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Positive Reviews Across The Board

  • Mike Rotchford Avatar

    After completing the intermediate portion of MB I have to admit I am very excited for your next section. I believe that it took me around 18 months to get... read more

    Mike R. 11 Oct 2021
    Richard Ashbrooke Avatar

    All ‘other’ courses that I’ve tried in the past, I stopped. Where Mandarin Blueprint differs is keeping the interest level up, provides the (much needed) motivation at low times (thanks... read more

    Richard A. 07 Oct 2021
    Linn Bjerkseth Avatar

    Reading stories instead of random sentences has really cranked up my motivation to a whole other level. I really want to know what happens next! For a moment there I... read more

    Linn B. 06 Oct 2021
  • Marian Collins-Steding Avatar

    I absolutely love the course. I am very pleased with the curriculum and my progress. I appreciate all of the work that has been done and the quality shows. Hats... read more

    Marian C. 05 Oct 2021
    Cindy Nkhoma Avatar

    I am impressed with the way the pronunciation course was delivered. I am glad I can make a few sentences in Chinese despite being a beginner. I plan go through... read more

    Cindy N. 05 Oct 2021
    Glen Creek Avatar

    Wow I just want to say this course is amazing. There are a lot to choose from online and most of them don’t measure up. This course exceeds my expectations.

    Glen C. 04 Oct 2021
  • Chris Avatar

    After listening to your podcast my initial goal was to get here and experience what so many before me had described. It feels amazing to read and understand these sentences!... read more

    Chris 04 Oct 2021
    Seong Tan Avatar

    This is simply great. I have been using a private tutor for 2 years, learning pinyin only. I know the meaning of way more than 105 characters, but now that... read more

    Seong T. 04 Oct 2021
    Melissa de Blok Avatar

    Wow, this makes so much make sense! I was taught - and told off often - by a native speaker about this tone and extra emphasis was put on the... read more

    Melissa d. 04 Oct 2021
  • Ramon Bernardo Avatar

    I am so proud of myself for getting this far. Although I have not been doing it as fast as others might have been doing it but I am taking... read more

    Ramon B. 04 Oct 2021
    Ceri Woods Avatar

    oh my GOODNESS look I made it! Yes it took me longer than I wanted, but I totally made it to the end of this level lol, wanna say again... read more

    Ceri W. 03 Oct 2021
    Ramon Bernardo Avatar

    I love the Mandarin Blueprint Method, it is one of a kind. I have been struggling with my Mandarin learning journey before because studying the characters was difficult. Now that... read more

    Ramon B. 01 Oct 2021
  • Ray Jenne Avatar

    I can't believe it. I can read complete Mandarin sentences. I am not the person to write a review, yet I feel this is the time.
    It's 12:25 AM East Coast...
    read more

    Ray J. 01 Oct 2021
    Christine Miller Avatar

    A truly fantastic course! I've been learning Chinese for too many years. I've received several scholarships to China. I have a shelf full of Chinese textbooks. But I'd found that... read more

    Christine M. 30 Sep 2021
    Seong-Seng Tan Avatar

    "If you want to avoid Alzheimer's Disease; learn a language" - Jared Diamond (Anthropologist and Pulitzer Prize author). If you wish to learn Chinese, this is the best place... read more

    Seong-Seng T. 28 Sep 2021
  • Chris Park Avatar

    Fantastic course. well thought out and implemented. Multiple tools to help learning. Lots of work for me still to do and a lot of reviewing of completed lessons, but I... read more

    Chris P. 18 Sep 2021
    Chris Park Avatar

    Fantastic course. well thought out and implemented. Multiple tools to help learning. Lots of work for me still to do and a lot of reviewing of l these lessons, but... read more

    Chris P. 18 Sep 2021
    Charles Colyott Avatar

    If you want the fastest, clearest, and most fun way to learn Chinese, Mandarin Blueprint is it.

    Charles C. 17 Sep 2021
  • Cindy QTrinh Nguyen Avatar

    I've watched a lot of chinese dramas and had quite a bit of interaction with chinese customers so even before knowing these tone changing rules, I've already used it without... read more

    Cindy Q. 13 Sep 2021
    David Sleep Avatar

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pronunciation Mastery part of the course and find myself looking forward to the next step in my learning of the Chinese language.

    David S. 10 Sep 2021
    Kym Thomas Avatar

    Thank you, Phil and Luke, Amazing course so far. I have difficulty keeping my attention span for more than 15-20mins.
    So I cannot learn via traditional methods. I didn't think I...
    read more

    Kym T. 08 Sep 2021
  • Jimmy Rogers Avatar

    Hey guys. First of all thanks for talking about my experience on the podcast at the tail end of last week, that was really cool and I was really encouraged... read more

    Jimmy R. 06 Sep 2021
    Gary Hepner Avatar

    What I like about Mandarin Blueprint is that the teachers are native English speakers which you may think would be a detriment but in reality makes Chinese easier to learn... read more

    Gary H. 03 Sep 2021

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! Twice I have responded and twice I have featured in a podcast / YouTube clip.
    What I say is true. Rote leaning is a fools game. As an...
    read more

    Richard 03 Sep 2021
  • Linn Bjerkseth Avatar

    This is a bit random, but I just realised that this character concludes my initial goal of learning “just a few Chinese characters”. Half a year ago I had started... read more

    Linn B. 02 Sep 2021
    Gavia Arctica Avatar

    Thank you! You guys are incredible! It was in no way urgent for me to know this, but still: getting an answer to any question within 15 minutes on a... read more

    Gavia A. 29 Aug 2021
    Liam Llamazares Avatar

    What stands out to me about this course is how you’ve masterfully put together and explained the best techniques of language learning. Firstly, your course shows what has to be... read more

    Liam L. 29 Aug 2021
  • Greg Clare Avatar

    I really love the way things are explained in this course. Not just the "what" but also the "why". Not only do we learn Chinese but in this course, you... read more

    Greg C. 29 Aug 2021
    Richard Ashbrooke Avatar

    This has been very valuable. At first, I was struggling to find value, I trusted in Phil and Luke and then it hit me how amazing this exercise has been.
    read more

    Richard A. 28 Aug 2021
    Seong-Seng Tan Avatar

    These white dudes are great for teaching Mandarin to Chinese people (like myself) who have learned English as their first language.

    Seong-Seng T. 27 Aug 2021

How to Achieve Mandarin Proficiency FAST Without Burning Out or Giving Up

There are 6 unique phases within The Mandarin Blueprint Method. Each phase focuses on a key element of Mandarin and builds seamlessly upon one another in a linear, unified learning experience all the way to literacy and fluency.



Before learning any language, you will make much faster progress if you first learn how to produce, identify and read every syllable. Our video course Pronunciation Mastery teaches you everything you need to know, and it comes free with any subscription of The Mandarin Blueprint Method. It can also be purchased individually.
Character Building

Character Building

Using our patent-pending mnemonic visualization system "The Hanzi Movie Method", you'll learn how to read, write and pronounce any Chinese character in a matter of seconds.
Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Building

As you speed-learn characters, you will “unlock” new words with increasing frequency. We guide you on how to acquire these new words easily by creating mnemonics based on their intuitive word structure, and drawing on your life experience.
Sentence Building

Sentence Building

After you've built up a foundation of Chinese words, we will show you carefully crafted sentences that almost exclusively contain characters and words you have already learned. By following this step-by-step process, you will be reading and understanding Chinese in a matter of hours.
Paragraph Building

Paragraph Building

Now things really start to get fun! On top of sentences, you'll start unlocking entire paragraphs filled with conversations and opinions, all of which you'll be able to read and understand without help! This deeper, more engaging context makes learning grammar an enjoyable and natural process, instead of a mind-numbing slog through a series of textbooks.
Story Building

Story Building

In this final phase, we'll start introducing longer-form content created by our native Chinese writers. Once again, these are expertly designed using words and characters you have already learned. By reading and listening to all of this content daily, you'll find your Mandarin skills increasing faster than you ever thought possible!

Made By Learners, For Learners

Phil Crimmins
Luke Neale

We both learned Mandarin – “one of the most difficult languages in the world” – as a second language. As adults. Reaching advanced fluency took us years of study and many thousands of dollars. Over the years we discovered the best tools, and invent our own techniques to make Mandarin easy and fun. Now we’ve put all that knowledge into a 100% unique, patent-pending system to learn Chinese. A blueprint for English speakers who want to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Making Mandarin Fun

Our Case Study Collection

Now, I’m learning characters, pronunciation, and tones much faster, with better recall, and more fun.

Jonathan Pritchard

If you want to learn Chinese in a systematic and enjoyable way, Mandarin Blueprint is the way to go.

Paul Forbes

Phil and Luke’s expertise, continued support, and practical resources make Mandarin Blueprint invaluable!

Raquel Ramirez
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