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Imagine Being Able to Rattle Off THOUSANDS of Chinese Phrases…Without Struggle!

The Phrase Vault gives you the words to walk into 130 different situations and speak Chinese with confidence.

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Speak with confidence
Have actual conversations
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Did you know studying Chinese doesn’t immediately translate into speaking Chinese?

Crazy, right?

If you’re like most serious Chinese learners, you enrolled in classes or an online course, bought some textbooks, and maybe even hired a tutor. Super motivated, you’re doing all the things.

But you’re also noticing a disturbing reality…

Whenever it’s time to say something in Chinese–e.g., talk to a doctor, interview with a potential employer, or engage with native speakers in some way–those memorized characters and classroom lectures aren’t helpful at all.

What you need is a repertoire of go-to phrases. 

Not enough to pass the “HSK 9,” of course–that’ll come with time–but enough to enable you to have simple conversations right now

Let’s be honest: Without some basic sentences tucked away in your brain and ready to roll off your tongue, it’s easy to end up in situations where you feel like you got shoved onto a stage…in the middle of a play…in front of an audience…without knowing one line of dialogue!

Not knowing what to say is NO FUN!

We know. We’ve been there.  Sheesh. Talk about brutal! In those wordless moments, you feel dumb…mortified…judged. Those are the times you’d pay a small fortune for Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

In such moments, you could whip out an old-fashioned phrase book and produce a mumbled, mangled, mishmash of Mandarin.

But without knowing how the words and phrases are pronounced, you’d just sound like a dumb foreigner!

No, you don’t need a phrase book…you need The Phrase Vault.

Satisfying conversations…one phrase at a time

The Phrase Vault (TPV) contains the exact phrases you need to shine in your next conversation–wherever you are!

Imagine knowing exactly what to say in all sorts of day-to-day interactions. TPV is organized around common subjects like: “Travel & Directions,” “Medicine & Health,” and “Work & Education.”

It’s 130 “everyday life” categories and subcategories…each one with 3-5 bite-sized lessons…each lesson covering 15-30 relevant phrases.

Altogether that’s 350 lessons and 7,00o+ Chinese phrases!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free

“But If The Blueprint Is Designed to Get Learners to Fluency, Why the Need for The Phrase Vault?

Every day people join our flagship course, The Blueprint.

It’s not hard to see why.

There’s no other course like it in the world.

The Blueprint taps into the latest research of linguistic experts, neurologists, and memory champions. The result is a proven and systematic method for getting to advanced proficiency in Mandarin–and doing so faster and easier.

And for the record, that’s NOT just us hyping our own stuff. That’s what our members tell us all the time.

The Blueprint’s revolutionary learning method gradually builds your vocabulary–and gets you immersing in Chinese content until you acquire a comprehensive, rock-solid understanding of Chinese.

In only a few months…

  • You’re reading Chinese (which is indispensable for reaching fluency).
  • You’re understanding Chinese podcasts and TV shows.

You’re speaking Chinese–engaging in lively conversations with native speakers.

But as innovative as The Blueprint is, we noticed something important was missing…

Even though members of The Blueprint routinely make astonishing strides toward fluency, there’s always a window of time during which their communication skills are lagging.

For too long, they just don’t know enough words and phrases to enter into simple, everyday conversations…..

And isn’t that why we learn Chinese in the first place?! Not to ace an exam or get a degree, but so that we can order coffee exactly the way we like it or make a Chinese friend LOL with a perfectly timed joke.

The whole point is communication!

Even some of the best and brightest learners can get frustrated by their inability to have simple conversations in Chinese, right out of the gate.

We thought, “That’s not right! We have to remedy that. They shouldn’t have to wait months to enjoy basic interactions. They need a supplementary course to fill the gap and get them speaking quicker.”

So, we went to work.

With the help of our Chinese content managers, we brainstormed a list of conversational situations the new course needed to address–and the kinds of things people say in all those settings. The result was 7,000+ phrases stretching across 126 categories and subcategories of everyday life. 

Next, our team rigorously analyzed these phrases, offering detailed feedback, arguing back-and-forth (only a little–no hurt feelings 😉), eliminating phrases that were too “text-bookish” or uncommon, and suggesting better, more “real-world” alternatives.

After multiple reviews and revisions, it was ready…

The result is The Phrase Vault, an innovative resource that can teach you all the basic, everyday phrases you’d ever need.

Imagine having a stockpile of essential phrases and basic sentences right on the tip of your tongue!

That would mean the next time you’re in a Chinese market, or traveling in China, you could easily and effortlessly say things like “Where is the train station?” or “What’s the next stop?” (Or any one of 7,000+ other common phrases Chinese people use every single day!)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free

Test groups love that The Phrase Vault is incredibly easy to use!

Through engaging audio files and interactive Traverse flashcards, you not only get all those useful phrases and sentences to stick in your memory, you understand their context and usage. 

With each module you master, you enhance your ability to express yourself clearly–and you get that much closer to true fluency!

Check out what’s inside each of the course’s 350 lessons:

A course platform page with…

  • A list of all the phrases in that lesson–written in English, Pinyin, and Chinese characters
  • A corresponding level number that shows you the exact lesson in The Blueprint where you’ll master the Chinese characters used in the phrase you’re memorizing. In other words, the two courses are linked together. They work hand-in-hand so you can see your progress.

A “Learn, Listen & Repeat” audio file

This file will help you learn the 15-30 phrases of the lesson. It’s there to get you speaking. (Remember: No matter how much Chinese you manage to acquire through reading, you have to speak out loud to build your mouth muscles and conversational skills. These files help with that.)

We embedded these audio files right on the lesson page, so you can listen to the phrases while you read them. Or read them while you say them.

That means you can engage in auditory and visual and oral learning…all at once!

Speak (required) and Read (optional) flashcards for each phrase in the lesson.

Each phrase has 1 or 2 associated flashcards. Since this course is about competently speaking these common phrases, the “Speak” card is required. However, if you’re a member of The Blueprint, you also have the option of adding the “Read” card. 

What’s the difference?

  • The Speak card has English audio and the English sentence on the front, plus a prompt to “Say the Chinese out loud.” The back reveals the Chinese and plays the Chinese audio (we then recommend you repeat and judge yourself on accuracy)
  • The Read card has the Chinese phrase on the front (in Chinese characters only), plus the prompt “What does this phrase mean?” The back plays the Chinese audio and reveals the answer to the prompt.

Anytime you add new cards, you’ll have the option to add “Speak Only” or “Speak & Read.” (If you’ve already unlocked all of the characters via your progress in The Blueprint, we recommend adding both. If not, we suggest adding the “Speak Only” card.)

An “Immersion” audio file

These are the Chinese phrases from the lesson. You’ll see faster progress if you keep this running in the background. All you have to do is press “play.”

A “Think & Produce” audio file

The third audio in the lesson doesn’t merely ask you to recall the phrase, but to quickly recall it. 

This is crucial because most people glaze over in conversations when you take 10 seconds to react to the things they’re saying. These files will cut your response time in a big way.

As you can see, we packed each lesson with resources to help you get thousands of need-to-know phrases lodged in your brain…and rolling off your tongue on command.

And all this is only $297!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free

The Phrase Vault is like having a “linguistic Swiss Army knife” in your pocket.

No more sweating what to say. No more awkward pauses in the conversation. No more feeling like a fluency failure.

With The Phrase Vault you’ll be able to ace all sorts of tricky communication tests:

  • Directional Difficulties? Handled. Get where you need to go fast. 
  • Market Mayhem? Sorted. Learn how to shop like a boss.
  • Taxi Troubles? Vanished. Direct your driver like a seasoned traveler.
  • Dining Disasters? Avoided. Order food without embarrassing yourself or offending anyone else.

Imagine being able to express your feelings, comfort a friend, or simply order a meal…without humiliating yourself or starting an international incident. 

That’s the power of The Phrase Vault

No fluff here–we’ve packed this course with the essentials. Inside are the real, practical phrases you need to navigate the wilds of daily Chinese communication. We’re talking high-quality “Listen & Repeat” audio files and Traverse flashcards that will make everything stick.

So, if your language learning journey lately has been feeling more like a dead end than a victory lap…unlock The Phrase Vault today.

Your interactions will go from lots of upraised palms and shoulder shrugs to “Wow, you sound like a local!” in no time.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free

Better Mandarin Conversations Are Just a Few Clicks Away

Get The Phrase Vault for just $297 and…

  • Navigate everyday situations with ease and confidence
  • Engage in meaningful conversations and build genuine connections
  • Accelerate your language learning through practical, context-based phrases
  • Grow in your understanding of Chinese culture and customs
  • Experience the power and beauty of one of the world’s oldest languages
30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free
"Did Duolingo for a year, Confucius Institute the next... This is a million times more efficient."
- Korneel Snauwaert
"Such an easy way to learn a complex language. I literally have to stop myself from studying, because it's just so much fun."
- Corinna
"Choosing Mandarin Blueprint was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made."
- Craig Cavanagh

Get The Phrase Vault and Get Three Valuable Bonuses

(Worth $1,300!)

Support Around the Clock

Good luck getting help from a popular app like Duolingo or Pimsleur. And sure, you could call a tutor with your questions–but you’ll pay for every minute of their time.

When you purchase The Phrase Vault, you get expert support from our Mandarin Blueprint team. We’re here to save you from confusion or embarrassment whenever you have a question. Just email and we’ll get back to you quickly–usually within 24 hours!

$500 Value

The MB Community

Access to The Phrase Vault also means access to the MB community forum!

There you can connect with over 10,000 other Mandarin learners like yourself. Share successes…or struggles. You’ll find a community ready to celebrate with you…or offer encouragement.

$500 Value

15,000 Digital Spaced-Repetition Flashcards

You’ll get pre-made, customizable flashcards created to run on Traverse (the coolest flashcard software around). FYI, Traverse–by itself–costs $15/month for members, and you’ll likely need it for at least a year or two. But with your purchase of The Phrase Vault, it’s free!

$300 Value

Get the Bonuses By Clicking Here…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free

There’s No Risk With The Phrase Vault

For most people, the word “vault” evokes the idea of “safety.” A vault offers security and peace of mind. With a vault, there’s no reason to worry. That’s the case with The Phrase Vault too.

When you buy this resource, your purchase is safeguarded. You get our famous Mandarin Blueprint 30-day, unconditional, money-back guarantee.

If you don’t love the results you see from this course, call or email within the first month. We’ll refund all your money immediately. There’s absolutely no risk to you.


No. And any company that claims their “Listen & Repeat” course can get you to fluency in “three weeks” or “60 days” is misleading you. “Listen & Repeat” techniques (like the ones used in TPV) are necessary but not adequate to reach fluency. 

That’s why we didn’t create this course until after we built our flagship curriculum, The Blueprint. True fluency requires both a methodical “bottom-up” approach of learning characters, words, and grammar (what you get with The Blueprint) TOGETHER with a “top-down” approach of listening and speaking (what you get with The Phrase Vault).

Fluency requires you to develop both your mind and your mouth. And since speaking Mandarin involves using mouth muscles we don’t normally use, the only way to strengthen them is through practice.

TPV will help you get your mouth “in shape” for Chinese.

It will also help you develop your “Chinese brain.” The more you speak Chinese, the more connections your brain will make–and the more “aha!” moments you’ll experience.

No. This course focuses exclusively on listening and speaking. If you’re looking to dive into characters, we recommend The Blueprint (if you don’t have it already).

The Phrase Vault is less a course and more a resource. That means you don’t have to try to “complete” it or “go through it in order” (any more than you’d feel like you have to read a dictionary from start to finish).

Some sections simply won’t apply to you now, so you can skip them until you need them. When you realize, for example, you’ve got a job interview coming up–and you want to shine–you can go straight to that specific section in the Vault and get ready. TPV is structured to help you master the exact phrases you need and want for all kinds of life situations.

While you’ll learn a LOT of correct pronunciation in TPV (thanks to the meticulously crafted audio files), that isn’t the focus of this resource. 

If you want to sharpen your pronunciation skills, we recommend our twin courses Pronunciation Mastery (PM) and Pronunciation Practice Toolkit (PPT). 

PM unlocks the mystery of those tricky Chinese tones, and it can have you sounding like a native speaker after just a few hours of study.

PPT will give you the resources and exercises you need to make those new pronunciation skills stick. These two courses form a great combination.

You probably got The Blueprint because you want to be proficient in Chinese (i.e., you want to read it, understand it, and speak it). And The Blueprint can absolutely get you there. 

In fact, with The Blueprint and a couple of years of diligent effort, it’s possible to become fluent and literate enough to pass the HSK 9 exam and get a job as an English-Chinese translator! 

But in the meantime, most learners are eager to engage in lively, everyday conversations. They don’t want to wait months before they can start having good interactions in Mandarin!

And that’s why we developed The Phrase Vault

The Phrase Vault won’t make you an expert in Chinese. That’s not its purpose. But it can equip you to have satisfying conversations around lots of everyday subjects. And it can do that fast!

Used together, The Blueprint and The Phrase Vault form an ingenious and holistic approach to reaching Mandarin fluency and literacy.

Try the Course – and Get the Bonuses – at no Risk

With The Phrase Vault, you’ll enjoy…

Practical Lessons Galore

We’re talking phrases you can use when haggling over prices while shopping, discussing hobbies with friends, or hashing out work issues with colleagues–and much more!

More Confident Communication.

No more guessing games. Armed with even just some of these phrases, you’ll be able to engage in more and more everyday situations.

Progress Towards Fluency

Every phrase you master is one step closer to true fluency. Imagine being able to express yourself clearly and confidently in real-life situations.

By the numbers, The Phrase Vault is:


broad categories and subcategories of everyday life


lessons (with corresponding audio files and flashcards)

0 +

Chinese phrases, sentences, and questions…all for only

0 $

(And it’s lifetime access, PLUS you get our 30-day money-back guarantee AND 3 bonuses worth $1,300!)

Think of that. For less than three cents a phrase, you can ditch those awkward silences. And you can become the Chinese conversationalist you want to be.

Ready to have Chinese conversations that are exhilarating…and NOT exasperating?

Get the treasure trove of phrases you’ll use ALL THE TIME
30-Day Money Back Guarantee • Risk-free
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