Study Buddies Christine & Rebecca Share their Stories

Podcast Duration: 00:55:50
Study Buddies Christine & Rebecca Share their Stories

Christine and Rebecca are long-time members of Mandarin Blueprint. They both have completed the intermediate course – reaching 94% understanding of Chinese by frequency – and have agreed to share their valuable experiences, insights, and suggestions with us. In this interview we cover the following:

  • When to stop reviewing sentence flashcards and move onto long-form content
  • How the Mandarin Blueprint Method will change to suit intermediate learners going forward
  • What it’s like consuming native content after completing the MB intermediate course
  • Favorite non-MB resources for graded reading
  • The incredible benefits of having a “study buddy”
  • How Christine and Rebecca push each other to improve their Chinese
  • How you can find your own study buddy with Mandarin Blueprint

Many thanks to Christine and Rebecca for taking the time to share all this with us. We know it will be very useful to other Chinese learners and MB members!

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