Andrew Coleshill Interview No. 2 – Acquiring 80% of Mandarin in 6 Months

Podcast Duration: 00:40:01
Second Interview with Andrew Coleshill - Acquiring 80% of Mandarin in 6 months

In this second interview with Andrew, we talk about his experience progressing to the intermediate level, along with a few other topics you’ll find useful:

  • How Andrew’s goals have changed since he started learning with MB
  • How to create better goals as a learner
  • How eye-opening it is to be able to read Chinese
  • How to not stress about learning Chinese
  • The importance of recognizing your progress and not being overly critical
  • Some tips on creating and reviewing flashcards at a higher level
  • Some tips on how to learn characters with the Hanzi Movie Method
  • The rollercoaster of Chinese acquisition
  • Where Andrew has made breakthroughs

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