Phase 1: Character Building

Learn Characters Like a Memory Athlete

Why is Mandarin so hard? Because the characters are as hard to memorize as they are beautiful and fascinating. The “Hanzi Movie Method” makes learning characters fun and easy. Master the characters, read faster, and reach fluency in record time.

Every Character is a Movie Scene, and You’re the Director.

How does anyone remember how to read, write, and pronounce thousands of seemingly random squiggles? The same way memory champions can memorize a deck of cards in 17 seconds or 520 random digits in five minutes. With Mnemonic Visualization.

By applying the same techniques to Chinese characters we’ve made them fun for you to learn, and easy for your brain to process. The Hanzi Movie Method is all about shooting a movie scene (in your mind) to remember any character forever.

Use Objects to Remember the Character Components

Each character is made up of components. We’ll show you how to associate every component with an object it looks like (called a “prop”). This way you can “build” your own characters, no matter how complex, from their components.

Use People from Your Life to Remember the Pinyin Intitial

Choose real or fictional people you know well (called “actors”) to represent the beginnings of Chinese syllables (e.g. W, Zh, Yi, etc.), also known as “pinyin initials”.

Use Places to Remember the Pinyin Finals

By associating the “pinyin finals” (e.g. -eng, -ou, -ang) with places you know well, you’ll easily be able to recall the correct one when looking at a character. These can be anywhere from your friend’s home to the café down the road you love to study in every day.

Use Rooms to Remember the Five Tones

The rooms or areas within your “sets” will represent the tone of the character you are learning. Outside the entrance represents the first tone, the hallway or kitchen are the second tone, bedrooms or living room are the third tone, the bathroom and backyard are the fourth tone, and the fifth tone is on the roof. Bonus: This will vastly improve your tones when speaking Chinese.

Shoot Movie Scene in Your Mind to Remember any Character Forever

You have your actors on set, and they have their props. Action! Shoot the scene in your mind to visualize the meaning of the character. 

As you get better at making these scenes we’ll also introduce “Special Effects” straight from the Michael Bay’s of the memory athletics world. You’ll be able to make mini-movies that are personal to you (and easier to remember). 

In short, no more hours and weeks of rote memorization. Take a quick minute to shoot a scene in your mind and you’ll never forget this character again. 

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Learn the Right Characters at the Right Time with OCLO

OCLO - Optimal Character Learning Order

Our Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO) is all about making sure you learn the right thing at the right time. 

First, you learn simple components. Then you use them to “unlock” complete characters. You then use these characters to learn commonly used words, and those words to read sentences you can understand completely.

This way you’re never caught off guard by something you don’t know. The result is a smooth journey to fluency without ever feeling overwhelmed.

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