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Luke Neale

Luke struggled early on with traditional learning methods and eventually, through a lot of trial and error, found far better ways of acquiring Chinese, using various tools and memory techniques. 

Luke's strength is his native-like pronunciation; having placed a strong focus on it early on.

About the Authors

Phil Crimmins

In Spring 2017, Phil graduated from Sichuan University with a bachelor’s degree in the Chinese language, and he was also awarded an “Outstanding Thesis Award” for his dissertation titled “Chinese Acquisition Methods from the Perspective of a Mandarin Learner.”

Phil's strength in Mandarin is reading and writing; having started his study with a heavy focus on Chinese characters.

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A Detailed Introduction to Chinese Characters

After passing the highest level Chinese exam (the HSK 6) in 25% of the average time using non-traditional methods, Luke & Phil Co-founded Mandarin Blueprint in 2014 with the mission of helping as many learners as possible acquire Mandarin Chinese quicker and easier. 

Chinese Learning, Simplified.

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