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Pronunciation Mastery

$750 Value
  • Achieve accurate (even native-like) and effortless pronunciation of every syllable (including the most challenging sounds in the language)
  • ​​Massively boost your listening and speaking ability
  • ​​Massively increase your confidence and motivation
  • ​​Save​ approximately $500 and many hours of boredom on classes and tutors!

Dedicated, "Above And Beyond" Support For Life

$500 Value

We answer every email, course comment, or chatbot message, often with a video or screen recording for clarity. These video responses have now formed a video FAQ consisting of hundreds of detailed answers. We’ll also often share your message on our podcast!

Traverse Flashcards Access For Life

$150 Value

Traverse is the AWESOME flashcard software you’ll use to retain everything you learn on our course efficiently.

The basic service is $15/month, but we’ve got the software creator to tweak the code to suit the content of our course and provide dedicated tech support for all of our members for free when you sign up!

Exclusive Access To The MB Community Forum

$500 Value

Use this forum to network with thousands of other Chinese learners. Ask questions, find study buddies and share resources!

All The Chinese Education You Need In One Place!

  • 8 hours Of HD Video
  • 1000+ Digital Flashcards & Flashcard Software
  • Master Every Mandarin Sound And Pinyin Spelling
  • Produce The Mandarin Tones Like A Native Speaker
  • Correct Any Bad Pronunciation Habits You May Have
  • Master Basic Mandarin Grammar
  • Learn 200+ Common Mandarin Words & Phrases
  • Type & Text in Chinese
  • Combined Course and Bonus Value: $1900
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Updates

Total Value: $1,900

Normal Price: $97

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
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