Podcast Episode 179 - Legends of Language Learning is Available (Free)

179. Legends of Language Learning is Available (Free)

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179. Legends of Language Learning is Available (Free)

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Christopher from Email

This morning, I finished watching to the end of the Level 1 tutorials, which is a good place to stop for now, and start engaging into the resources.

I have to admit it has been eye opening for myself, as I was clueless about some of the more modern approaches to sentence mining, and am new to “immersion learning” as a whole, though Matt vs. Japan’s approach was recommended to me a few months ago. I have been installing some of the recommended software and checking out the resources and I feel that it has injected some fresh energy into my language learning, as someone who has an abundance of time on their hands these days. Obviously anyone can find their own resources, but it requires time and effort. Likewise for learning characters, words and sentences purely using Pleco, but personally, I have always enjoyed “the blueprint” part of Mandarin Blueprint, as that is what was missing from my early years of studying Chinese.

Most importantly, I feel ready to put a lot of time into immersion, and exploring Chinese films and TV outside of the sentences of the Mandarin Blueprint Method sentences and graded readers, so I am going all in on this for the next few months as well as joining the Refold community, which I discovered through the Legends of Language Learning course. I have also started a “studygram”, to try and at least make me accountable for my results, and leave it as a record I can look back on, while putting more effort into the “Chinese Learner Identity.”

The cost is about the same as 10-15 one one classes, which might take 10-15 hours of your life. Those classes would fade over time. I know I am going to be spending a lot more time than that immersing so, I might as well start with the correct tools and methods, and techniques, and invest the money into resources which will get me good results.

To summarize, you can find anything for free on the internet but sometimes you will have to do more work or spend more time. I have chosen to save my time in finding, and more time in learning in this instance.


Christopher from Email

I have finished the legends of language learning course in its current form, and want to congratulate you guys on an excellent addition to the course library.

There were projects I had absolutely no idea about such as Refold, Sup China, Slow Chinese, and Story Learning which I will investigate in more detail. Refold in particular is super interesting for me, and as I approach the more intense immersion stage of my study, inspired by your forthcoming Immersion course, I think it is something I will be investigating more, and contributing to.

After watching Dominic’s video of using Traverse to link to his immersion study, I also had no idea Traverse could be used in that way, and although you said in the last podcast there will be more walkthroughs of how to to use software, I think that was extremely valuable. For example, for years I have probably been underusing Pleco compared to others, so little eye opening moments of how to use certain software or applications, is another seed planted in the brain, which then myself as the learner has to remember to water the perfect amount.

I made notes on all of the videos and look forward to going back and watching all the interviews in full, and seeing the course expand over time. I have also gained a ton of valuable advice, which I can pass on to my Chinese friends learning English.

Wishing you a successful launch weekend for the Immersion course, and I will see you in the comments. Thanks again for your prompt replies and keeping up that high quality customer interaction. I am looking forward to the next stage of the journey, both individually and for Mandarin Blueprint.

Kind regards,


Michelle Eason from Email

I know MB is awesum but I have let it slip. I will start again but my question is what is the minimum amount of time I need to spend each day so I don’t get that leaky bucket learning! ?! Thanks


Michael from Email

Hey, Luke and Phil

As usual, your communications are “spot on”. I know it’s a promo, but you guys have the knack of personalising your messages and keeping me engaged in my Mandarin journey. I like the sound of the Mandarin Immersion Masterclass – which seems to have come just at the right time in journey. So, yes, I’ll be signing up for the emails.

My question about Mandarin – which I’ve been dying to ask for some time now (so thank you for the opportunity)…

From the beginning of the course, you have warned us (quite correctly) about trying to speak Mandarin too early and to concentrate on developing vocabulary and a familiarity with reading and writing 汉字. So, when is the right time (for those of us who are not living in a Chinese culture) to introduce speaking (apart from shadowing) into the lessons?



PS Did I just unintentionally ask a “Dorothy Dixer” that is answered with “Mandarin Immersion Masterclass” ?


Glenys from Email

Just want to know if it is better to think in Chinese instead of writing or thinking first in English and then trying to convert to English. For example I have written my traverse flash cards out because I feel that the pictorial prompts, although handy, are not actually making me learn the words. Sorry I know what I mean but its difficult to explain !



DALE from Email

Hi Luke and Phil,

I have a lot of trouble with the tones. I haven’t had time to study Chinese (as much as I desperately want to) over the last few years due to work and family commitments but will be getting involved again soon but tones is the big mountain for myself thus far.



Susan from Email

It’s okay to learn mandarin but because you have no-one to talk to you in mandarin, I believe it is more difficult to understand and respond, without a buddy, so to speak, or would you disagree?


Katya from Email

My number one question:
I have never lived in an English-speaking country, and yet my English is almost at native level, so much so that I write technical documentation for my company (a Canadian company).

I keep hearing people say that it’s impossible to attain this level of proficiency with Chinese unless you live in a Chinese-speaking environment for at least a few years. Is this true? I know for a native Spanish speaker English is a lot easier than Chinese, but I managed my level of English through consuming a lot of native English content and through online conversations (both spoken and written) with native speakers. My hope is that, through this same amount and quality of practice, my Chinese can one day become at least as good as my English.

Really curious to see what your immersion course is all about!


Teodor on Building the Chinese Habit (This Video is Life-Changing!)

Great video! I’m pretty fascinated with habit building in general and have read a number of books on the subject (not Atomic Habits yet however) and you mentioning Michael Phelps as a habit builder is no joke. For those that doesn’t know, during the 200m Butterfly Olympics race water came into Michael’s googles, blinding him. But his trainer had instilled a habit in him to envision every race in his head, planning for every stroke he would make. Because of this, he was able to know how many strokes he had to make before making the final push to the finish. So he did, and not only won but broke the world record in the process.

This and a lot of other stories are told in the book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg which I really recommend.

Anyway, great initiative with this course, and I’m looking forward to continue!


Gavin Meakin on 最近 in Context

On another note, one thing I love about MB is that most of the questions I have as I progress through the course have already been asked by other members in the community. I can’t stress enough how valuable I find the comments section for each and every lesson. If I can use the mountain analogy from the start of the course, each lesson is like a signpost on the way up the mountain and each comment is like a set of initials inscribed on that signpost, reassuring me that others have already been where I’m standing now. I always find it very encouraging 😊


Lynn Ford on Welcome & Course Overview

OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! Very pumped for this course and I saw up ahead you have a Pleco tutorial I have been needing one of those for a hot minute. Thanks for always finding new ways to help us be successful!


Daniel Léo Simpson on Welcome & Course Overview

As an early-on lifetime member I’m so happy to be a part of this new dimension in learning Mandarin Chinese from two of the best experts in the field. Great job guys on a great new course!


Micaela on What is Fluency? How Long Will it Take?

Fastest, easiest, more fun … all important to many learners, I’m sure. But what impresses me the most about the MB methods is just how effective they are compared to anything else out there. And I say that having both college-level Chinese classes in the US as well as intensive Chinese courses in China as part of my language learning background. I have always struggled with listening comprehension the most so I’m definitely excited to dive into this new course!


Glenys on YOU DID IT!!!

I did it! Wow ! Thoroughly enjoyed the Pronunciation Mastery course. I have tried to learn on and off over the last 10 years with various methods but have always given up, This course has given me more confidence than any other. I have found going through each sound, and especially the tongue positions invaluable. I have also amazed myself with how much I have learned. I have been using LingQ to listen to short stories while I am driving and get very excited when I recognise words and know their meaning (without having to translate into English) I just know in Chinese …how cool is that. I have taken it slowly, written it all down, completed my Traverse every day, (this is an old brain here !) and I am really looking forward to the next step – characters here I come!


Nathan on Level 17 Complete

This past year has been very busy for me but I’m pumped to be maintaining my cards and steadily making progress when I can. After about 2 years I’m at this point doing about 25 minutes a day, on average 3-4x per week. I am planning to ramp it up, but to me the goal is not short term but long term, and it doesn’t matter how fast you learn all of Chinese as a challenge just to forget it a year later. I actually had a period of a few months last year where I was WAY behind on my anki cards… it was a bitch to get back into groove, I had to re-remember everything through lots of friction & pain… and that experience scared me into never letting it happen again 😂


Christopher on It’s a TRAP! You Can’t THINK Your Way to Fluency (Feat. Ethan Puzarne)

“But fundamentally, we are creatures that imitate each other and it’s just built into who we are, it’s built into our identity. Humans imitate one another and language is no different. Language is about imitation.”

There is so much about this which is true, with many kinds of behavior. As someone who has taught over 1000 children, when you finally meet the parents of the children, you realize why the child behaves the way the child does. I also believe that is why learning or teaching the skills of how to study language is far more important in that first period than anything else. When you apply that with the child’s absorbent brain, watch them develop at a pace you will be forever envious of at your older age.


Christopher on Welcome & Course Overview

Nice to be here on Day One too. Time to switch the devices to Chinese, and enter that cave. Thanks for providing some flashlights.

Gavia on Welcome & Course Overview

Happy to be here, looking forward to new ideas and better focus for immersion! Feeling a bit anxious about changing my phone to Chinese yet, but YES, I guess this weekend will be the time to do that!


Hannah on What is Fluency? How Long Will it Take?

Looove Khatzumoto!! I stumbled across his site three years ago when I was attempting Japanese, and his inspirational emails are still my fave. Never fails to motivate and/or make me laugh. A true legend -“tell your mom hi”.


Louise on How You’re Going to Get to Fluency

this is giving me a much more realistic view on the timescales involved, how many characters/words I need to learn and the important of the immersion. I’m at L44 of MB course so the timing of this is just perfect!! thanks!


Oscar 🤝 on Vocab Unlocked from 徒

What does it mean? The first part in particular makes no sense to me.


Micaela on Level 1 – Navigating the Desert

“Become comfortable with not understanding.” Done! I have spent many hours listening to Chinese and not understanding.

A serious question though, how does watching native content with both Chinese and English subtitles stack up? I have only recently started to watch Cdramas. I turn up the sound so I’m really listening and I also pay attention to the Chinese subtitles. Easier said than done because I also try to read the English enough to follow along. I often stop and replay parts when certain words or phrases catch my interest. Sometimes I even read the Chinese subtitles and/or repeat the dialogue when I realize I know all the words. Do you think this could still count as passive listening despite the overall reliance on English for comprehension?


Anjulee on What is Fluency? How Long Will it Take?

As I wrote in a reply in the MB community forum, this video is exactly what I needed. Although I have a routine Mandarin Blueprint study schedule, I am sort of just ‘floating’ along and I am progressing at a pace that is comfortable, but relatively slow. This has given me a framework to propel my study so I can achieve much more than I have been. You should see the motivational study plan poster I have created just from this video 🤩. 谢谢我的老师们.


Brian on Vocab Unlocked from 会: 机会 – 一会儿

Is there any functional difference between 一下 and 一会儿?


Gavia on Welcome & Course Overview

Done! My “Chinese phone” – the one I use Hello Talk and WeChat on – “speaks” Chinese now! Cool and a bit confusing, but definitely makes me read characters! Thanks for the encouragement!


Rick Angleland on Tutorial – Migaku – A Sentence Mining Power Tool

This was a total blast. I didn’t know about Migaku until now, but I’ve hankered for something like that for several years. Tried it out last night and didn’t get to bed until VERY late.