Andrew Methven – Founder of Slow Chinese 每周漫闻

Podcast Duration: 00:41:52
Founder of Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 Andrew Methven on Chinese News & Immersion Learning

In this video, we’ll learn about Andrew Methven’s “Slow Chinese 每周漫闻.” You can sign up for the Slow Chinese newsletter at

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Andrew and Phil discuss:

  • Using real-world language to acquire new words
  • Going deep into the news to learn modern words & slang
  • Andrew’s story of Mandarin acquisition, including travel through mainland China and living in Taiwan
  • How he went from beginner level to advanced via Immersion and a language partner
  • How he stayed motivated during the long journey from intermediate to advanced
  • Inspiration coming directly from the language
  • What Andrew means by “Everything is hidden in the language.”
  • Which parts of advanced Chinese are easy to learn and which aren’t
  • An example of a Slow Chinese newsletter and why it can help drum up interest in the language
  • How everyone’s language acquisition becomes more and more individualized the more advanced they get
  • Censorship’s effect on the news and why it doesn’t mean you should ignore the Chinese news
  • The memetic evolution of Chinese culture that is directly embedded in the language
  • Why there is still interest debate going on in China that is NOT censored
  • The lifelong nature of Chinese acquisition (“20 years of learning Chinese and I never saw that word”)
  • Andrew’s advice on sticking with the language learning process

…and more!

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