Check out some of the awesome features of The Mandarin Blueprint Method video curriculum.

Here’s What The Mandarin Blueprint Method Has to Offer

10,000 Multimedia Flashcards Icon
10,000 Multimedia Flashcards
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4,200 Lessons (and Growing)
850+ Instructional HD Videos
850+ Instructional HD Videos
1,530 Common Characters Covered
1,530 Common Characters Covered
4,000 Common Words Covered
4,000 Common Words Covered
100+ Stories & Dialogues
100+ Stories & Dialogues

Learning Experience

Highly Qualified and Friendly Coaches

Learn from both native and non-native Mandarin experts. Luke & Phil made the journey to fluency themselves, so they know exactly how to guide you to success.

Addictive Learning

Once you feel the speed and effectiveness of the MB learning experience, you won’t be able to stop hitting “next lesson”.

Ultra-Personal Experience

Choose people, places and objects from your life as tools for rapid memorization of characters and words, just like a memory athletes.

Clear & Simple Video Instruction

All of our 600+ easy-to-follow videos are structured to be short, easy to follow, and of the highest audio-visual quality.

Fast & Responsive HD Videos

Hosted on Wistia, a world leader in video hosting, every one of our course videos load easily on any device, even if you are located in China.

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

All of our content is accessible via the Kajabi app so you can access your course content
easily on your smartphone. It also automatically syncs with your other devices.

Works for Any Level

Currently we have content that covers 94% of written and spoken Mandarin, so whether you are just starting out or more advanced, there is a lot you can learn.

Integrated, Linear Learning System

The course is a one-stop-shop, covering everything you need to learn about Mandarin Chinese in a single step-by-step curriculum. Just click “Play” and follow our instructions.

Easy Navigation

Our entire course curriculum is very intuitively structured, and any one of our 4,200 lessons
or 100+ pdfs can be found easily from the course library via the search function.

Gamified Course Structure

The 6 phases of the curriculum are divided into 57 levels that grow in size as you progress through them. Just like leveling-up inside a video game, you graduate from pronunciation to character components, to characters, to words, to sentences, to paragraphs and eventually to full stories.

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Patent-Pending Techniques

Our character learning technique and the Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO) that makes our course so incredibly effective has achieved patent-pending status.

Expert Pronunciation Coaching

We know how to make you sound like a native speaker, and our mini-course pronunciation mastery will teach you everything you need to know in 6 hours.

Apply the Proven Techniques of Memory Champions

You will learn how to leverage the power of your imagination to create memory palaces that house the characters and words you learn with us, just like a real memory athlete.

Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO)

This sequence makes sure you learn the right components, characters and vocabulary at the right time, making for the most efficient and seamless learning experience possible.

Vocabulary Mnemonic Coaching

We’ll teach you how to create mnemonics to memorize the words almost instantly, and supply multi-media flashcards so you never forget what you learn.

Highly Researched and Battle-Tested Curriculum

Go from zero to extensive reading and listening to content you can understand in just weeks. Getting comprehensible input like this is how language is truly acquired.

Perfect in Combination with Other Apps

We provide the best solution for learning Chinese characters, vocabulary, and grammar in the world, but there are lots of other resources out there. The Mandarin Blueprint Method is ideal as the core of your learning, giving you the skills necessary to excel at reading, listening, speaking and writing elsewhere, should you choose to diversify.

1,000s of Hours of Testing

We have spent thousands of hours testing with thousands of people through both online and live face-to-face sessions to create the most effective learning experience for you. We are also constantly improving on the content based on suggestions from members.

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7,000 Incredible Multimedia Flashcards

Our flashcards are powered by spaced repetition for ultimate efficiency, and contain images and GIFs, as well as native audio.

100+ Detailed PDFs

In case you need to review what you learned offline away from our website or mobile app, you can download and review PDFs with all the information you need.

Male and Female Native Audio

Every syllable, character component, character, word, sentence, paragraph and longerform content comes with native male and female audio built into the flashcards and on the course platform itself.

Google Slides

Long-form content such as dialogues, articles, and short stories are all accessible both online and offline in our google slides. These are ‘living’ documents, so you can comment on them and share your ideas with us and the MB community. They also come with native audio that you can play at native and 80% speeds.

Streaming Audio

Any long-form reading and listening content have detached audio files you can listen to right there on the course platform, just like a podcast.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

We read and answer every email and comment personally, usually through video response or as a part of our weekly podcast. It’s just like having your own personal language coaches there with you all the way to fluency.

Warm and Helpful Community

Our members surprise us all the time with how passionate and supportive they are. We are always there to answer questions and help out.

Interactive Support Documents

We have everything about our course content, bonus content, guides, and research written out clearly in google docs and slides. You can comment directly in these if you want to improve anything.

Weekly Podcast for Members

Every week either Phil or Luke record a video podcast to share important updates on the course content, fascinating tips and advice on Mandarin learning, and to address interesting comments and emails we’ve received that week.

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