Pre-Phase: Pronunciation

Pronounce Mandarin Like A Native Speaker In 6 Hours

Solid Pronunciation training lays the foundation for your entire language skillset, and it should be the very first thing you learn when taking on Mandarin. Our short course “Pronunciation Mastery” contains everything you need to be able to produce, understand, and read every Mandarin syllable just like a native speaker.

Experience All of the Wonderful Benefits of Great Pronunciation

If you follow our video course, you will develop awesome pronunciation, which will pay huge dividends in the long-run. Here are some of the positive effects you will be able to enjoy:

Gain Confidence and Motivation

Success breeds motivation. Being understood by native speakers and understanding them successfully provides that dopamine rush that will spur you on in your learning. Its a virtuous circle of > speaking more > improving faster > more confidence.

Communicate More Effectively

Did you know that pronunciation is far more important than grammar early on? Even with a limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you pronounce the words properly.

WOW Native Speakers

A great accent will not only get you lots of compliments, it also immediately makes people more responsive to you, which in turn increases your likelihood of meaningful interactions.

Boost Your Listening

Because of the exposure you’ve had to every sound of Chinese, you will be able to identify the words you hear more accurately straight away, reinforcing your grammar and vocabulary along the way.

Open Up Opportunities

Great pronunciation leaves a deep impression on the people you speak to that can positively influence areas such as your career, finances, and personal relationships.

Read & Write Faster

Connecting the sounds of Chinese to their written “pinyin” spelling will allow you to read and type Chinese. Guess what happens when you start reading, writing and listening regularly?…

Reach Fluency MUCH Faster

All of these wonderful benefits mean that you will be able to identify words you hear and read far easier. Listening and reading is the key to language proficiency.

Just as a flutter of butterfly wings in the east can cause a tidal wave in the west, solid pronunciation early on will start a chain reaction that will get you to fluency a lot faster, and with less stress along the way.

Experienced Instructors

Learn from native and non-native speakers who have actually made the journey to fluency themselves.

Unique learning system

No boring drills! Learn native pronunciation while acquiring key vocabulary and grammar.

Crystal clear content

All of our 170+ videos and 80+ PDFs have been hand-crafted to be clean, clear, and concise.

Crystal clear content

Our course is fully automated and mobile-responsive. Learn any time, anywhere, on any device.

awesome flashcards

Over 1000 digital flashcards with images and native audio so you never forget anything you learn.

Unparalleled service

We will be there to support you whenever the going gets tough. All it takes is a quick message.

Here's What You'll Be Able to Do

Understand, produce and read every pronunciation in Mandarin Chinese accurately.
Produce all tones and tone pairs accurately.
Build a Vital Foundation for Acquiring Characters, Vocabulary and Grammar
Acquire over 200 words, phrases and grammar structures.
Understand how Chinese people really speak, instead of the usual "textbook" Chinese taught in traditional classrooms.
Save a ton of time and money you would otherwise spend on classes and private tutors.
Avoid embarrassment when speaking.
Impress native speakers on a regular basis, as well as your friends and family.
Be understood by native speakers.
Stay motivated when studying Chinese.
Understand the key differences between standard Mandarin and other dialects and accents.
Avoid the traps westerners tend to fall into.
Get an overall "plan of attack" for your entire Chinese journey all the way to fluency.
Know how to use the Spaced Repetition Software Anki, which has applications far beyond the scope of this course.
Type or Text in Chinese

I started taking the pronunciation mastery course at the same time as a university distance learning course. My tutor is Chinese and has high praise for my pronunciation – it’s all down to this course from MB! Thank you!

Julia Chen

I am still working on the Pronunciation Mastery, and have learned so much so far! Looking forward to getting into the Blueprint part and all that it promises. I’m very impressed with how thorough everything is, how responsive the teachers are any time I have a question and how supportive...

Jennifer Swanson

I am really happy with how much I’ve learned. The Hanzi Movie Method really works and I am making measurable progress. What I am most grateful for at the moment is the Pronunciation Mastery course. I am just finishing 6-weeks of travel in China and (for the first time) there...

Peter Mcg

I used to think Chinese was one of the hardest languages to learn and I would have continued believing that had it not been for Mandarin Blueprint. I always struggled with the tones of Chinese and I was never understood when speaking Mandarin and this made me shy away from...

Paku Sree

“Want to get good at Chinese? Mandarin Blueprint is the way” I have just finished the outstanding Mandarin Blueprint pronunciation course. The videos are perfectly succinct with relevant, to the point information on each and every pronunciation needed in the entire Chinese language. I can attest that their blueprint method...

Martin Fray

Mandarin Blueprint’s Pronunciation Mastery course is as good as advertised. The flashcard decks are great supplements to go along with the course. The unit wrap-ups were encouraging and the bonus videos were motivational, giving context to the journey of learning Mandarin.

Jim Awofadeju

The Mandarin Blueprint should be your go to resource if you are considering learning Mandarin. The method Phil and Luke developed will hone your Mandarin language skills at a rapid pace. The key is to follow their instructions. I recently completed the Pronunciation Mastery course, which is essential to your...

Chad Ressler


Wait, but shouldn't I learn from a Chinese person?

Not only do we have the unique perspective of learning Chinese to advanced fluency from zero we have also personally coached hundreds of people on Chinese pronunciation. Therefore, we know more about what problems you will face with pronunciation and how to fix them than the vast majority of native Chinese teachers. We are also better able to clearly articulate your blueprint for success in a language you can understand.

How will I know that I'm progressing?

Throughout the course you will be prompted to go through assessments to make sure you have grasped the various pronunciation principles. Your progress through the course is always visible from the video player, and Phil will be checking in with you often to remind you where you should be with your flashcards. In fact, the flashcard software itself gives you great stats. Long story short, we’ve got you covered.

If I decide the course isn't for me, can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Within 30 days of purchase we will give you a refund, no questions asked.

I already know some Chinese, will this course still help me?

Yes! It’s never too late to take this course. We have had many advanced-level clients in the past who have had great results.

Do you offer anything else?

Yes, we do. Pronunciation Mastery is just a small introductory part of our entire curriculum, which teaches you everything else you need to know to reach fluency. You can gain instant access to all courses here with a 7-day free trial.

Wow native speakers, as well as your friends and family with your AWESOME accent