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Pronunciation Mastery is an online course that will help you pronounce every Mandarin word and tone with astounding, native-like accuracy.

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Master Mandarin Pronunciation

Make a Lasting Impression

Struggling with Mandarin Pronunciation?

Sick of embarrassing tone mistakes?

Are you finding it hard to understand native Mandarin speakers?

Or are you just plain tired of struggling with Mandarin?

So was I, until I discovered the secret I’m about to share with you.

你好 Nǐhǎo, my name is Phil Crimmins, And I used to be where you are right now....

I used to dream of becoming fluent in Mandarin.

I wanted to wow native speakers with my amazing Mandarin pronunciation skills.

I wanted to impress my friends and family as I order them Chinese food with my flawless Mandarin pronunciation.

So I tried to learn Chinese by mimicking other Chinese native speakers.

But after learning Chinese for awhile, I wound up getting awkward looks.

Nobody could understand a single word I was trying to say!

Every time I’d open my mouth to speak Chinese, I would nervously mumble or slur my words like a crazy person.

I felt embarrassed and self-conscious when I tried speak.

Why wasn’t it working? I thought I was doing everything you were supposed to do.

I tried university courses, online videos, and private tutors, but they either didn’t work or made me feel even worse.

Honestly, I felt disgusted with my (lack of) progress…

If I saw other foreigners speaking fluently, I would get jealous of how well they managed to communicate…

It was driving me crazy.

I was on the verge of quitting…until I met Luke Neale.

Luke overheard me saying something, and made an offhand comment about my pronunciation…

I remember it as clear as day.

He said, “You’ve got your tongue in the wrong place,” and instantly fixed a HUGE problem I never even knew I had instantly.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve been learning the wrong way.

I used to think that if I just mimicked Chinese people’s speech, I’d eventually speak fluent Mandarin…

But after this experience, it was clear I was dead wrong.

It FINALLY made sense why everything I tried wasn’t working…

You see, I needed a fellow Chinese learner (a native English speaker like me me, not a native Chinese speaker) to point out specific techniques to practice…

Soon after this revelation, my Mandarin skills went through the roof!

My language journey went from frustration to fun again.

I went on to transform those awkward looks into admiration, engage in deep conversations, and even give entire speeches in Mandarin!

Luke and I then partnered together to teach these learning techniques to hundreds of expats living in China.

After a Combined 20 years Learning and Teaching Chinese, We've Now Helped Thousands of Chinese Learners Like You Master Pronunciation, and the Language as a Whole...

We spent years developing, testing and perfecting a series of ground-breaking courses that can help all Chinese learners achieve fluent Mandarin faster and easier…

This first course we created made it possible for anyone to develop effortless and accurate (even native-like) Mandarin pronunciation…

Introducing: Pronunciation Mastery

Everything You Need to Know About Mandarin Pronunciation. Packed Into Just a Few Hours.

$750 Value

As featured on these other acclaimed language sites:
200+ 5-Star Reviews
Thousands of students achieving fluency
Developed in collaboration with ​university professors

The Only Pronunciation Course for Mandarin Chinese Created by Fluent (Non-Native) Mandarin Speakers...

By the end of Pronunciation Mastery, you will..

Pronounce Every Mandarin Sound Accurately

With enough practice you might even be able to pronounce exactly like a native…once and for all

Saying ZHI CHI SHI RI in Mandarin Chinese

Produce The Tones With Ease

Luke will show you the insider secrets that allow you to say all 5 tones like a native speaker, as well as tone pairs AND several tones in sequence…

3rd Tone - The Zombie tone

Build The BEST Possible Foundation For Fluent Mandarin

So many Chinese learners have poor pronunciation habits that severely limit their ability to progress long-term. Not you though. The skills you gain from this course will allow you to progress WAY faster and easier than the average learner.

Say Anything From A Phrasebook And Be Understood Easily

You’ll be able to travel around China and communicate with Chinese people with relative ease in just a few hours.

Master 200+ Common Words & Phrases

We don’t just do boring drills like your average Chinese teacher. You’ll master every sound of the language WHILE learning the most essential Mandarin vocabulary! You’ll also learn basic conversational grammar.

Accelerate Your Path to Mandarin Fluency

Here's a quick breakdown of Pronunciation Mastery​

The first unit gives you a lay of the pronunciation landscape, including a full overview of “pinyin” (the romanization of Chinese) and Mandarin tones.

From there you’ll grasp the 30,000 foot view of Mandarin Pronunciation before you dive into the details

Units 2 & 3 dive into the simple stuff, aka the simple vowel sounds.

Once you grasp these, suddenly about 60% of all sounds in the language are, well, SIMPLE to understand.

You’ll also start to master some of those “problem” consonant sounds I talked about. Your tongue will get a workout, but sore mouths mean you’re making progress.

Units 4 & 5 finish up ALL of the problem sounds of the language, and also introduce the “nasal” sounds of the language.

Nasal sounds aren’t difficult, but they do utilize your nasal cavity. You’ll get detailed explanations about how to produce these like a native.

Units 6-9 teach you all the remaining sounds, and give you a chance to solidify all of those “problem” sounds from the previous units.

EVERY unit uses REAL Chinese to teach you these pronunciation principles.

Wouldn’t you rather learn using real language than a boring listen/repeat session for random sounds?

Finally, in Unit 10, we break down how to move forward now that you’ve mastered all of the sounds. 

Throughout the whole process, we pepper in fun, podcast-style bonus videos that teach you linguistic theory about how pronunciation works in any language, and specifically in Chinese (all optional…skip them if you just want the MEAT). 

You’ll also get succinct and interesting unit wrap-ups that help keep you motivated and seeing the big picture.

It's Like Getting $4,800 Worth of Private Tutoring. At a Fraction of the Price.

If we were to give you 8-hours worth of private lessons, that would be $4,800 at our current rate.

But, with Pronunciation Mastery, you’ll get $750 worth of high-quality content:

  • 6 Hours of HD Core Video Content
  • ​​2 Hours of HD Bonus Video Content
  • 1000+ Audio Flashcards
  • ​Bonus PDFs & Quizzes

Plus Lifetime Access. So you can watch at your own pace, rewind and review as needed.

Learn How to Pronounce Every Mandarin Syllable and Tone – Like a Nativein Just a Few Hours

Mastering pronunciation is the very first foundational step towards fluency, providing you with a huge boost to your listening and speaking ability.

After Pronunciation Mastery, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • Achieve accurate (even native-like) and effortless pronunciation of every syllable (including the most challenging sounds in the language)
  • Produce all of the Mandarin tones and tone combinations easily and accurately
  • Massively boost your listening and speaking ability
  • Grow your confidence and feel comfortable in Mandarin conversations
  • Say anything you want from a phrase book effortlessly
  • Type and text in Chinese
  • Fix existing pronunciation problems

You’ll also save approximately $500 and many hours of boredom on classes and tutors!

Hear It Straight From Our Students

Success stories that speak for themselves

When You Sign Up Today, You're Also Going To Get Three AMAZING Bonuses (Worth $1150)...

Bonus #1

Email Support Around the Clock

$500 Value

One of the biggest problems with textbooks, YouTube, and other courses is you can’t ask questions…

Luckily for you, this isn’t a “set it and forget it” course, we’re here for you should you have any questions…

Private tutors charge hundreds of dollars a month to answer your questions…

But you can get full support access directly from our team inside the program…

Just hit us up by email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Usually jut a few hours!

Think about it… just ONE comment… ONE suggestion… ONE idea can save you months or even years of frustration…

The best part is, 98% of students say the lessons (and previous member Q & A’s) are so clear they don’t even have questions…

Bonus #2

The MB Community

$150 Value

Knowing you’re in this together with other Mandarin learners…

By joining Pronunciation Mastery, you’ll gain access to the MB community forum!

It’s on the forum that you can connect with others who are improving their Mandarin, and if you have any successes (or struggles) you want to share, there’s a whole community ready to celebrate (or lift you up).

It’s thousands of people, and they’re all on the same path as you!

Bonus #3

1,000+ Digital Spaced-Repetition Flashcards, 30+ PDFs, 30+ Quizzes

$300 Value

You’ll get pre-made, customizable & intuitive flashcards that run on Traverse (a wickedly awesome flashcard software)…

All appearing in the exact order we present material in Pronunciation Mastery…

At NO extra cost (Traverse is normally a $15/month paid service)…

Not to mention the PDFs going over, in detail, everything we discuss in the video curriculum…

If that wasn’t enough, we also have 30+ quizzes covering the concepts we cover in the course to make sure you’ll wrapping your head around everything.

All You Have to Do to Get All the Bonuses is Click the Button Below Right Now...

  • You get Lifetime Access to Pronunciation Mastery so you can start speaking Mandarin like a native…..[$750 Value]
  • (Bonus) You get access to Email support from Chinese learning experts at your fingertips… [$500 value]
  • (Bonus) You get access to the MB community forum to build connections and receive support [$500 value]
  • (Bonus) You get 1000+ pre-made SRS flashcards, 30+ PDFs & 30+Quizzes… [$150 value]

And don’t forget, it all comes with the 30-day “No Matter What” Money Back Guarantee…

Which means you can enjoy all the course and bonuses have to offer and still get all your money back for any reason…

That’s a total value of $1900 which you get for a full 94% off when you try it all today…

Total Value: $1,900



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

The Program Comes With A Full 30-Day “No Matter What” Money Back Guarantee...

That means you can enroll today, soak up everything in the course for a full 30 days

And by the end, know exactly how to pronounce Mandarin Chinese like a native for the rest of your life…

And if you don’t like the colors of the website, the font size, or even our bald heads…

You can still get all your money back…no matter what…

So is that crystal clear that there’s literally no risk when you sign up today?

"My Chinese Girlfriend Told Me that My Pronunciation Over the Last 2 Weeks is like Night and Day."

and what other language learners are saying about Mandarin Blueprint

Christine, Kate, Ben, Dean, and TONS of other members were disappointed by their progress with conventional methods…until they discovered Pronunciation Mastery:

Nicole, Brian, Dennis, Georgia, and Oli were making all kinds of mistakes (often without realizing it!) and generally having a tough time with Mandarin…

Dawn, Regina, Cora, James, Yann, and Jason were all losing motivation and lacking confidence…

Imagine Captivating Native Speakers with Your Confident and Accurate Pronunciation 

If two native English speakers can achieve this level of pronunciation, then so can you.

Accelerate ​Your Path to Fluent Mandarin

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Yes, Pronunciation Mastery is For Any Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Chinese Learners.

and other answers to common questions

We designed Pronunciation Mastery with beginners in mind, but like I said before, I desperately needed pronunciation help, and I had already passed the HSK 6!

Even intermediate to advanced learners could do well to bring a surgeon’s eye to their enunciation of Mandarin syllables…

I’ve never met a Chinese learner that couldn’t stand to improve their pronunciation (except for Luke)…

On the other hand, if you already know how to speak with improvisational fluency without thinking, you should probably look elsewhere…

However, if you’re anywhere in between, you should definitely sign up today. All you have to do is click the button below.

Many of our most successful students are in their 70s, and they’re no longer intimidated by any Pinyin sound…

So no, you’re never too old.

Not at all. Chinese characters are vital to learn if you want to achieve a high level of Chinese someday, but not until after you’ve mastered pronunciation.

You’ll benefit from this course regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or even fairly advanced.

Let me put it this way. Luke doesn’t teach “Chinese”… he teaches YOU… through mini, bite-sized action steps that anyone can follow…

If you learned to speak your native language, write your name, and tie your shoes… you can enjoy everything Pronunciation Mastery has to offer…

When I first came to China, I taught English…and I sucked at it.

My students would ask me questions and I didn’t know how to answer. English just…is…for me. That’s how Chinese is for native speakers.

Native speakers are GREAT for conversation once your level is high enough, but they’re very rarely good teachers. Not to mention, their English is often not good enough to explain the nuances of the “problem initials” or “nasal finals.”

Do exactly what Luke shows you, and you’ll surprise yourself as soon as the very first day…

Luckily, pronunciation training applies to ALL motivations.

Want to connect with your Chinese in-laws? Good pronunciation will impress them.

Want to close the big business deal? Sound like a native and your associates will treat you like one.

Want to look in the mirror and say “Damn, I’m good at Chinese!” You can’t honestly say that if you sound like a foreigner struggling to say “是 shì.”

Pronunciation Mastery comes with a full 30-Day “No Matter What” Money Back Guarantee. So you can enjoy each lesson of the course, completely upgrade your pronunciation, and still get a full refund if you’re not satisfied…

Make the Easy Choice and Try the Full Course and All the Bonuses Right Now with No Risk...

Here's everything you're getting when you sign up today...
  • You get Lifetime Access to Pronunciation Mastery so you can start speaking Mandarin like a native…..[$750 Value]
  • (Bonus) You get access to Email support from Chinese learning experts at your fingertips… [$500 value]
  • (Bonus) You get access to the MB community forum to build connections and receive support [$500 value]
  • (Bonus) You get 1000+ pre-made SRS flashcards, 30+ PDFs & 30+Quizzes… [$150 value]

And don’t forget, it all comes with the 30-day “No Matter What” Money Back Guarantee…

Which means you can enjoy all the course and bonuses have to offer and still get all your money back for any reason…

That’s a total value of $1900 which you get for a full 94% off when you try it all today…

Total Value: $1,900



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
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