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126. Mr. T Loans His Hook Swords to Janet Jackson

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The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online curriculum. Creators Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins answer questions and comments, discuss topics related to China and Mandarin learning, and have special guests.

126. Mr. T Loans His Hook Swords to Janet Jackson

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14:37 Comments & Emails

Eleanor Todd by Community

I just watched the podcast with Christine; I’m aware of how much I need to improve my listening comprehension and wanted any help I could get. So it was that I laughed when I found that we kind of came come up with the same solution! 

What I did was create a new Anki deck that has the same note information as the “Vocab in Context” deck, but the front asks me to UNDERSTAND the audio, and produces the audio, the image I added when studying the sentence, and the top-down words. The back asks me to SHADOW the sentence and shows the 汉字 along with playing the sentence audio again.  There’s even a little flag I set if it’s a two-part dialog, so both parts can play on the front.

I really do think something like this is a good thing to add to the course.
This seems to have helped a lot; I’m starting to understand a good bit more in meetings with my Chinese coworkers!


Hank Elliott on Now Just LOOK at how SOLID that Foundation Is! Phase 5 Complete!

I have loved this course from the first day. I am reading entire stories in Chinese! I am Teaching English to young Chinese kids on line! I am on my way to actually learning this beautiful ancient language. 592 characters in less than 6 months. Crazy! I will be glad to do a case study, once I have reviewed all the stories and paragraphs a few more times and feel that Ive earned graduation from the foundation. I’m a little behind on a couple of the longer content items. But I will be plugging ahead into the intermediate in just a few short days. I am so so happy and excited! Thanks Luke and Phil!!


David Andlinger on 几千 in Context

I picked up the meaning of this sentence in an instant! Your Method is really really good, I am literally blown away.


Tofu Meow on Pick a Prop 完

Pro Tip: Use gifs vs still images on occasion when pasting in props into anki.

It’s not for everything, but having a gif of a fluttering checkered flag solidifies the prop quicker & makes it more memorable.


Soren Korsbaek on Vocab Unlocked from 迷

I can’t work out the meaning of the last sentence and Google Translate isn’t very helpful – just flagging in case it’s useful to know (Y)



Kate Gans on Vocab Unlocked from 尤: 尤其是


YOUr T-SHirt is Especially cool.


Kate Gans on Vocab Unlocked from 成: 完成 – 成长 – 变成 – 成为 – 成人

FYI: image search on last item is Not Safe For Work!


Hank Elliott on Vocab Unlocked from 洋

大西洋Atlantic Ocean
I love it. Big Ocean to the West. How many Americans immediately picture the wrong ocean??? haha


Gavia Arctica on Pick a Prop 至

Abstract meanings are always hard to visualize and remember. The first thing that came to my mind was “until the cows come home,” and Google found me a picture of some cows on a beautiful tropical beach and a text “I´m on vacation until the cows come home” -so for me, this prop will be a cow.

I somehow really enjoy that image, those cows definitely look like they won´t be coming home any time soon, if at all, and I wouldn’t either if I could travel anywhere right now (2021, Covid time…) so this abstract meaning immediately became one of my most memorable scenes. There are more things going on in the movie but it’s the cows on the beach that are the key for me to remember this. 🙂


Roland Kofler on Unit 9 Unit Wrap-Up

Cha2 vs zha2 is very hard for me. I reviewed the spreadsheet with “Simple Final A” and it seems like “cha” becomes a “ts-ha” sound and “zha” is a “ds-ha”. Which is nearly indistinguishable for my ears. Any comments?


Alexander Greenwood on 能力 in Context

I was just wondering if this sentence, 你自己有能力工作吗?, could imply the connotation, are you able to work by yourself? (i.e. individually rather than within a team) or is it solely asking about ones ability to work


Kate Gans on 土豆 in Context

In the sentence


Do I understand correctly that no conjunctions or commas are needed here between 土豆 and 牛肉?How do we distinguish separate items in a list if we don’t use commas?


Christine on Vocab Unlocked from 巧

这个箱子很轻巧,连小孩子都提得动 I don’t really know what the function is of 连 in this sentence?

58:03 Movies! 

This blog post explains the theory behind Movie Scenes and learning characters.

Robert Toms on Make a Movie 耳

I think I’m gonna have some trouble remembering which parts of the Eye are elongated, so I made a scene with its constituent parts.

A giant Nail (丁) falls from the sky into the bedroom of my childhood home, piercing the Monty Python God (上) through the EAR and thudding heavily into the floor. Jackie Chan leaps into action to free the Monty Python God, chopping off the affected EAR with a machete (一). Now without his EAR, the God has his head wrapped like Van Gogh, who is my prop for this character.


Ric Santos on Make a Movie 传

Sometime ago Chu-Actor invited Chuck Norris 亻 and James Bond 专 over a drink in the kitchen of the -an set. Chu- actor begs of them to pass on some of their special talents to him, like some martial arts moves and acting tips…before they pass on to the next life. So they spent the whole day showing off and passing on to him some of their karate moves.


Ric Santos on Make a Movie 转

Now Zhu-actor, in the basement/garage (3rd tone) of the -an set, buys the special-edition car 车 of James bond 专. Here are some of the features he likes: it can smoothly shift 转 itself to boat mode and dive into the sea, or change 转 to flight mode and fly; The car 车 can turn right 右转 or left in an instant, or even make a tight u-turn 转变. After the sale, they faxed 转发 the transfer of ownership 转让 of such a special car to him。


Ric Santos on Make a Movie 供

In the -ong set outside the entrance, G- male actor brings out a big wooden hammer ( 亻)and square gong mounted on an easel (共). G-actor strikes the gong! And suddenly Chuck Norris ( 亻) appears with 20 (廿)of his staff and crew in one 一 scene. Chuck Norris announces that he OFFERS (提供) to distribute to them all his earnings for the past 20 years in one (一) go …and divide 八 all of it equally among them. So, it can be said that Chuck Norris truly provides (供) for his people very well, ensuring they have enough supply(供应)thereafter. Then, another strike of Gōng and they all disappear! G-male actor reappears amidst the smoke and carries away the wooden hammer and the easel he furnished 供 earlier as props…while slowly fades the gōnging sound in the background.


Ija on Make a Movie 极

I used to have a lot of trouble remembering the keyword for this character, but then after learning that 北极 is the extreme north, a.k.a the north pole , it was *extremely* easy to remember.


Hank Elliott on Make a Movie 鲜

Key word: Fresh
Actor: Xi. Xena Warrior Princess (yes I know xi is supposed to be
a real female, isn’t Xena real in all our hearts?)
Set: My daughter’s friend Andi’s House
Location: Front yard
Props: Moby Dick, Sheep

Xena is outside of Andi’s house trying to decide which stinks more, whale meat or sheep meat. But since they are both so so FRESH she can’t decide and eats them both!


Hank Elliott on Make a Movie 愿

Keyword: Desire
Actor: Yara Greyjoy (all my Gods or leaders are GOT folk).
Set: Daughter’s friend Andi’s house
Room: Bathroom
Props: Artist ORIGINALLY known as PRINCE, Heart

Yara Greyjoy walks into the Bathroom at Andi’s house only to find the artist originally known as prince dressing in there. Of course she wanted him as do all women and men. Her. DESIRE was strong because he was naked singing a love song and his sweet loving hot heart was bare for all to see.


Nick Sims (戴燚)on Make a Movie 采

Deathly afraid of heights, Chris Rock (c-) is in the bedroom at Grand Ma Groves’s (-ai) climbing up to the top of the 15 feet tall Xmas tree (木) to put on the star. To him it feels like 1000 ft high. Once he gets up there he feels what be believes to be eagle talons (爫) PLUCK his hair and he falls to the ground.


Georg Lohrer on Make a Movie 精

Julia Roberts steps out of my eng-site carrying a bowl of rice she wants to REFINE. She would have never expected that someone has placed a bucket of sapphires in front of the entry. She quickly takes the jewels and mixes them with the rice. That’s a pretty good REFINEMENT. Hopefully nobody has seen here. She hastily sneaks back into the house to hide herself and her special REFINED rice.


Nick Sims (戴燚)on Make a Movie 借

Janet Jackson (ji-) is in the bathroom at Barton (-e) meticulously watching Mr T(亻) practice Kung fu for hours with his hook swords (龷). He practices from the evening until the sun (日) rises the next day. After three days, Janet finally asks…may I BORROW a pair of hook swords to practice with you? Mr. T agrees and they practice together.

9 February, 2021