Yann Massard Case Study

Yann’s 4th Language is Mandarin, How Is It Learning the MB Way?

Podcast Duration: 00:56:59
Yann's 4th Language is Mandarin, How Is It Learning the MB Way?

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Yann, from Germany, is already fluent in three languages (German, French & English), and about a year ago he decided that Mandarin Chinese was the next challenge.

Why Chinese? Well, Yann has taken note that the way China is portrayed in the western world vs. how it’s portrayed in China is, to put it mildly, quite different. What better way to get a clear view of the country than learning the language?

Yann is a computer programmer working for a start-up, and while he’s in no rush to learn Chinese, he’s sure that it will be applicable when he reaches the advanced stage.

Since starting Mandarin Blueprint, Yann has achieved a great deal of success (as well as providing a bunch of great questions and comments on the course platform). We discuss his progress, what he still has yet to learn, and how to maintain a positive attitude moving forward.

Yann’s a smart guy, and it was a real privilege to have him on the show. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

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