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I’m a professional mentalist, which means I’ve devoted my life to studying the power of the mind. One of the skills I like to keep sharp is the ability to memorize a deck of cards in a relatively short amount of time. When it clicked that The Mandarin Blueprint method uses the exact same approach to learning Mandarin as I know works for memorizing a deck of cards, I was sold.

I’d been using Duolingo for a year, and progress was excruciatingly slow. I knew there had to be a better way, and when I found Mandarin Blueprint was the day I broke my 365+ day streak, and was happy to do it.

Now, I’m learning characters, pronunciation, and tones much faster, with better recall, and more fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of these guys as my Chinese skills progress. Materials, strategy, delivery, content, EVERYTHING is top-notch.

Jonathan Pritchard

Sidney Green


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Awesome, awesome, awesome course! Phil and Luke really know their stuff. I’ve tried many other methods out there, but I have made more progress in the past 6 weeks using the Mandarin Blueprint Method than I made in the previous year with other courses. If you want to learn how to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese in a systematic and enjoyable way, Mandarin Blueprint is the way to go.

Paul Forbes

Chad Ressler


William Edmeades


Mandarin Blueprint is truly a blueprint for learning Chinese. It lays a very straightforward foundation for an understanding of the language, guiding you thoroughly to fluency. If you want to learn Mandarin independently, at your own pace with effective proven skills, then Mandarin Blueprint is THE way to do it. The creators and mentors Phil and Luke are both highly professional as well as charismatic, yet more importantly patient and consistent in the learning process. Their expertise, continued support, and practical resources make Mandarin Blueprint invaluable!

Raquel Ramirez

Ryan Smith


Harry Ching


I started the course as a complete beginner, knowing next to nothing about the language other than hello and thank you. After slightly more than three months, I can confidently say I know more than 600 characters and 1000 words. Not just how to read and speak, but how to write with the correct stroke order. I’d like to thank Phil and Luke for providing such a groundbreaking course.

Luke Taylor
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