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82. How to Use 地

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The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online curriculum. Creators Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins answer questions and comments, discuss topics related to China and Mandarin learning and have special guests.

82. How to Use 地

0:00 Grammar Point

Grammar Tag: GW-Helper-How-地-Does-What-助词-地

Sentence 1:

司机慢慢地走了过来。 – Level 19

Sījī mànmàn de zǒu le guòlai.

The driver slowly came over.

Sentence 2:

这个学生在认真地完成作业。 – Level 22

Zhèige xuéshēng zài rènzhēn de wánchéng gōngzuò.

This student is studiously finishing the homework.

Sentence 3:

我的狗和小母狗可以开心地在一起玩儿了。 – Level 23

Wǒde gǒu hé xiǎo mǔgǒu kěyǐ kāixīn de zài yìqǐ wánr le. 

Now my dog and the little female dog can happily play together.

5:49 Miscellaneous

Tristan Knotts by Community

Congrats on the first big step of starting the journey of learning a new language, and it is just that, a journey. As you’ll continue to see throughout the course, Luke and Phil not only have an incredibly effective approach to learning Mandarin, but they also serve as excellent coaches along the way. Each day the goal isn’t to learn X number of characters or watch X number of videos, it is to just make a step in the right direction, no matter how small. 

Keep it up, as it definitely becomes habitual and much easier!


Richard England by Email

hi guys
i came across this sentence:我看不见。
rather than I would have expected  我不看见。as I thought 看见 went together as a word.
So is this a general pattern – of putting 不 before the second character in a two-character word?

Richard England


Anouk Duquette on Mandarin Finals: Categorized

You guys seem great. I am currently learning by myself and of course seen countless ads for courses online but never subscribed to one until now and my gut feeling is usually right!! Ive been told I have a great accent from Chinese native, probably because I am french so the vowels are said more or less the same way^_^ But I am learning Japanese as well and it is so hard to find really good courses from french to Japanese or Chinese. Still actively looking for detailed verb grid with all the tenses, if anyone can help! Even in English, it is practically my first language as well.


Taruke on The 3 Main Factors of Pronunciation Part 1: Hearing

I’m excited to learn! Love everything so far. Looking forward to not having any bad habits from the get go!


Al (泰光) Roy (王) on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 儿子 – 日子 – 勺子


Just wanted to say her that I was actually able to read and understand that, as well as hear it in my head, as is, with no Google Translate. It felt pretty cool being able to do that! Had to read through it a couple of times slowly to be sure, but I got it.

Cool beans! I feel very encouraged by that.


Nicole Murphy on Problem Initials Z & C (and S)

I’m loving this course. I have already heard a huge improvement in my pronunciation. I now understand how to produce some of the sounds I was struggling with. Thank you!


Tyler Liggins on Anny 老师 Review: Nasal Final IONG (YONG)

I really am enjoying the enthusiasm and the visual way Anny helps to emphasise her face to bring character to the reviews it has gotten more vibrant through this course. It’s fun you can almost feel the expression and conversations…. for lack of better words… To also mention I feel it may be a dialect thing for the yo-yo but I feel it is more a male and female pronunciation thing, Because there are subtle differences even in Anki when you hear Anny


Neil on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 问题

isn’t the 嗎 in the 你有什麼問題嗎 superflous? (I somehow thought that when you use 什麼 you don’t need 嗎)


Al (泰光) Roy (王) on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 话

So I’m going to guess then that 你太说话了 might mean, “You talk too much!” (?)


Jeanne Clayton on MAKE A MOVIE 干

is this too complicated? Gary Oldman in Japan outside my apartment in summer. He is desperate for water as his throat is dry. But he dies unable to ask for water in Japanese. It is assumed he is Christian and he is buried with a cross, but just in case he is Jewish a flat stone is put on top of the cross. This gives the shape of GAN

Is it a problem I have killed off my character so soon. And while I had the crucifix I did not use the razor blade.


Steve TW Rowley on  (BONUS) The Language Learning Tripod: Attitude

I am fairly fluent in a few languages and my main learning was being happy to make mistakes and not thinking I knew better. You only get to know a people when you live alongside them and forget your native tongue.


Huan Tran on Mandarin Initials: Categorized

I find it better to click every two minutes for the next video. That way you can focus on what you are learning and get better retention. It becomes easy to become a passive learner when the next video automatically plays. Very much like when you zone out whilst watching Netflix.


Stephanie Stone on BONUS: This Secret Will Put You LIGHT YEARS Ahead in Chinese

suggestions for reading/listening input resources? So many to choose from! What have been some of your favorites?


Oliver Barrett on Moving Forward: Shadowing

Hey guys, struggling to find shadowing material for the elementary level. Any suggestions? Wanting to start early before getting to phase 4


Neil on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 午饭

is there much difference between 吃了什麼 and 吃什麼了? (the first option was used in the previous lesson, “what did you eat for breakfast?”)

29:19 Course Updates

31:57 Movies

Dom Thomson on Make a Movie 还

He is wearing an elaborate ballgown and is being searched by a TSA agent.

He gets impatient and fidgety and the agent commands him to stay STILL (not the meaning but another connection).

The sun rises and sets several times as the TSA agent meticulously searches every inch of the long ballgown for days and days.

Hamilton finally loses his cool: “how are you STILL searching?!”


Neil on Make a Movie 员

The queen is sucking on a sea shell with her mouth, trying to suck out the member of her staff who’s hiding in there


Heather on Make a Movie 您

My ‘ni’ female actor is in the kitchen with Ron Swanson 亻and Moses 尔wearing FORMAL attire because they have a new-found RESPECT for one another since Moses saved ‘ni’ female actor from Ron in make a movie for 你. Suddenly my ‘ni’ female actor collapses and her heart 心 lays beating next to her on the floor, blood everywhere. Ron and Moses (on the left and right respectively) both go to pick up her heart to put it back into her chest but their hands knock into each other. Out of POLITENESS they enter into a “you first”, “no, you”, “no, you, I insist” back and forth which takes so long my ni female actor dies.



A finger and a Bee, fastest story ever for me!


Ija on Make a Movie 须

Keyword : Mandatory

Actor : Professor X in front of the entrance of my childhood home

Props : Dreadlocks, Papers being torn

Professor X was chilling in front of the entrance of my childhood home when he was served a notice from the government. There’s a nasty virus going around and he’s being called off retirement to serve the country.

He went on a rage and tore the notice into smaller pieces.

He sighed and eventually put on a military uniform and shaved the dreadlocks that he painstakingly grew during his retirement years to answer the calls for mandatory service.


William Edmeades on Make a Movie

Keyword: Disease

Actor: Jacinda Ardern (ji-) (New Zealand Prime Minister)

Set: Kitchen of Childhood home

Props: Superman (疒 – kinda looks like someone flying in superman pose), and Blow Dart (矢)

Jacinda is looking for a cure for COVID-19, so she needs a volunteer to infect in order to study how the disease works. So she asks the strongest man alive, Superman, to help her out. Jacinda blows a dart in him and Superman subsequently shows all the known symptoms of the disease, and is now in critical condition… Oops!

7 April, 2020