If you're in Chengdu, Our live course gives you the benefit of a face-to-face learning environment and include times for presentation and one-on-one help. 

Class size ranges from 5 to 10 students.



Our presentations are beautifully designed and crystal clear.  We believe learning a new language should be exciting and we portray that in the gorgeous themes we use in our class sessions.



Gain access to Mandarin Blueprint Anki Decks - digital Chinese flash cards, specially designed by us, for you to review and repeat on-the-go.  

Anki's Spaced Repetition Software (SRS) is the best way to learn new information quickly. We guide you every step of the flashcard making and reviewing process, giving you the power to study what you want, when you want. 



Receive in-depth research-based coaching designed to boost your motivation and build effective learning habits and strategies.  

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Busy schedule?  Get connected with a professional language tutor for  1-on-1 classes that fit your lifestyle and specific needs.



We have laid out exactly what to learn and how to learn it.  Following the techniques from our course, you can learn 80% of Chinese in 6 months with only 1 hour of study a day!


Character Building Guide

With our unique "memory palace" technique, you can learn characters easily and remember them FOREVER. 

Vocabulary Building Guide

We use the latest technology and memory research to help you learn the most useful words first, making you able to speak and read REAL Chinese

Sentence Building Guide

After just a few lessons you'll be able to read and speak A TON of Chinese sentences and phrases. This way you can learn grammar naturally without a boring textbook.

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