Learn Chinese Fast Without Ever feeling Lost, Bored, Or Frustrated

A video course that makes authentic Chinese proficiency possible in less than six months, from zero.

Mandarin Chinese proficiency in under six months, from zero


  • Hack Chinese using proven, patent-pending memory techniques

  • Learn Chinese the easy way: by reading and listening to content you can understand

  • All content perfectly suited to your level

  • Achieve any Chinese level you desire

  • Sit back and trust the learning process 100%, without any doubt that it’s working


This is not just a video course you will use for a few hours to give you some dopamine hits and the illusion of progress…

This is an entire curriculum that takes you from zero to awesome, with two experienced coaches guiding you every step of the way.

Results to expect at just
1-2 hours a day

Pronounce every Mandarin syllable accurately in just a few hours

Read Chinese sentences without any help from pinyin or English translations in weeks

Read, understand, and even write entire stories in Chinese in less than 6 months

Consume native Chinese content such as books, comics TV shows, podcasts, and movies within 6-12 months

Achieve fluency in 6-12 months

4,500+ Clear & Simple Videos

Short, simple, bite-sized lessons for the busy learner. Every minute packed with information.

11,000+ Multimedia Flashcards

Our flashcards are powered by spaced repetition for ultimate learning efficiency. They do the remembering so you don’t have to.

Exclusive, expanding

New lessons and techniques added every week so you keep getting better no matter what fluency level you’re at


Our 100% unique and battle-tested language acquisition system simplifies a highly complicated language.

Gamified Course

Learning made fun no matter where you are in the course so you stay motivated and progress faster

Integrated, Linear
Learning System

Our step-by-step process removes all the confusion, boredom, and stress, so you can just focus on getting rapid results


We answer your questions both on the course and on our podcast, so you always feel like you have your very own language coaches

Warm and Helpful Community

Practice with thousands of passionate and supportive members at your level, providing your very own support group

Gain access to all of this

9,091 lessons (and growing)
1,916 videos (and growing)
25,515 Flashcards (with native audio)

Pronunciation Mastery

Understand & Produce Every Mandarin Sound Like a Native Speaker

Characters & Components

Learn Any Chinese Character in Under a Minute


Hack Vocabulary Using Mnemonics and Multi-Media Flashcards

Simple Grammar

Acquire Grammar Naturally By Reading Chinese (Without Pinyin Or English!)

Graded Reading

Unlock Fully-Comprehensible Dialogues & Short Stories


Read Full-Length Graded Stories & Finish Your Foundation

Intermediate Course

Reach 1500+ Characters & 4600+ Words. Consolidate Your Knowledge from the First 5 Phases & Easily Pass the New HSK 3 Exam
To Be Released By End 2021

Upper-Intermediate Course

Reach 2000 Characters & 6660+ Words. Consolidate Your Knowledge from the Intermediate Course & Easily Pass the New HSK 4, 5 & 6 Exams
To Be Released By End 2021

Advanced Course

Reach 3050+ Characters & 11,800+ Words. Consolidate Your Knowledge from the Upper-Intermediate Course & Easily Pass ALL HSK Exams 1-9. Reach 99.6% Knowledge of Chinese by Frequency


Free Coaching Interviews – $297 Value

We’ll get in touch to set up 30-60-minute interviews with you at two key stages: 1) the end of Phase 5, and 2) the end of the Intermediate course.

This is your chance to ask us any questions you have about climbing the Mandarin mountain.

Here’s a clip from one recent interview:

Free pronunciation feedback from Luke and Phil – $197 value

We encourage you to send us recordings of yourself, and we’ll critique your pronunciation for you FOR FREE, as shown in the example video below.

Direct email access to Luke & Phil for Life – $197 Value

We both read and answer every single email or course comment personally, often with a video or screen recording for clarity.

These video responses have now formed a video FAQ consisting of hundreds of detailed answers. Take a look at the video for an example:

Exclusive Access to The MB Community forum – $97 value

We’re always available to help, but sometimes it helps to hear from those facing the same challenges.

Ask questions or share resources, not just to Phil and me, but to thousands of our incredible members too.

Weekly Interactive Video Podcast – $97 Value

We also address many emails and comments each week in the Q&A portion of our video podcast. We then reply to everyone with a time-stamped link of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all members.

These clips will often become new content for the course!

Downloadable resources $97 value

Throughout the entire course, you’ll find hundreds of downloadable resources for studying on the go, including:

Listening Immersion Packs

Download hundreds of pieces of long-form content and thousands of sentences perfectly suited to your level for listening immersion and shadowing practice on the go


70+ files packed with information and visuals from the course content for quick and convenient reviewing.

Long-Form Text-Tracking Videos

Any long-form content you unlock in the course will be downloadable with native male and female audio and text tracking.

Other Bonus Content $97 value

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we’ve created a ton of extra content to keep you informed and motivated, including:

Video Guides

Gain access to several hours of video on our favorite study techniques, including shadowing, sentence mining, practicing with tutors, managing your time effectively, staying motivated, and more.

500+ Grammar articles & videos

We’ve made concise, and entertaining explanations of Chinese grammar that you’ll unlock when you’ve been exposed to that particular language function enough times.

User-generated content

Our wonderful MB community is constantly posting mnemonic ideas and inspirational words of motivation to keep you going. 30,000+ and counting!


We’ve peppered 30+ multiple choice quizzes throughout the course for you to complete when you’re ready.

Total Bonus Value: $1,179

Choose Your Plan


Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method for the length of your subscription

A Monthly Subscription of:



Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method for the length of your subscription

An Annual Subscription of:


Lifetime Guarantee

All Major Credit and Debit Cards

Secure Online Checkout

Smart questions people ask before joining MB

What exactly am I getting?

All offers grant you complete access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method Full Bundle, including Pronunciation mastery, Phases 1 to 5, the Intermediate course, as well as all of the bonus content mentioned above.

You are accessing the most efficient, straightforward, and fun path to Chinese literacy and fluency, saving potentially years of your time and avoiding all of the boredom and stress that comes with other methods.

You’ll also get direct support from Luke and Phil, two highly knowledgable, experienced, and motivating coaches guiding you every step of the way.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal and WeChat. For WeChat Pay, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Isn’t this too much money for an online course?

Mandarin Blueprint does cost a bit more than some online courses. That’s because we guarantee proficiency in Mandarin.

With a little hard work and commitment you’ll be able to:

+ Put “literate and fluent in Mandarin Chinese” on your CV within 12 months

+ Build connections with one of the most powerful economies in the world

+ Get direct access to an ancient and deeply fascinating culture.

+ Impress the heck out of hiring managers or your friends and family

Plus, if by any chance you aren’t happy with your purchase we have a lifetime money back guarantee.(For more Info, see tab below.)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have a lifetime money-back guarantee.

As long as we can see you have completed at least one lesson every day and finished your daily flashcard reviews at least 90% of the days you’ve been with us, we’ll refund you no matter how long it’s been.

How secure is my credit card information?

We take your privacy seriously. For that reason, we use Stripe and Paypal as our payment processors. The credit card data that you enter will never pass through or be stored on any MB machines. The data is sent directly to Stripe or Paypal, where maximum protection and security of financial data is ensured.

How do you guarantee my success with Mandarin?

We guarantee that you will become proficient in Mandarin (and have a blast while doing it) as long as you follow our instructions.

If you do the method as instructed and finish your flashcard reviews every day, and put in enough speaking practice to use what you learn with us, then you will be able to read and speak Mandarin fluently.

If you send us your flashcard review statistics (easily accessible) showing you have done your reviews daily and you aren’t happy with your results, we’ll give you a full refund no matter how long it’s been.

I’ve tried learning Chinese before and I gave up. Won’t this happen with Mandarin Blueprint?

We know the feeling! That’s exactly why we spent so much time trying to make Mandarin Blueprint FUN.

Losing motivation? Stuck with something? Just ask. We always read and answer every email.

Also, we have a wonderful, inclusive, community on the same journey as you. We can’t promise that there won’t be moments of frustration, but we can promise there’s a tribe of like-minded people to cajole and motivate you every step of the way.

I’m not very good at languages, how am I going to learn Chinese, the hardest language in the world?

First, we absolutely do not believe Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language in the world.

Different? Yes. But not necessarily harder.

The reason most people struggle with Mandarin is because of boring and repetitive teaching methods.

All humans are born with innate language skills. You simply need a better (more fun) way of learning. And that’s one of the founding principles of Mandarin Blueprint.

Once you start mastering pronunciation and reading (our specialties), the language WILL start to just fall into place, and you’ll soon realize how simple it is. 

Mandarin Blueprint seems too complicated for me

There are many moving parts to this mammoth 9,091-lesson curriculum, and that’s because Chinese is also huge and we teach you every single aspect of the language effectively and fully. 

But DO NOT worry about any of this.

We’ve precisely arranged every lesson for you in a perfectly intuitive order so you never feel lost or confused. You’ll progress at your own pace, gradually working your way from the most simple character components to Chinese stories.

Why would two non-natives be better and more effective at teaching me Chinese than my native speaking tutor?

Would you ask Paris Hilton how to get rich?

Here are our top three reasons not to depend on native speakers for acquiring Chinese:

1. Their pronunciation comes naturally

Rarely do native tutors know where your tongue should be for the most difficult Mandarin sounds. They just know that what you just said didn’t sound like it should. This usually ends with them saying “nope” repeatedly as you try to say a difficult sound, without actually telling you what to do with your mouth. Super frustrating!

2. They learned how to listen and read in a way you can’t.

Native speakers get thousands of hours of comprehensible input before they can talk. They are also forced to learn thousands of characters by writing them over and over again for several years of school. School in China is also upwards of 12 hours a day (not counting homework) and it is intense.

Because of this, native tutors will either avoid teaching characters altogether or force you to learn the way they did. It’s next to impossible for a non-native adult learner to find the time (or desire) to make it work.

3. They generally don’t know how languages should be learned.

This is the big one. They rarely know that listening and reading is the key to language acquisition, or how to efficiently build a foundation allowing you to get that vital input.

Asking the average native speaker HOW to learn Mandarin is like asking Shaq how to be tall, or Paris Hilton how to get rich.

This is why, years later, Phil and I decided we needed to teach Mandarin. Because we can teach you things that most native teachers can’t.

We pride ourselves on being Laowai (non-natives) teachers with awesome pronunciation and high levels of fluency.

We DO have native teachers to help you with the finer points of the language and usage/culture. But they’re mostly for the more intermediate/advanced topics.

First, you need the right methodology, and that’s our wheelhouse.

Am I too old to use Mandarin Blueprint?

No way. We have learners of all ages, all being successful. In fact, some of our most senior students are seeing the best results.

This is NOT a click-and-buy ‘you’re on your own now’ type course. This is interactive, with people who want to learn, bridge cultural gaps, and excel

Thinking about learning Mandarin? THIS IS HOW.

TL;DR – It’s FUN. Seriously, I was prepared to put in hours of work, but it’s not even work! I ENJOY it. 

Luke and Phil went 100 miles further than I thought you could do with language with a seemingly simplistic model that has so much research behind itI’m still amazed it’s not standard practice.

And they’ve taken all the guesswork out, set you up to learn in the most efficient way possible by building from high-frequency characters, building vocabulary, and comprehension until you are reading Chinese characters in sentences with just over 100 characters.

And I ENJOY doing it! It’s entertaining and memorable, and even when my memory slips a bit, I’ve got an app that logs it for me to bring me back up to speed. I don’t even have to worry about studying! The pressure is off – I can do more if I want to – but it’s not necessary. But by then you’re so hooked, you want to.

Every step of the way, Phil and Luke are there to cheer on your progress, help you get perspective when you feel fatigued, answer questions as they come up. The community and Q&A are really outstanding features that are not praised enough.

This is NOT a click-and-buy ‘you’re on your own now’ type course. This is interactive, with people who want to learn, bridge cultural gaps, and excel. These guys are excited about sharing this language and culture with you and it shows.

I was prepared for disappointment. Instead, this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made and I can see my goal in sight – attaining working fluency in Chinese. Excellent work.

Stephanie Arapian

Start mastering Mandarin from the very first video you watch

Every minute spent with us is one more step closer to fluency.

With none of the monotonous legwork or constant second-guessing that comes with mainstream methods.

Just show up every day, go at your own pace, and feel your Mandarin skills grow.

Whether you learn for 10 minutes a day or 6 hours, you’ll know you’re on the path to success.

Watch the Video

Follow the Instructions

Review Your Flashcards


Just take it lesson-by-lesson and level-by-level. You’ll be understanding and producing Chinese like a pro before you know it.

99.99% of our reviews are 5 stars


Here’s what the average MB member can do

After 6-8 hours:

You are comfortable with Mandarin pronunciation

After 25 hours:

You can read, write, and pronounce around 100 Chinese characters and have the skill to learn any other character in seconds

After 50 hours:

You can read simple Chinese text without pinyin or English translations

After 150 hours:

You can correctly use the most common 1,000 Chinese words. At this point, basic conversations and lower-level books and podcasts are becoming easy.

After 250 hours:

You are comfortable with 80% of the Chinese by frequency. You can now hold full conversations in Mandarin without a translator.

After 500-600 hours:

You achieve literacy and basic fluency. You can consume native Chinese content based more on your personal interests and continue on to a more advanced level.

In 500-600 hours of FUN, you can achieve what it takes other learners at least 2,200 hours of boring textbooks and expensive classes.

2,200 hours is 4 years as a full-time student.

Ugh, no thanks.

MB co-founder Phil has a degree in Chinese from a Chinese university and he will assure you it is NOT the way to go if you want fast results.

He made all of his impressive progress with Chinese DESPITE going to classes, not because of them.

And I can tell you that a string of fancy apps or listen-and-repeat programs won’t be of much help either.

Using The Mandarin Blueprint Method, you’ll get real results.

You can go from zero to literacy and basic fluency in 6-12 months.

…and you get to have a blast the entire time.

Video Testimonials

Sure, learning Chinese ridiculously fast is the biggest reason for joining Mandarin Blueprint

But you’ll end up with so much more.

From the moment you watch your first video, you’ll notice the biggest change in:

Your confidence.

Once you notice you can recall how to read, write, and pronounce (like a native speaker) every character and word you learn…

Once you read your first Chinese sentence without any help whatsoever…

Once you start to easily understand Chinese movies, books, podcasts, and tv shows…

Once you find yourself able to say things you never thought you’d be able to say in a language you once judged “impossible to learn”…

You’ll know that you aren’t bad at languages.

In fact, you are a language learning MACHINE.

We all are.

You’ll KNOW that you have the ability to dive into any other language and any other skill you have on your bucket list.

Heck, you’ll probably add a bunch more!

The bottom line is:

If you want true proficiency in Chinese and want to get there easily and efficiently, The Mandarin Blueprint Method is the way to go.

This course is PERFECT for you if…

You’re committed to learning the language for real

If you’re willing to put in the time every day, follow our instructions, and willing to work to unlock the advanced stuff, in return, we’ll make sure you get the kind of results you would have only dreamed of before finding us.

People who only want to be able to read signs, ask basic directions, or just want a few hacks to get by without really learning the language are better off with a phrasebook or google translate.

You’ve tried to learn before with other methods but gave up because it was too hard

Most of our members struggled with other methods before coming to Mandarin Blueprint. Chances are you’ll love us as much as they did.

You’re willing to test a COMPLETELY different kind of curriculum

This is a big one. I can honestly say – with no exaggeration whatsoever – that the Mandarin Blueprint is completely unlike any other course or program you’ve tried before.

The same goes for people who want to speak Mandarin without learning how to read. You’ll benefit more from a class that focuses on speaking.

We build your foundation first, so, it’ll be a while before you’re talking in sentences. Doing it our way gives you a real, long-lasting skill, but it takes a larger time investment upfront. Speaking of time…

You’re willing to put in the time

Mandarin Blueprint is NOT just a quick course you can breeze through in a week.

Yes, our methods are many, many times more effective than the alternatives, but you’ll still need to put in the work and review the course material every day.

Eventually, you’ll need to consume Chinese content on a regular basis, on your own time, and get speaking practice with a tutor.

We’ll do all the boring legwork for you. But at the end of the day, how much progress you make is still up to you.

My family is worried about my mental health 😀

I don’t think I’ve ever been so completely absorbed in anything in my life, not in decades anyway. My family is worried about my mental health 😀

Natalia Kovalenko

Thank you a thousand times

Truly grateful for your effort in creating Mandarin Blueprint for us. Thank you a thousand times.

Leila Lee

An excellent language learning program

An excellent language learning program. After trying to learn Mandarin on and off for 15 years, I’ve made more advances in the past 3 months than everything prior to this.

Roger Milford

I can surely say that I enjoy every single second of every lesson

I can’t think of a better way to learn Chinese than Mandarin Blueprint, literally since the first lesson I took I understood everything with such ease thanks to the short and amazing explanation I received. I can surely say that I enjoy every single second of every lesson. 🙂

Kevin Rodriguez

Our never-before-seen guarantee

Take as long as you like to explore The Mandarin Blueprint Method to your heart’s content.

Test every feature. Watch every lesson. Try every exercise.

See for yourself if you can get the kinds of results we’re describing.

Until you’re convinced Mandarin Blueprint is right for you, and the above achievements are truly possible.

If – for any reason – you don’t feel like the course is for you, simply send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send back every dollar.

If it’s within 30 days, you’ll get your money back no questions asked. 

Now here’s the “never-before-seen” part…

If you have completed your daily flashcard reviews and completed at least one lesson every day and you aren’t happy with your progress…

We’ll give you a full refund no matter how long it’s been since your purchase!

No awkward arm twisting or jumping through hoops.

We’ll check your statistics on the back-end, thank you for giving us a fair shot, and let you go on your way with your full refund. 

Why is NOBODY else doing this kind of guarantee?

Because they might just go bankrupt as a result.

Not us though.

We are so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase that we are willing to truly put our money where our mouth is.

Choose Your Plan


Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method for the length of your subscription

A Monthly Subscription of:



Full access to The Mandarin Blueprint Method for the length of your subscription

An Annual Subscription of:


Lifetime Guarantee

All Major Credit and Debit Cards

Secure Online Checkout

P.S. A final word from Luke

What is the real risk of not investing in The Mandarin Blueprint Method?

Of course, you could take the money you would have invested in our course and use a few $10/month Chinese apps, or a string of native-speaking tutors, or a pile of textbooks.

But guess what?

By the time you’re done using them, you likely won’t be proficient in Mandarin.

Our methods are backed by top linguistic research and have been proven to work in real life for the tens of thousands of members using Mandarin Blueprint right now.

Don’t take my word for it, just see the testimonials.

During my initial struggle with Chinese, every time I met a non-native with great Mandarin I felt more than a teensy bit jealous.

“What do they have that I don’t? What makes them so special?”

If I hadn’t met Phil, and we hadn’t stumbled across the right path together, perhaps I would have gone the rest of my life believing I was a failure…

…That I didn’t have the talent or discipline to learn Mandarin.

And so the journey of Mandarin learning ends for almost everyone. Quite possibly you too.

In moments like these, it may never occur to you that the tipping point was within reach this whole time.

This course could have been your secret weapon.

Just like it is for thousands of others.

By all means, make your own way through the world. Use whatever tools are at your disposal.

I don’t want to push you into buying something you don’t want.

If I did, I’d be the one who’d have to deal with the poor testimonials and refunds.

I’m simply offering you a way to save a lifetime of blind shots in the dark and perpetual second-guessing.

A way of avoiding months and years of hard work that give you the mere illusion of progress but not much else.

Once you’re done with The Mandarin Blueprint Method course…

You’ll be consuming native Chinese content

You’ll find your speaking and writing proficiency progressing in leaps and bounds

You won’t just be “learning Chinese” like everyone else. You’ll be “living Chinese”.

Now, it’s time for that first step…

If you try it I guarantee you’ll never look back

The Mandarin Blueprint Method has given me the three best things anyone can have when they set out on a language learning journey:

  1. The enthusiasm to learn
  2. The confidence that I can make it
  3. The ideal tools to do so.

The passion the creators have injected into their course is palpable and makes learning from them a wonderful experience and more enjoyable than I could have ever guessed was possible.

I hands down recommend this course. If you try it I guarantee you’ll never look back.

Liam Llamazares

It really is life-changing!

Luke & Phil have developed a truly amazing system of learning Chinese. And, what’s even better is that they have made it FUN to learn! I started 4 months ago doing both the Pronunciation and the characters and cannot believe how much progress I’ve made! I’ve gone from thinking that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world to learn to realizing that it is probably one of the easiest.

Thank you so much to both of you for putting together The Mandarin Blueprint Method. It really is life-changing!

Michael Roberts

I cannot recommend this highly enough to do it justice

I cannot really describe how great this technique is and how amazing these guys are at explaining it! I cannot recommend this highly enough to do it justice. If you have ever wanted to learn Mandarin but have felt intimidated by it (who hasn’t, lol) these guys can take away that fear so easily with their method!

Drew Hutto
Disclaimer: For best results, follow our instructions closely and finish your flashcard reviews every day. This is essential. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. You can be granted a full refund any time after 30 days of your initial purchase at our discretion, providing you have completed at least one lesson each day since purchase and finished all daily flashcard reviews relating to those lessons for at least 90% of the days since your purchase. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your energy and time investment into the course are exactly as the testimonial-giver.