Alex Heslop Case Study

Unlocking the Mandarin World with Alex Heslop

Podcast Duration: 00:55:00
Unlocking the Mandarin World with Alex Heslop

Alex Heslop used to work at a company that had a lot of clients in China. Before he knew any Chinese, he thought their emails came across as rather blunt and rude, but when he met them in person they seemed quite friendly.

After checking with a Chinese friend, he discovered that the direct translations of their “blunt” emails were, in fact, missing a great deal of nuance. This taught Alex a valuable lesson about how important fluency and literacy in Mandarin Chinese could be for him.

Despite moving on from that Job, Alex discusses how he’ll still find Chinese useful in his new professional field. Alex is also a fluent French as a second language speaker, and he discusses how much it has helped him.

Other topics we touch on:
– “China Days”
– Connecting with people through a second language
– Stories of traveling in China
– Pronunciation Mastery
– Alex’s Chinese learning experience before finding Mandarin Blueprint
– The initial intimidation about learning thousands of characters (and how it quickly dissipated)
– Being “not very creative” but still finding The Hanzi Movie Method simple
….and much more!

We really enjoyed chatting with Alex, and we’re sure you’ll find it helpful.

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