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Learning Mandarin for Hip-Hop? James’ Chinese Journey

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Learning Mandarin for Hip-Hop? James' Chinese Journey

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James, from Melbourne, Australia, became interested in languages after he spent a couple of years living in Malaysia. There are several languages spoken there, and this sparked a curiosity about language acquisition that he maintains to this day.

While he was first interested in learn Malay, he decided instead to learn Mandarin since it’s more commonly spoken throughout the world.

He started with a tutor and “blindly” began learning Pinyin without knowing why it was relevant. This frustration led him to look for Mandarin Blueprint.

What does he hope to do with Mandarin? Well, James is a hip-hop artist and hopes to use Mandarin to expand the possible wordplay in his writing. Not to mention, he can’t wait to enjoy the incredible Chinese cuisine directly.

After we discussed his personal journey, we explored his experience of The Mandarin Blueprint Method.

It was really fun to chat with James, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the conversation as well.

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