Christine Anderssen Case Study

A Pro User’s Pro Tips – Interview with Christine Anderssen

Podcast Duration: 00:49:09
A Pro User's Pro Tips - Interview w/ Christine Anderssen

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Christine Anderssen wrote an article for our blog back when she was in Level 13 of The Mandarin Blueprint Method course (check it out here). Now she’s back and WOW what progress she’s made!

If you’re a member of the course, or simply interested in learning Chinese, listen to this podcast. Christine not only gives a fascinating perspective on learning the MB way but also gives highly useful tips and tricks that any Mandarin learner would find useful.

We discussed several topics including:
-Crossing the barrier from sentences to longer-form content
-Why listening comprehension can be so challenging
-Which tools to use to make sure you’re optimizing your productivity
-How to consider your context and find the right tool for the moment.
-Graded readers
-Thoughts on how to stick with daily progress
-How to define “difficult” when it comes to language learning
-Her astronomical progress in only 7 months
…and much more!

This was a great chat, we hope you enjoy it too.