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I was skeptical at first. I have been to classes, used apps, tried memorization, tried not worrying about characters, the only thing I didn’t try was getting a Chinese girlfriend 🤣 I can’t recommend this method enough! I’m so glad that I quit trying to figure it out myself and signed up. This is the BEST way to learn Chinese, at least for a non-native speaker that isn’t immersed in the language daily. Even then, it is the best way to learn characters and pronunciation. I strongly urge you to sign up if you haven’t, you won’t be disappointed!

Kent Broeckleman

There are a ton of resources and competing interests to learn languages. This course is a wonderful focusing of resources and filtering out of superfluous materials. Phil and Luke are highly motivated and obviously passionate teachers with a well-researched pedagogy. Aside from knowing that I will soon be fluent in Mandarin – as a teacher I feel like I grew in terms of methodology by being in this course. I would definitely sign up for this again.

Jon Mcsween

When I first moved to China three months ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to use to learn Chinese. I had bought Rosetta Stone but it is too disorganized and random for my learning style. Then one day I saw a blog post about Mandarin Blueprint and immediately knew this suited my style, and I’m glad I made that choice! Mandarin Blueprint teaches Chinese through an effective means of utilizing your memory and life experiences to create associations with the language. With their method, you’ll learn how to write characters, what they mean, how to say them, and the pinyin and tone. It won’t be just a cookie-cutter speaking crash course which you’ll forget the content in weeks without using it. It’s a course that creates a solid foundation and association that creates lasting memories and an understanding of the language. Highly recommended!

Josh Xiao Liu

I’ve been trying to learn Chinese for over two years, fairly unsuccessfully. I’ve learned more that I know will “stick” in the few months of doing Mandarin Blueprint than in two years of study before. The main reason for this is that Mandarin Blueprint’s method is actually really enjoyable. Each lesson is jam-packed with Phil and Luke’s passion and skill at being able to teach a foreigner Chinese. Their teaching style and course content engages, inspires and motivates. The Hanzi Movie Method of character learning is near magic. It unlocks a whole new part of your brain and I’m still amazed I can recall pronunciation, meaning and how to write a character all from imagining a funny/stupid/gross story. If you really want to learn mandarin you would be a fool not to spend some time with Mandarin Blueprint!

David Pinkerton

I wish that all the people who really wish to study Chinese will find these guys. I am so thrilled every day to use this method and find out cool hints for my Chinese learning hobby. When, for whatever reason, I do not find the time to use this course I feel frustrated like the day is somehow lost. Thank you, Luke & Phil.

Alina Coroian

Omg… definitely my way of learning. Enjoying every single day. Well done you guys! I’m so proud of you!

Sanja Krajnovic

I can remember the characters and tones. The flashcards are amazing too. To be honest, I was skeptical of all your ads and videos talking about how great the method is because, as a musician and entrepreneur, I deal a lot with advertisements and sales. I thought it was all talk – but yall have come through on every promise about success and progress. I’m sorry to have doubted because my Chinese is improving so much and I can see milestones being met. Thank you to all of you.

Jeffrey Herzog

Fantastic and ingenious course with a wealth of content and support, and delivered by two lovely and helpful guys. I am learning Chinese at a frankly incredible rate, surpassing all of my expectations. If you have any interest in learning Chinese, you really should check these guys out. Phenomenal!!

Huey Thompson

Just looking at the pinyin chart was intimidating, and as I looked for how to interpret this I came across Mandarin Blueprint. Thank you, Luke and Phil, for all your efforts to make a really interesting course. The acquisition of language is hugely rewarding as without it you don’t have a chance of understanding a culture. Here’s to the future possibility of getting to know China.

Jeanne Genie

I highly recommend Mandarin Blueprint. I was so happy when I saw the ad for this site because I can relate to Luke and Phil’s experiences when they first learned Mandarin. The methods used in Mandarin Blueprint are easy to understand and can also be applied to other aspects of learning anything else. Over a short period of time, I was able to correct my pronunciation, increase vocabulary and learn characters! If you’re interested in learning Mandarin, you’ve found the best out there!

Rae Omictin-Padayhag

I think it’s an excellent method. Very clear, great cultural notes on each video, and really breaks it down into simple, palatable pieces. Great job guys. I think this is especially of value given both the tones and the character system. I look forward to progressing through the course.

Julie Allen

I am really happy with how much I’ve learned. The Hanzi Movie Method really works and I am making measurable progress. What I am most grateful for at the moment is the Pronunciation Mastery course. I am just finishing 6-weeks of travel in China and (for the first time) there have been no misunderstanding; taxi drivers, cafe baristas and friends are understanding everything I say. It’s really a great feeling to order something or hop in a cab and have them understand you without politely asking you “what?” or saying “just show me the map”. Thank you, Luke & Phil

Peter Mcg
Wow native speakers, as well as your friends and family with your AWESOME accent