Pre-Phase: Pronunciation

Everything You Need To Know Packed Into 6 Hours Of Video

The very first thing you should learn is pronunciation. Communicating is easy when you can identify and produce each Mandarin sound precisely. In 6 short hours, this mini-course will help you start producing, understanding, and reading every Mandarin syllable like a native speaker.

Sound Like a Native . . . Not Like a Tourist Reading Off a Guide Book

Talk like the locals. Talk to the locals. Blend right in.

Communicate More Effectively

Knowing words and phrases is useless if you can’t articulate them. Or if you can’t recognize them when others speak. Learn to pronounce the words correctly, and you’ll speak and listen better.

Boost Your Listening

When you know what the words SHOULD sound like, you’ll be able to identify them easily. You’ll listen better, read faster, and as a result, pick up grammar and vocabulary more rapidly.

Read & Write Faster

Connect the sounds to their written “pinyin” spelling. Now that you can spell any Mandarin word with ease, you’ll be typing and writing as fast as any native in no-time.

Blend in with the Locals

When you have perfect pronunciation you’ll fit right in with the locals. WOW native speakers and get more compliments. Make people more responsive to you and have more meaningful interactions every time.

Speak, Read and Write Confidently

What good is grammar if no one understands a word you say? What good are memorized words if you can’t recognize any of them in real life? The sounds come first. Mandarin Blueprint members reach fluency faster because they start off sounding like natives.This gives them the confidence to speak more, practice more, learn more and improve faster.

Opportunities You Never Knew You Could Have

 What can’t you do when you can speak as well as any native? Get the best prices at stores. Negotiate with C suite execs like a pro. Attend local events without a translator. Build your career in any Mandarin-speaking organization. Go places no foreigner has visited.  All of China could be your oyster.

Reach Fluency 10x Faster

The secret to rapid fluency is understanding how the sounds work. With great pronunciation, you’ll read faster, speak & listen better, and type or write quicker.  That’s why the typical Mandarin Blueprint member can master as much in 2 months at just an hour a day as most people do in 2 years as a full-time student.

Just as a flutter of butterfly wings in the east can cause a tidal wave in the west, solid pronunciation early on will start a chain reaction that will get you to fluency a lot faster, and with less stress along the way.

Instructors Who Understand Your Challenges

Why is Mandarin hardest for us English and western language speakers? Because you have to use your mouth and tongue differently. And you might get your first taste of tones. Learn from those who’ve overcome these challenges themselves.

All the Love and Support You Need

We’re there for you whenever the going gets tough. All it takes is a quick message. We answer your questions every day in the comments, and once a week in our podcast. You’ll also get motivation and advice from our community of thousands of active members.

Intuitive and Responsive Curriculum

No more complicated, boring lessons. Or pointless, frustrating exercises. Learn Mandarin with easy to remember stories and fun practical examples. Each lesson builds on the last, so you have a clear pathway to follow and can measure your progress. Works with all your devices so you can study where you’re most comfortable. 

Fun and Easy

No boring drills! You’ll learn tones and native pronunciation the fun way. Bonus: unlock key vocabulary and grammar in the process.

Clear Learning Pathway

All of our 170+ videos and 80+ PDFs have been hand-crafted to be clean, clear, and concise.

Awesome Flashcards

Over 1000 digital flashcards with images and native audio so you never forget anything you learn.

I started taking the pronunciation mastery course at the same time as a university distance learning course. My tutor is Chinese and has high praise for my pronunciation – it’s all down to this course from MB! Thank you!

Julia Chen

I am still working on the Pronunciation Mastery, and have learned so much so far! Looking forward to getting into the Blueprint part and all that it promises. I’m very impressed with how thorough everything is, how responsive the teachers are any time I have a question and how supportive...

Jennifer Swanson

I am really happy with how much I’ve learned. The Hanzi Movie Method really works and I am making measurable progress. What I am most grateful for at the moment is the Pronunciation Mastery course. I am just finishing 6-weeks of travel in China and (for the first time) there...

Peter Mcg

I used to think Chinese was one of the hardest languages to learn and I would have continued believing that had it not been for Mandarin Blueprint. I always struggled with the tones of Chinese and I was never understood when speaking Mandarin and this made me shy away from...

Paku Sree

“Want to get good at Chinese? Mandarin Blueprint is the way” I have just finished the outstanding Mandarin Blueprint pronunciation course. The videos are perfectly succinct with relevant, to the point information on each and every pronunciation needed in the entire Chinese language. I can attest that their blueprint method...

Martin Fray

Mandarin Blueprint’s Pronunciation Mastery course is as good as advertised. The flashcard decks are great supplements to go along with the course. The unit wrap-ups were encouraging and the bonus videos were motivational, giving context to the journey of learning Mandarin.

Jim Awofadeju

The Mandarin Blueprint should be your go to resource if you are considering learning Mandarin. The method Phil and Luke developed will hone your Mandarin language skills at a rapid pace. The key is to follow their instructions. I recently completed the Pronunciation Mastery course, which is essential to your...

Chad Ressler


Wait, but shouldn't I learn from a Chinese person?

Most Westerners struggle with Mandarin because it’s a very different language. Different rules, different sounds, different systems.

That’s why you’re better off learning from us Westerners. We’ve had to dig our way out of the same traps you’ll be falling into soon enough. We’re also better at explaining things in English than most native Chinese teachers.

We’ve coached thousands of adult learners from zero to complete fluency, so you’re in good hands.

How will I know that I'm progressing?

There are assessments sprinkled throughout the course, so you’ll always know how you’re doing. 

Phil will also be checking in with you often to track progress, offer advice, and correct lingering problems. 

Plus the flashcard software gives you plenty of stats on your progress. 

Long story short, we’ve got you covered.

If I decide the course isn't for me, can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Simply email [email protected] or use the contact form here within 30 days of purchase. You’ll get back every cent. No hoops to jump through and no questions asked.

I already know some Chinese, will this course still help me?

Heck yes! We designed this course for the absolute beginner, but we’ve had advanced students too. In fact, some of our most dedicated members are those who tried learning Mandarin before . . . and gave up because it was so hard (the way they did it).

If you already know a little Chinese you can skip ahead to Phase 1. But we recommend reviewing the basics to speed up your learning and correct any lingering problems.

Do you offer anything else?

Yes, we do. Pronunciation Mastery is baby steps – just a small introductory part of our entire curriculum.

We can teach you everything you need to know to reach fluency. Try everything free for 14 days here.

Wow native speakers, as well as your friends and family with your AWESOME accent