Your Cheat Code for Mandarin Chinese

OCLO is a patent-pending sequence we devised based on analysis of billions of Chinese characters that systemizes your journey to literacy and fluency completely, at every layer of the Chinese language. It is the “no wrong turns” secret sauce of Mandarin Chinese.

No Confusion. Only Discovery.

OCLO is very carefully constructed to ensure that every character, word, and grammar structure you encounter in The Mandarin Blueprint Method is useful, common, and perfectly suited to your level.

Currently, OCLO extends to all known character components, over 1500 characters unlocking 4,000 common words with 7000+ sentences and over 100 longer-form pieces of content such as dialogues and short stories. All of this covers over 94% of the Mandarin language (in terms of frequency) and is presented to you in 4200 lessons in a simple, step-by-step video curriculum. Here’s how it works.

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Phase 1

Components Unlocking Characters

We start by introducing common components to you that are simple and easy to memorize. As you build up your components, you will chunk them together into common characters. As your database of components develops, you will be able to ‘unlock’ more and more characters.

The Hanzi Movie Method is our system of visualization that allows you to learn how to read, write and pronounce any character or component in just a few seconds. We will teach you how to use this method during the first part of the course.

Phase 2

Characters Unlocking Words

Not long after that, you will begin to unlock new compound words that are, you guessed it, not only very high frequency, but also made up only of characters you have learned at that point.

You will learn how to create incredibly personal and vivid mnemonic links to new words by associating them with your own life experience. This is all enhanced by awesome flashcards with images and audio.

Phase 3-5

Words Unlocking Content

As you continue to build your foundation of common components, characters and words, you will start to see example sentences and longer-form content made up of words you already know. This is where you build a much deeper understanding of how Mandarin words are used in context.

By reading and listening to fully comprehensible content, you will find your grammar improving in the fastest and most natural way possible. You will begin to think and feel in Chinese, all after just a few weeks (even days) of learning with us. No need for dictionaries, no backtracking, and most importantly no wrong turns.

The Journey is Still Long, But the Path is Now Easy

Mandarin is still a mountain you must climb, but the path is paved, the map is clear, and you have two expert sherpas to guide to every step of the way. Just hit “Play”, follow our instructions, and become fluent and literate in Mandarin Chinese faster than you ever thought possible. Now, it’s time for that first step…

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