139. How “Face” Works in China

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The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online curriculum. Creators Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins answer questions and comments, discuss topics related to China and Mandarin learning, and have special guests.

139. How "Face" Works in China

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42:37 Comments & Emails

Ceri Woods on Level 15 Complete

This level has been really fun! I often watch c-dramas, and I noticed even just in a week that I understand far more words and phrases than I had the week before! It’s really encouraging


Chidimma Oparaugo on Mandarin Syllables: The “Null” Initial

Two lessons down, and I’m already loving it.


John Nomura on Vocab Unlocked from 踢

Is 踢球 football and 打球 soccer?
Or 踢球 is soccer and 打球 just means play ball games


Rick Angleland on 收到 in Context

Re 你收到我送你的勺子没?

Is this a colloquial way of saying

or (a bit shorter)


Christine on Vocab Unlocked from 丑

What is the function of 却 in 但我却觉得它很丑? Doesn’t the sentence mean the same without it?


Yann Massard on 小心 in Context

Is using 有 for “there is” as in 有车过来了 a common thing? If so, I find it super interesting that in French they express it the same way. They use “il y a” (literally “there it has” or just “it has”) meaning “there is”, too!

49:30 Vocab Living Links

This section covers “Living Link” mnemonic techniques to remember Chinese words of two or more characters. Here’s a video explaining the theory behind it.

Roland Kofler on Vocab Unlocked from 来: 来自 – 上来 – 下来 – 过来

For “Come over (to my house)” I use a picture of Hansel and Gretel and the Witch in front of the gingerbread house. Iconic and dramatic.


Robert Toms on Vocab Unlocked from 某: 某个 – 某些

I used one picture of Prince Herbert from Monty Python for 某个, and three of the same picture for 某些


Matt Shubert on Vocab Unlocked from 宝: 宝宝

This is seriously the most adorable word. “Little treasure” = “baby” 😀


Jeremy Marie on Vocab Unlocked from 在: 正在

GPS tracking – it’s accurate, it’s always happening, and it knows your location.


Roland Kofler on Vocab Unlocked from 桌: 桌子

Typical chinese restaurant tables are round and have a turntable on it

54:22 Movies! 

This blog post explains the theory behind Movie Scenes and learning characters.

Ric Santos on Make a Movie 迷

Mi-actress has finished her meals in the kitchen (2nd tone) of the -Ø null set. She is about to watch a football game. She sees a grain of rice (米) on the road (辶), and asks the rice: “Are you lost (迷路了吗)? Should you not be either in the rice field or be on the table to be served as food? “

Bewildered and confused (迷), the rice said, “I don’t know. I think I was blown over by the winnowing fan ! I think I am bewitched (被迷住了). But I don’t like to go back to the kitchen to be cooked either.”

Mi-actress said: “Luckily for you, I am not a witch and I am finished eating. But now, the old rice field has been recently converted to a football field (足球场) . “

The rice charmingly begged her: “Oh! That’s great ! Please bring me to the football field instead. I will be a big fan ! ( 球迷= qiúmí) .


John Nomura on Make a Movie 杂

In the kitchen of my a- set, Zach Hanson is drinking green leaf (朩) tea and trying out MISCELLANEOUS (杂) baseball (九) bats with holes in them. His friends are laughing at him and think he has a hole in his head to use these bats.


Stephanie Arapian on Make a Movie 红

Harald is in the kitchen of my -ong flat, trying to stage a film. Unfortunately, an I-Beam is running down the center wall. He brings out a bundle of Silk Scarves to drape and decorate. Ready to film!

11 May, 2021