184. The Mandarin Blueprint Inner Circle

184. The MB Inner Circle

Podcast Duration: 00:47:46
184. The MB Inner Circle

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Paul Gansler by Community

I am absolutely loving this course.  It’s great.   I’m listening to the podcasts from day one.  But taking the contemporary course.   So cool to see the progression.  From early days to what I’m looking at now.    I’m going to throw this one out there.    I’m going to absorb this.  And I’m going to be one of the successful stories on the podcast.   


Glenys Gallagher on Level 4 Complete

I think I believe!
For all of my life (and it has been fairly long) I have never been able to see scenes in my head. You know when you do meditation and they say ‘imagine your on a beach/in a garden’ well I never could, all I ever saw was a mismash of colour. Today though, while driving, I went through the characters in my mind. I could see the actors, the scenes, the props, remember what room I was in and see the characters !! I have been overwhelmed at times but am really enjoying the course. I will just keep plodding on!


珂兰 on Vocab Unlocked from 忽

Hi, what does 花 mean in this sentence? thanks!



Sylvia Baxter on MAKE A MOVIE 的

的 I was taught makes a noun possessive, turning me to my or you to yours, why is this bullseye? 我的 vs 我 你的 vs 你 etc, even my host mother doesn’t understand this.


Evere on 那些 in Context

那些花看起来很漂亮。Am I right in thinking that 很 modifies 看起来 to say how exactly 花 is looking rather than to say that 花 looks Very beautiful?


Evere on 有些 in Context

那些电子邮件让我有些担心。just to confirm, 有些 and 有点儿 are synonyms, and the latter can be used here instead of 有些?


Chris Young on 打球 in Context

“打完球我才回住的地方去” 比 “我打完球才回住的地方去” 一样? 也 比 “我打完球以后回住的地方去”? (Can you get away with just tacking on another comparison like this or is this too literal of translation from English?)

If the two options I gave are fine, is the original sentence a more typical arrangement?


Anne Fielder on 回 in Context

I am really unsure about how 回 is used in this sentence 这回多少人?

Any explanation would be helpful…


Francislainy Campos on Vocab Boost 主意 意见 得意

他可能对你有意见,不然不会不和你说话。The three 不s here are a bit difficult to understand. Could you explain this a bit, please?


Francislainy Campos on 什么最好吃?

三对黑黑的大眼睛 -> Does 对 imply the idea of a pair? Otherwise, should it be six eyes, two per each brother?


Nick Jensen on 行了 in Context

Regarding “行了,你现在可以用这个电脑视频了”, is there a reason you chose the default measure word (个) for computers instead of the one we already learned (台)?


Annette Bicknell on Vocab Boost 时代 时差 时期 学期 长期 短期 定期 近期 期间 过期 日期

东边和西边有三个小时的时差。I have always wondered with China having one official time zone, how does that work in reality? I have searched online, but cannot find anything beyond that there would be 5 time zones if they followed the time zone lines across the world. Do people in the (far) west go to the office/school at e.g. 11.00 because that is the time it would be with the one time zone, but in reality it is similar to 8.00 if divided into proper time zones?


Roland Braelith on Tougher” Initials Explanation

As an American I’ve noticed we (well, most of us) pronounce our B’s, D’s and G’s (T’s as well) a little more softly (especially in the south where I spent my early childhood and some in-between years) than British folks tend to. This part felt pretty natural to me, very much unlike the last section with j, q and x…I’ll have to work on practicing that…a lot…


Brian O’Connor on 网友 in Context

Could you please explain what 的 is doing at the end of the phrase, 我们是在网上认识的?


Anne Fielder on 记得 in Context

What is the function of “帮” in the sentence “你记得帮我给他说谢谢”?

Thank you.

I have another question:

我记得去年九月他来中国学了半个月的汉语 is translated as I remember last September he came to China and studied Chinese for a couple of weeks.

Is 半个月 (half a month) , prefered to saying two weeks?