Episode 193. Let's set some 2023 goals for learning Chinese

193. Let’s Set Some 2023 Goals For Learning Chinese

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193. Let's set some 2023 goals for learning Chinese

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Teodor on Now Just LOOK at how SOLID that Foundation Is! Phase 5 Complete!

The Foundation course is finally complete! I really speeded through phase 5, completing it in 11 days. But I like to think that I simply caught up with myself after my 6-month hiatus.

I cannot express how happy I am that I found you guys. One year ago, I looked around the Internet after ways to learn Mandarin. But everyone was telling me to focus on pinyin first before characters. As to how to later learn the characters was a bit of a mystery.

That wouldn’t work for me. The whole reason I wanted to learn Mandarin was because of the characters. I couldn’t wrap my head around as to how millions and millions of people are able to learn them. They even learn thousands of them just to be literate. How is that even possible?

But look at me now. I’m doing it. I just read through a fairy tale with no problem. There still is a long way to go, but I can finally see how amazing the brain is. It is amazing at recognizing patterns and given just a bit of help using loci you can learn this stuff quickly.

After my break I have also discovered that immersion has started to get way easier. I am currently watching videos from the Youtube channel “Comprehensible Chinese” and they almost feel easy?! It is now way more fun to immerse. I also found the podcast “Teatime Chinese”. It is a bit harder to follow along, but with transcripts and dictionary lookup using LingQ it’s manageable.

I want to thank you Luke and Phil. Not only for creating this platform, but also for all the motivation you have given along the way. It feels great to not only have a clear structured path to learn Mandarin, but also someone to push you along the way.

See you in the Intermediate course!


Norman on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 认识

Are tone change rules in place just to make sentences sound better? or easier to say?


Norman on BONUS: The Chinese Learning UNIQUE Problem…and How to Fix it

What’s the difference between Passive Native Level and Active Native Level?


Ioanna on BONUS: Connector – Conditional “If-Then” Statements with 如果…, 就 & 要是…的话

So… how do you say an informal please to friends? I mean outside of “if” structures. I’ve been only using 请 so far



Nick on 吃饭 in Context

So, it’s 吃饭了么 not 吃饭了吗? This is the first time I’ve seen it written, so I didn’t know.

10 January, 2023