daily time commitment, and the 30-day challenge requires about 1 hour per day.

However, regardless of which challenge you choose, you’ll get to maintain access for an additional 15 bonus days after the challenge ends. This way, if you get delayed at any point, you’ll still have a chance to acquire all the material.

You’ll have access to both Phases 1 to 3 (levels 1-20), the companion course materials, and Traverse for the length of the challenge + 15 bonus days.

Yes. You can get your money back within 30 days.

Yes and no. The Member Service Team will be supporting you and answering questions via email and comment section every day throughout the challenge. However, this is an “evergreen” course, so anyone can start the challenge at any time.

No problem! You’ll have access to the course materials for 15 bonus days after the challenge is over. That’s plenty of time to catch up if you got delayed. That said, we want to push you to make crazy progress in a short time and experience the true power of The Blueprint curriculum.

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Join the Mandarin Blueprint Challenge Today

For Just $7 USD!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Plus, Get A Bonus Worth $500 for Free!
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