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Phil and Luke have done an excellent job putting together their own teaching program and they are one of the most patient and amazingly prepared teachers I’ve ever worked with. This program helps you to learn Chinese in a unique way and it helped me a lot. Luke and Phil know every problem that could hold back a foreigner from learning Chinese successfully, and the Hanzi Movie Method is just brilliant. I strongly recommend this method to everyone, but especially for those who don’t like the “traditional” way.

Nagy Sandor

Phil and Luke have done an incredible job. They effectively make sure you master pronunciation, and their revolutionary way of learning characters will set you far ahead of anyone learning Chinese with traditional methods. They supply an immense amount of content which has been invaluable for learning all aspects of the language. Phil and Luke both clearly have a passion for Chinese, and their teaching styles perfectly complement each other.

Austin Stoller

I used to think Chinese was one of the hardest languages to learn and I would have continued believing that had it not been for Mandarin Blueprint. I always struggled with the tones of Chinese and I was never understood when speaking Mandarin and this made me shy away from speaking Chinese in real-time conversations. However, the Pronunciation Mastery course gave me new confidence in speaking. After this, they go through more until you have a better handle of Mandarin as a whole. That means reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The methodology that is in the program will speed you though much faster than going alone or even starting out with a tutor. I could have spent 3 years trying to learn and probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am now. Thank you, Luke and Phil. You guys really made a difference in my perspective of learning Mandarin.

Paku Sree

When the traditional way of learning doesn’t fit with your learning style, then Mandarin Blueprint is the answer. The Mandarin Blueprint course is full of visualization, flashcards and innovative ways of memorizing complicated Chinese characters. I love it.

Sai Hseing Pha

This course has everything that the traditional University tracks lack. Instead of teaching me Chinese, Luke and Phil taught me HOW to learn Chinese and gave me the tools to advance on my own. As a habitually independent learner, Mandarin Blueprint was exactly what I needed!

Franki Wangen

Mandarin Blueprint takes an unusual but effective approach towards teaching Chinese. Luke and Phil really helped me out with getting over the tough parts of the language, like pronunciation, characters, and tones. Plus, they give you plenty of materials and techniques to learn further Chinese after the course. The course really helped me get to a point where I could have conversations in Chinese in only two months.

Alex Burt

Mandarin Blueprint is an effective and long-lasting way of learning Chinese. I have gone from knowing no Chinese to being able to speak enough while out and about, and my understanding of vocabulary and grammar have grown exponentially. I know that, as I continue with the resources they have given me for learning, my Chinese will continue to grow and improve. I am no longer scared of Chinese characters but am excited to be in this Chinese language learning process. These guys are awesome and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for success in learning Chinese.

Alicia Fotheringham

Every time I really consider what these guys did and continue to do it blows my mind! They took their personal experience and passion for learning this language and made it accessible and exciting to everyone.

Andy Springer

The guys at Mandarin Blueprint have found a way to turn Chinese into an interactive, fun, and engaging game. By focusing on reading, writing, and pronouncing, characters, Luke and Phil provide a window into a deeper understanding of 中文. Their system is so cleverly constructed that I constantly find myself wanting to learn new characters so that I can discover new words, and then new phrases, and eventually begin creating complete sentences.

Rocco Ceci

“Want to get good at Chinese? Mandarin Blueprint is the way”

I have just finished the outstanding Mandarin Blueprint pronunciation course. The videos are perfectly succinct with relevant, to the point information on each and every pronunciation needed in the entire Chinese language. I can attest that their blueprint method works, I have just finished traveling around China with my Dad and I noticed I was being understood way more than before. I could even look up new sentences and speak them clearly and confidently the first time. This made my trip so much easier and more enjoyable. Luke and Phil’s motivation, enthusiasm and proficiency are clear throughout and really does help to motivate you throughout the course. I actually found myself absorbed in advancing through the video like a good TV series would urge you to watch the next episode.

The Mandarin Blueprint pronunciation course IS NOT only for pronunciation, but it also works for ALL aspects of learning characters. Again, I can back this up by the fact that I have just passed my HSK 3 test with a 90% pass score. ALL the tips and helpful points that Phil and Luke suggest, flashcards (an absolute must), personalized content, how to create your learning environment & behaviors, building a base of vocab, how to find and use a Chinese teacher, all of these will set you on an enjoyable lifelong path to learning and mastering the Chinese language. Many thanks to Luke and Phil for all their help and awesome content.

Martin Fray

Mandarin Blueprint’s Pronunciation Mastery course is as good as advertised. The flashcard decks are great supplements to go along with the course. The unit wrap-ups were encouraging and the bonus videos were motivational, giving context to the journey of learning Mandarin.

Jim Awofadeju

The Mandarin Blueprint should be your go to resource if you are considering learning Mandarin. The method Phil and Luke developed will hone your Mandarin language skills at a rapid pace. The key is to follow their instructions. I recently completed the Pronunciation Mastery course, which is essential to your success. Luke is an expert at pronunciation and will put the needed tools in your Mandarin toolbox. Furthermore, their customer service is top-notch. They are very responsive to their clients and have a genuine desire to see you succeed.

Chad Ressler
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