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23. [CASE STUDY] – How Ryan Smith Went From “I Can’t Visualize” to SMASHING It!

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【CASE STUDY】Ryan Smith’s Mandarin Blueprint Review – Part 1

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The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online curriculum. Creators Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins answer questions and comments, discuss topics related to China and Mandarin learning, and have special guests.

23. [CASE STUDY] - How Ryan Smith Went From "I can't visualize" to SMASHING it!

00:18 – A little bit about Ryan

3:53 What got him into learning Chinese?

07:39 What are his goals?

11:00 How quickly can he learn a character with our method?

10:05 What are the three parts of the course that have made the biggest impact on Ryan?

28:15 His first thoughts about the method

36:31 What was he skeptical about?

41:51 Ryan’s recommendations about how we can improve the course

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17 May, 2019