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Master 80% of Chinese and Achieve Basic Fluency– for Only $297 $197!

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Attention beginner Chinese learners!

Are you struggling to get any sense of REAL progress with Chinese?

Having trouble imagining yourself EVER having smooth Mandarin conversations, despite already putting in a TON of time and effort?

Do you have NO IDEA what you should be spending your limited time doing to take steps towards your goal of speaking fluent Mandarin?

Well, you’re not alone. 

Based on our years of research with thousands of Chinese learners like you, we’ve found that almost everybody goes through the same struggles. 

The primary reason for this is…

The tones and the writing system make it Incredibly difficult to gain momentum with Chinese in the early stages and break through to actual fluency.

Without the right methods, everything about Chinese is so hard

Learning pronunciation is hard.

Learning to read is hard. 

Finding listening and reading material at beginner level is hard.

Being understood and understanding spoken Mandarin is REALLY hard.

It all feels like such a monumental challenge (especially for us hobbyists, with just an hour or two per day to spare) that it becomes near impossible to imagine EVER actually speaking fluent Chinese.

After weeks, months, or even YEARS trying to make progress with tutors, apps, textbooks, and classes, we’ve found that the vast majority of Chinese learners start to think…

“I’ll stay at beginner level forever!”

At this point, they soon quit, moving on to an “easier” language like Spanish.

BUT, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be this way…

We’ve lived through the struggle ourselves, and we overcame it by discovering and developing an approach to acquiring Chinese that actually works…

We created a series of ground-breaking courses that smash through the barriers of Chinese and make Chinese literacy and fluency not just possible, but a near-certainty! All you have to do is follow the lessons, and our instructions.

Our flagship curriculum The Blueprint can take anyone to advanced Chinese, and has received hundreds of 5-star reviews that can attest to that. However, we know that…

Not everyone is ready to commit to achieving advanced Chinese. At least not right now

That’s why we’ve created a condensed version of The Blueprint… 

A beginner-friendly course bundle that will teach you the basics of Chinese reading, listening, writing, and speaking efficiently & easily, and allow you to start having conversations in Mandarin without wrecking your budget.



The Mandarin Blueprint Method
  • Master 80% of Chinese (The 1000 Most Common Words)
  • 2,500+ Lessons
  • 5,000+ Multimedia Flashcards
  • 1,000+ Videos
  • Patent-Pending Curriculum

Upon Completion, You'll Be able to...

  • Understand and use 80% of Chinese by frequency
  • Master the 592 most common Chinese characters (reading, writing, pronunciation, AND tone!)
  • Learn the 1,000 most commonly spoken Chinese words (reading, listening, writing, pronunciation, and knowing how to use them in conversation!)
  • Memorize 100+ characters or words per day using the proven techniques of memory athletes
  • Read Chinese without pinyin or English translation FROM ZERO in 20-30 hours
  • Read, pronounce, and even write entire Chinese stories with ease after just a few weeks
  • Pass the new HSK 2
  • Have conversations with Chinese colleagues and friends
  • Work productively with a tutor
  • Understand and use intermediate Chinese grammar correctly
  • Read intermediate Chinese
  • Enjoy easier Chinese TV shows and movies (i.e., content made for younger audiences)
  • Put “Conversational (A2-level) Mandarin fluency” on your resume!
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Fluency Foundations is our new, budget-friendly, no-nonsense curriculum designed to get you to basic literacy and fluency fast. 

As soon as you become a member, we’ll give you a crash-course in Mandarin pronunciation and tones, and grant you lifetime access to the first five phases (levels 1-36) of our flagship course The Mandarin Blueprint Method.

As you progress through The Mandarin Blueprint Method lessons, you will methodically master new aspects of Mandarin Chinese – each building seamlessly on the last – including characters, words, and sentences, until you are very quickly able to read, understand, and even write entire stories in Chinese – all without the need for pinyin or English translation!

Thanks to our unique, patent-pending curriculum structure, all of these moving parts build on what you already know and work together in harmony, so you never feel lost.

Understand all of this easily (from zero) in weeks! 👇

When you’re done with Fluency Foundations, you’ll learn the most common 592 Chinese characters, 1,000 common words, PLUS 1,000 common phrases, which means you will…

Achieve mastery of 80% of Chinese by frequency (enough for basic fluency and literacy) 3-5 Times faster than with conventional learning methods.

That’s right! Due to the effectiveness of our learning techniques and the efficiency of our curriculum structure and smart flashcards, the data shows that members make real progress several times faster than the average learner.

In fact…

Fluency Foundations could save you an average of $5,000 on tuition fees and up to one thousand hours of boredom.

That’s why we give it a very conservative…​

$ Value
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

But that’s not all. You’re also getting $2,100 of fantastic bonuses to make your journey to fluency even faster and easier!


Dedicated, "Above and Beyond" Support for Life

When you buy Fluency Foundations, you get 24/7 support from our team, who’ll be ready to help you with anything you need, whether that’s a technical question, or just a dose of motivation. We’ve also got a video FAQ with hundreds of answers you can refer to!

$1,000 Value

Exclusive Access to The MB Community forum

Gain lifetime access to this forum to network with thousands of other Chinese learners. Ask questions, find study buddies and share resources!

$500 Value

Traverse Flashcards Access for life

Traverse is the AWESOME flashcard software you’ll use to retain everything you learn on our course efficiently.

The basic service is $15/month, but we’ve got the software creator to tweak the code to suit the content of our course and provide dedicated tech support for all of our members for free when you sign up!

$300 Value

A Permanent $300 Discount For "The Blueprint"

Finally, as a Fluency Foundations user, you’ll have a permanent $300 discount for whenever you’d like to upgrade to The Blueprint and take your Chinese to the next level.

$300 Value

Everything You Need For Basic Chinese Literacy AND Fluency!

  • The Mandarin Blueprint Method: Phases 1-5 – $3,000 Value
  • Dedicated, “Above And Beyond” Support For Life – $1,000 Value
  • Exclusive Access To The MB Community Forum – $500 Value
  • Traverse Flashcards Access For Life – $300 Value
  • A Permanent $300 Discount For “The Blueprint” – $300 Value

Total Value: $5,100




90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Our 90-Day​ Guarantee

We’re SO confident our courses will exceed your expectations in every way that we do something NOBODY ELSE in our field does….

After you enroll, you’ll have 90 days with full access to everything…

If at any time, for any reason, or NO reason, you decide it’s not for you, email us, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Hear From Our Community Of Language Enthusiasts!

"Did Duolingo for a year, Confucius Institute the next... This is a million times more efficient."
- Korneel Snauwaert
"Such an easy way to learn a complex language. I literally have to stop myself from studying, because it's just so much fun."
- Corinna
"Choosing Mandarin Blueprint was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made."
- Craig Cavanagh

Fluency Foundations isn’t just a great deal…it’s a steal!

At only $297 ($197)

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Fluency Foundations is PERFECT for you if…

  • You’re a beginner or zero-level learner who wants to reach intermediate level or higher
  • You want the maximum benefits for the least amount of time and money…
  • You want to master the Chinese essentials, not the whole language (at least not right now)…
  • You want to understand enough to enjoy traveling in China and wow native speakers with your skills…
  • You want to be able to progress at your own pace
  • You want lifetime access without ever worrying about subscription fees…
  • You want a risk-free buying experience with our 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • You want responsive customer support whenever you have questions or issues…

Not everyone is ready to invest the amount of time and money The Blueprint requires in order to reach advanced fluency. Some people just want to be able to have basic conversations in Mandarin.

Fluency Foundations is a condensed, beginner-friendly course (actually the first 36 levels of The Mandarin Blueprint Method, the largest course within The Blueprint).

The goal is to teach you the basics of Chinese reading, listening, writing, and speaking fast– without straining your budget.

Apps often take a random, illogical approach. With all our courses, each lesson builds seamlessly and logically on what you’ve already learned. We guide you on a journey from learning individual characters and words, to understanding sentences, to comprehending entire stories in Chinese, all without the need for pinyin or English translation. Everything works together in harmony, so you never feel lost.

Our team is ready to help you with anything you need, whether that’s a technical question, or just a dose of motivation. We answer all questions within 24 hours (and usually a lot quicker than that).

Absolutely. There is zero risk here. You can spend three months working through Fluency Foundations. Enjoy full access to every lesson and all your bonuses.

If at any time within those 90 days, you aren’t 100% satisfied, send us an email, and we’ll refund your money.

Your 1,000-Word Adventure Begins With These Three Steps:

Step 1:
Enroll in Fluency Foundations.

Gain lifetime access to the course materials and your bonuses…

Step 2:
Master 1,000 Chinese words at your own pace.

We’re talking essentials here. No high-level stuff, just the basic words you need to feel confident in everyday conversations…

Step 3:
Show off your skills!
Wow your in-laws. Impress your colleagues. Bask in the admiration of your friends and family.

It’s time to turn “I can’t” into “I CAN speak (and read) Chinese!”

All for the low, low price of $297 $197
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
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