Leah Lieberman, Philippines

"Unlike most people, it was my first time to be in a foreign country away from my family. It was a very scary thing for me. I didn't know anyone, I didn't speak the language or eat the food, etc. It was very frustrating. I felt stupid living in a place I can't function. I isolated myself. 

When I took the class, there were lots of doubts in my mind. Questions like: "Will this help me?" "Will this be the answer to my problems?" kept popping in my head. I was really hesitant as I thought it was gonna be one of those boring classes, and I hated school. My hesitation even came to the point that I asked my husband to join the class.

However, after a few classes, my viewpoint was changed. The class gave me tools to learn Chinese in an easy way, it gave advice on how to learn and how to make learning fun. Even on those times that I felt lazy and didn't wanna do my homework, I was still able to learn. My feelings changed. I felt like a child on a bus trying to read signs on the way home. My face lights up when I see a familiar character on the street. My heart skips a beat when I'm able to catch a phrase that someone said and I understand what it meant. 

It might take me a while to be fluent in Chinese. However, the point I want to make is that: for some people, attending the class might just be a means to an end, a way to get by or a tool to do business. But for me, it was life changing. It was hope and a weapon to conquer life in a foreign world. So, thank you Mandarin Blueprint! Keep up the good work, keep touching people's lives and may the odds be ever in your favor."