The Ultimate Online Mandarin Course

CLICK Play, FOLLOW the Plan, LEARN Chinese

We’ve written at length about the problems pervasive in the world of Chinese educational materials. There was no ultimate online Mandarin course. Fundamentally, you’re either stuck with a plan drafted by academics that doesn’t conform to language acquisition theory. Or you are stuck figuring it out on your own.

“Well, this sucks.” -Luke & Phil, circa 2013

Therefore, our partially realized and ongoing goal is this: Create Chinese learning materials that combine two things. One not having to figure it out on your own and two materials that DO conform to language acquisition theory. So, we came up with the ultimate online Mandarin course.

The result is The Mandarin Blueprint Method, where you can proceed with the following three-step plan:

  1. Click Play
  2. Follow the Instructions
  3. Acquire Mandarin Chinese   

Technology Has Made This Possible (Thought Technology, too!)

The ultimate Online Mandarin course, The Ultimate Online Mandarin Course

We used several indispensable services to help us make The Mandarin Blueprint Method course, and most of them didn’t exist even 2-3 years ago.

Things like the video course platform, online employee hiring, project organizational software, course review material automation, custom smart spaced-repetition flashcards, video hosting platforms for business, you name it!

We’re enormously grateful for all of this innovation because it makes it possible for us to provide the best method for learning Chinese. A method ever devised at an affordable price.

More than that, however, is that these technological avenues provide channels for us to communicate these revolutionary educational techniques to massive amounts of people.

Some of the stuff we teach takes a little bit to get the hang of, and as little as a few years ago the only possible assurance of your understanding was going to an unscalable physical classroom.

Finally, thanks to these brilliant innovations of harder-working & smarter people than us, a course curriculum for learning ‘the hardest language in the world’ can be in a constant state of crowd-sourced upgrade.

CLICK Play, FOLLOW the Plan, LEARN Chinese

The Ultimate Mandarin Online Course – It’s Alive!

The fascinating and downright thrilling surprise for us throughout this process has been the constant feedback and revision. We’ve been so excited about it that we built The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast all around it. Each week we answer questions from the comment section in a way that can be mass distributed to people while they’re washing the dishes or going for a jog. That’s found time, people!

It’s a Jetson’s World We’re Living In

The ultimate Online Mandarin course, The Ultimate Online Mandarin Course

We’ll continue to innovate & expand. There’s no doubt we’ll continue to listen to you. Therefore, Mandarin Blueprint has the potential to be THE resource for going from zero knowledge of Chinese to masterful literacy & fluency. And that motivates us to no end. This will be our life’s work. Also, we realized the most crucial part of this dream is the foundation and publicized it.

Therefore, it’s time for you to start believing this: It is possible within a few months (maybe even weeks for you ultra-motivated study machines) to follow that three-step plan and have these results:

  1. Know how to read, write & pronounce 600 Chinese characters (including tones!)
  2. From those 600 characters, understand just under 1000 daily-use vocabulary words
  3. Understand full, several paragraph Chinese stories (without the aide of Pinyin!)
  4. From those stories, recognize over 200 grammatical patterns
  5. Have a Great Time Doing It

The Ultimate Online Mandarin Course – Made With Special Ingredient: Gratitude.

The word in Chinese for “gratitude” is 感恩 gǎn’ēn. So, the first character 感 refers to emotion, hence it has the 心 heart component at the bottom. The second character also has the 心 heart at the bottom, and the top element is 因 yīn – ‘reason or cause.’

That beautifully expresses why we have such a passion (感) for your success in Chinese; the reason (因) comes from the heart (心.)

Much Love.

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4 March , 2019
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