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EVERYTHING You Need for Mandarin Literacy and Fluency, All in One Place

Learn Every Aspect of Mandarin in One Place

Learn Every Aspect of Mandarin in One Place

As you progress through the 4,200 lessons that make up our curriculum, you will learn how to pronounce like a native, how to read and write full stories, and how to speak fluently. All the content is laid out for you in perfect order, and all of the boring legwork is done for you.
Acquire Chinese the Natural (and Fun) Way

Acquire Chinese the Natural (and Fun) Way

No more boring textbooks, teachers, or classes. Instead, you’ll apply a combination of patent-pending memory techniques, learning technologies, and top linguistic research to reach your goals much faster, while actually enjoying yourself the entire time.
The Ultimate Personalized Learning Experience

The Ultimate Personalized Learning Experience

You will apply the techniques of memory athletes, creating connections to new characters and vocabulary based on people, places, objects, and actions from your own life. Learning this way is super-fun, super-efficient, and 100% personal to you.

Positive Reviews Across The Board

  • I've been annoying all of my friends with glowing reviews for their service. Without question, one of the best learning platforms (of any subject) that I've ever come across. Early... read more

    Christopher W. AvatarChristopher W. 01 Jun 2021

    I had reached HSK1 on a different app but didn’t feel confident about my capability to speak Chinese. I just completed MB Pronunciation Mastery and what a difference! Learning the... read more

    Jason M. AvatarJason M. 20 May 2021

    Class act. These guys have categorically crushed putting together and delivering a very effective, appealing, and achievable Mandarin Course. Big fan.

    Keith T. AvatarKeith T. 11 May 2021
  • I am currently at Level 16 of The Mandarin Blueprint Method.After going through the Pronunciation course and the first few lessons of Level 1 during the free trial, I was... read more

    Esnotion O. AvatarEsnotion O. 11 May 2021

    Thanks legends I was using Duolingo before, thinking it was fine and adequate. After starting this course, I've realised how little I knew: I would never have gotten anywhere with ad-hoc tools.... read more

    Andrew C. AvatarAndrew C. 05 May 2021

    Good structured course. Phil and Luke are really good at explaining the concepts and breaking things down for regular people. I am starting over again on my language learning journey.... read more

    Vannak K. AvatarVannak K. 04 May 2021
  • Eye opening, addictive, life-changing experience that goes beyond language learning. The method itself is an eyeopener into modern learning methods and practices. Your learning will never be the same. As... read more

    Roland AvatarRoland 26 Apr 2021

    YES! Most definitely! I love their approach to teaching. It is definitely a fun and relaxed way to learn a new language.

    Jacqueline S. AvatarJacqueline S. 26 Apr 2021

    Great course, spent US$300 but worth every cent! Thanks guys for the great content and continuous improvement

    Felipe R. AvatarFelipe R. 25 Apr 2021
  • Phil & Luke are developing a fantastic tool. I can say that I tried to learn Mandarin in many different ways and, by far, the Mandarin Blueprint method is the... read more

    Pedro J. AvatarPedro J. 24 Apr 2021

    This is by far the best Chinese course out there. I wish I was aware of this when I first started. I have been studying Chinese for 3 years and... read more

    Ericksii AvatarEricksii 22 Apr 2021

    🎉Mandarin Blueprint is a game changer for learning mandarin Chinese. Luke and Phil (your guides to this complex yet amazing language) take you through the very basics of absolutely nailing... read more

    Richard A. AvatarRichard A. 21 Apr 2021
  • Firstly, I would say if you haven't taken the amazing offer of a free trial then you are missing out. The videos and explanations provide are absolutely top quality. I... read more

    Ricky L. AvatarRicky L. 21 Apr 2021

    I started self learning Mandarin Chinese and stumbled across the Pronounciation Mastery course. I'm tounge tied and have auditory processing disorder, this course helped me imeasureabley. Luke and Phil are... read more

    Jeremy AvatarJeremy 09 Apr 2021

    This is a fantastic method for finally getting to grips with characters and tones. The method is ingenious, fun and fairly addictive. Well worth the money!

    CEM M. AvatarCEM M. 06 Apr 2021
  • I've finished the pronunciation mastery and almost four levels of the foundation course, which is pretty early into the course.The main things I've enjoyed so far are how Phil and... read more

    Raiyan S. AvatarRaiyan S. 30 Mar 2021

    I've finished the pronunciation mastery and almost four levels of the foundation course, which is pretty early into the course. The main things I've enjoyed so far are how... read more

    Raiyan S. AvatarRaiyan S. 24 Mar 2021

    The course is unbelievable. I can't believe less than a year on, we've learnt 1530 characters and we're reading short stories. I can''t imagine another way of learning so many... read more

    Alex AvatarAlex 22 Mar 2021
  • I have been using Mandarin Blueprint method for a few months now and I think it's a great way to learn Chinese.

    Alex B. AvatarAlex B. 21 Mar 2021

    This course is amazingly motivational. It gave me back the hope I already lost. Phil and Luc seem to be such nice guys that you want to hang out with... read more

    Til M. AvatarTil M. 18 Mar 2021

    This is the best system for learning Mandarin in an integrated way that I’ve found since I started looking about 3 years ago. The videos they make are very high... read more

    J.R. B. AvatarJ.R. B. 13 Mar 2021
  • So far i really like the course, it doesn't feel like seating in a boring classroom trying to remember words, i like that i can go at my own... read more

    Diego U. AvatarDiego U. 09 Mar 2021

    I've completed the introduction (Pronunciation Mastery) of this course, and it's excellent. It's complete with helpful lessons, tips, graphics, audios, download materials, and useful conversations between the two hosts. Before... read more

    Regina R. AvatarRegina R. 08 Mar 2021

    Highly recommended. I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin for over 10 years but never managed to get anywhere until I found these guys. I have completed the pronunciation mastery course... read more

    Brendon G. AvatarBrendon G. 05 Mar 2021
  • Phil & Luke are fantastic teachers. They make learning Mandarin so fun!The course is very organised and they give great tips for beginners! There are a lot of bonus videos... read more

    Annika C. AvatarAnnika C. 26 Feb 2021

    Just finished Pronunciation Mastery. Wish I'd had this when I first started learning about 7 years ago. Could have corrected some bad habits I've acquired along the way. I'm 65+... read more

    Georgia W. AvatarGeorgia W. 22 Feb 2021

    I have been an on and off self-taught Mandarin student for 4 years and I learned more in this course pronunciation section than in my 4 years. Take this course... read more

    Milena T. AvatarMilena T. 16 Feb 2021
  • I really can’t recommend Mandarin Blueprint enough (and regularly do so to anyone with an interest). The techniques you learn are groundbreaking and, while it can be a bit of... read more

    Craig C. AvatarCraig C. 16 Feb 2021

    It took me a while to get used to the memorization method, but in the past week or two have been coming to appreciate it's effectiveness. I've tried several different... read more

    Jeff B. AvatarJeff B. 07 Feb 2021

    Okay, so this review might be a little long so I'm just going to get to the point right away. ( I want to be helpful, but also tend to... read more

    Heather R. AvatarHeather R. 05 Feb 2021

How to Achieve Mandarin Proficiency FAST Without Burning Out or Giving Up

There are 6 unique phases within The Mandarin Blueprint Method. Each phase focuses on a key element of Mandarin and builds seamlessly upon one another in a linear, unified learning experience all the way to literacy and fluency.



Before learning any language, you will make much faster progress if you first learn how to produce, identify and read every syllable. Our video course Pronunciation Mastery teaches you everything you need to know, and it comes free with any subscription of The Mandarin Blueprint Method. It can also be purchased individually.
Character Building

Character Building

Using our patent-pending mnemonic visualization system "The Hanzi Movie Method", you'll learn how to read, write and pronounce any Chinese character in a matter of seconds.
Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Building

As you speed-learn characters, you will “unlock” new words with increasing frequency. We guide you on how to acquire these new words easily by creating mnemonics based on their intuitive word structure, and drawing on your life experience.
Sentence Building

Sentence Building

After you've built up a foundation of Chinese words, we will show you carefully crafted sentences that almost exclusively contain characters and words you have already learned. By following this step-by-step process, you will be reading and understanding Chinese in a matter of hours.
Paragraph Building

Paragraph Building

Now things really start to get fun! On top of sentences, you'll start unlocking entire paragraphs filled with conversations and opinions, all of which you'll be able to read and understand without help! This deeper, more engaging context makes learning grammar an enjoyable and natural process, instead of a mind-numbing slog through a series of textbooks.
Story Building

Story Building

In this final phase, we'll start introducing longer-form content created by our native Chinese writers. Once again, these are expertly designed using words and characters you have already learned. By reading and listening to all of this content daily, you'll find your Mandarin skills increasing faster than you ever thought possible!

Our Guarantee

Take 30 days to test, learn, and impress your Chinese friends.

It takes the average classroom student 2 YEARS (full time) just to get to HSK 4 basic vocabulary and grammar. With the Mandarin Blueprint Method, you can get the same results in 25% of the time at just an hour or two per day. This means that you don’t have to wait years before kinda, sorta, seeing some improvement.

As long as you show up every day and follow the clear instructions laid out in our videos, here are typical results you can expect:

Most Mandarin Blueprint users see a significant improvement to their pronunciation in just 6 hours. They can efficiently use mind palaces to read, write, and pronounce over 100 Chinese characters easily after 25 hours. Our members can typically start reading and writing entire sentences after just 50 hours. With consistent effort, they can start speaking Mandarin fluently in just 6 months. If these figures are correct, you should certainly be able to see results in 30 days if you invest some time each day, right? So...

Take 4 weeks to test Mandarin Blueprint to your heart’s content.

Test every feature, watch every lesson, try every exercise. Don’t commit fully until you’re convinced Mandarin Blueprint is right for you, and the above achievements are truly possible. And if (for any reason or no reason) you don’t feel like the course is for you, simply send an email to [email protected] within 30 days and we’ll send back every dollar. No awkward arm twisting or jumping through hoops. We’ll thank you for giving us a fair shot and let you go on your way.

Made By Learners, For Learners

Phil Crimmins
Luke Neale

We both learned Mandarin – “one of the most difficult languages in the world” – as a second language. As adults. Reaching advanced fluency took us years of study and many thousands of dollars. Over the years we discovered the best tools, and invent our own techniques to make Mandarin easy and fun. Now we’ve put all that knowledge into a 100% unique, patent-pending system to learn Chinese. A blueprint for English speakers who want to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin Made Fun & Easy

High Quality HD Video & Native Audio

We produced all of the 850 videos in the course to a high standard in our sound-proof booth, and every single video is edited to be short, engaging and a pleasure to watch. All of our native audio is also studio-quality, and both male and female are available.

Easy-to-Use Course Platform

All 4,200 lessons and 57 levels will be accessible immediately from desktop and mobile as soon as you sign up. The videos load quickly, and everything from navigating the platform itself to downloading your support materials is intuitive and clear.

A Wealth of Support Materials

You get 10,000+ digital flashcards with images and studio-quality native audio for everything we teach you. Plus, get access to reading and listening content any time from shared google slides, along with a huge selection of informational PDF documents.

Outstanding Customer Service

Your success is our success. That's why we read and answer every email and comment, usually through video response or as a part of our weekly podcast. It's just like having your own personal language coaches there with you all the way to fluency.

A Living, Growing Curriculum

Not only do your comments within each lesson help other new learners better apply our methods, we love to discuss them on our podcast. We often make these clips into video content for the curriculum itself!

Incredibly Committed Community

On our course platform and community forum you can give and receive advice, support, and information from other learners just like you. Our members surprise us every day with how helpful, positive and motivated they are.

Making Mandarin Fun

Our Case Study Collection

Now, I’m learning characters, pronunciation, and tones much faster, with better recall, and more fun.

Jonathan Pritchard

If you want to learn Chinese in a systematic and enjoyable way, Mandarin Blueprint is the way to go.

Paul Forbes

Phil and Luke’s expertise, continued support, and practical resources make Mandarin Blueprint invaluable!

Raquel Ramirez
Join the Thousands of People Using Mandarin Blueprint to Master Mandarin Right Now
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Mandarin On The Go

Download the Kajabi mobile app for free and watch our courses, save your progress, and connect with fellow members in your community no matter where you are.

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Weekly Podcast

We answer all emails and comments by addressing them in the Q&A portion of our weekly podcast. We then reply to everyone with a video clip of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all of our users. We also like to share fascinating insights into the Chinese language and culture.

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