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What if You’re Way More Capable Than You Think at Learning Mandarin? Interview with Keith Travis

Podcast Duration: 01:29:47
What if You're Way More Capable Than You Think at Learning Mandarin? Interview with Keith Travis

Here is a link to Part 1 of Keith’s Interview

WOW! Keith changed our perception about how fast someone can go through The Mandarin Blueprint Method. He achieved unbelievable feats such as LEARNING 1000 CHINESE CHARACTERS IN 11 DAYS (holy smokes).

We had a wide-ranging discussion that we KNOW you’ll find valuable. We covered topics like:

-How to approach the HSK tests
-Keith’s success with MB leading to him easily passing the HSK 4
-MB being analogous to the Hubble Space Telescope
-“The Chinese Room Test”
-How knowing how to read helps with the listening section of the HSKs
-How Chinese gives you multiple clues to the meaning of unknown words
-“Going shopping for words”
-How emotional context can help you learn even complex or highly specific vocabulary
-“If you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.”
-How MB makes the “soil” easier to break ground
-Noticing vs. producing
-How did he manage to learn 1000 characters in 11 days (and why he thinks it could have been even faster)
-How “fur-bug” could teach a whole character in seconds
-The efficiency of moving quickly through psychological chunking
-The Hanzi Movie Method on Steroids
-Why half-baked mnemonic ideas are still excellent
-The MB Community and why it helps for different types of learners
-Why your initial instinct is often enough to learn a character
-How Keith does extra reviews
-MB is what we wish we had
-“I think MB could be used to teach Mandarin to Chinese children.”
-How your brain rises to the occasion when speaking your target language
-Why a girlfriend/boyfriend isn’t as helpful as you think to practice speaking
-“Don’t turn it off, turn it down”

…and much more!

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