The Blueprint "Complete The Set" Special!

WARNING: This offer is exclusively for members who already own Fluency Foundations
(i.e., Levels 1-36 of The Blueprint)

Here's What Our Members Have to Say...​

What You're Getting...

The Blueprint (All 88 levels, 9,000+ lessons)

$3000+ Value
  • Master 99.4% of Chinese
  • ​Pass the new HSK 9
  • Get results far superior to a​ Chinese degree with a tiny fraction of the time and financial investment
  • Save ​ an average of $10,000-20,000 on tuition fees and potentially thousands of hours of boredom!

Mandarin Immersion Masterclass

$1000 Value
  • Use the most efficient, effective and fun methods & tools for immersing in all different forms of Chinese media.
  • ​Get to fluency faster and easier while having way more FUN than everyone else!
  • ​​Save​ potentially hundreds of hours hunting for Chinese media at your level and the best immersion methods and tools!

Habit-Building Bootcamp

$500 Value
  • Shape your environment, mindset, and emotions to progress with Chinese no matter where you are or how you feel.
  • ​​Make spending time with Chinese exciting and motivating to the point where you’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning to get started.
  • ​​Break bad habits that prevent you from achieving the Chinese level you desire.
  • ​​​Save​ the stress and frustration of NOT being able to find the time to progress at Chinese!

All The Chinese Education You Need In One Place!

  • The Mandarin Blueprint Method (All 88 levels, 9,000+ lessons) – $5000+ Value
  • Mandarin Immersion Masterclass – $1000 Value
  • Habit-Building Bootcamp – $500 Value

Total Value: $6,500+

Normally: $997

Fluency Foundations Member Price:


*All Values are in USD*

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