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Abigail Farnsworth

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Eric Brown


I started studying with Mandarin Blueprint 6 weeks before the HSK 1 exam with zero knowledge about this language. I was very nervous because I’ve read it takes at least one semester of classroom study to pass. Thanks to Luke and Phil I did manage to pass HSK 1! I was so happy to receive my certificate. Indeed nothing is impossible with dedication and proper guidance! Thank you so much Mandarin Blueprint! 

Reemae Mozar

Even just the Pronunciation Mastery Course is worth every penny. But there is that and so much more, the best way to actually learn Chinese in my opinion. Just follow the track and you will be able to learn much faster than you think!

Hunter McCoid

Mandarin Blueprint sets you up for success! It’s pretty amazing how I’d only spend 3-5 mins on learning a character and can then “summon” the tone, meaning, initial and final pretty easily. Not only do they offer plenty of resources and study tips such as planning your environment, also lots of motivational stuff to get you in the right mindset. Most of all, Phil and Luke have such an infectious passion for the language, which makes them dedicated and naturally effective in teaching it.

Dominique Frances

I have just finished the Pronunciation course and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese. The videos are clear, concise & entertaining, and if you ever have a question Luke & Phil are very quick at responding. I’ve also started the foundation course and I’m confident that the method is providing a holistic way of learning Chinese. It’s great not having to figure it out on my own!

Abigail Farnsworth

I started taking the pronunciation mastery course at the same time as a university distance learning course. My tutor is Chinese and has high praise for my pronunciation – it’s all down to this course from MB! Thank you!

Julia Chen

To anyone learning Chinese, I have just bought that course and I must say it is already amazing. I would never have thought about learning this way. Luke and Phil are so calm and confident that just watching them makes me more relaxed and sure I will achieve my goal. Give it a try. I did and don’t regret it.

Inga Dubravska

A really great experience that I will never forget. Mandarin blueprint laid the foundation for my Chinese journey and made learning characters a lot easier and also fun! Their method helped me to learn more than 300 characters in less than a month. Even after I stopped studying for some time and returned to learning Chinese I could still remember them. Luke and Phil are so helpful and encouraging, and they are with you every step of the way. Highly recommended.

Sandy Samy

I am still working on the Pronunciation Mastery, and have learned so much so far! Looking forward to getting into the Blueprint part and all that it promises. I’m very impressed with how thorough everything is, how responsive the teachers are any time I have a question and how supportive the community is. Feeling VERY grateful to have stumbled upon this course accidentally and glad to have begun my adventure in learning Mandarin! 

Jennifer Swanson

I looked at a few Chinese courses before deciding on Mandarin Blueprint. Many of the free courses were ok but they just seemed to jump around with random words and characters….I really wanted something methodical that would take me from O% Chinese to fluency. Mandarin Blueprint ticked all the boxes for me. I work with Chinese children and I feel so happy when I can understand what they are saying and that they can understand me. The beauty of this method is that it can be adapted for everyone, and it is amazing that I’m not just learning the words, but also the tones and the Chinese characters at the same time! Thank you, Luke and Phil, for all your hard work!

Deborah Driscoll

This method of learning is so much easier than other programs out there. I love using MB and have been able to progress so much further than I was with Pimsleur and Duolingo.

Christy Fechser
Wow native speakers, as well as your friends and family with your AWESOME accent