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Mastering Mandarin In The Modern World

193 Pages PDF ePub Mobi FREE

A practical guide to acquiring Mandarin without boring textbooks, expensive classes, or stressful exams.

The Hanzi Movie Method

67 Pages PDF

This ebook is a walkthrough of our proven, patent-pending system of visual mnemonics for memorizing Chinese characters by using the proven techniques of memory athletes.

How To Speak Chinese Like a Native

65 pages PDF

This ebook is the product of our 16 years experience learning and teaching Chinese. Guaranteed to save you a lot of time and frustration, and get you to fluency faster.

Chinese Characters 101

27 pages PDF
What’s the history of Chinese characters? How many should you learn? How do you use proper stroke order? What are the different types of characters? All answered in this book!


418 Connecting Phrases essential for Mandarin fluency

Flashcards PDF 15 Pages

Included in your download are 836 expertly crafted Anki flashcards with native audio so you can review on the go and a PDF with Pinyin, Chinese Characters & English Translations.

Video Courses

FREE Webinar: Fluency In Six Months

Become fluent and literate in Mandarin Chinese in six months FROM ZERO.

Join this free 60-minute webinar and get a step-by-step guide to fluency in Mandarin without expensive teachers, boring textbooks or stressful classrooms.

FREE Webinar: How To Learn Chinese From Experience

In this 40-minute webinar, Phil will teach you how to use your personal memories to hack Chinese learning.

Rapid Acquisition Crash Course


After completing this 1-hour free course, you’ll know what to do and what not to do to reach fluency and literacy in Mandarin Chinese.

Pronunciation Mastery

Included with any subscription

Solid Pronunciation training lays the foundation for your entire language skillset, and it should be the very first thing you learn when taking on Mandarin. Our short course “Pronunciation Mastery” contains everything you need to be able to produce, understand, and read every Mandarin syllable just like a native speaker.

The Mandarin Blueprint Method – Foundation

Included with any subscription

The fastest, easiest, and most innovative way to learn Chinese characters, vocabulary & grammar in the world (patent-pending). 80% of Chinese by frequency covered. Guaranteed HSK 3 level.

The Mandarin Blueprint Method – Intermediate

Included with any subscription

Continue building your character & vocabulary count while acquiring more grammar through comprehensible input. Guaranteed HSK 4 level.

Weekly Podcast

We answer all emails and comments by addressing them in the Q&A portion of our weekly podcast. We then reply to everyone with a video clip of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all of our users. We also like to share fascinating insights into the Chinese language and culture.

Weekly Podcast
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