Episode 160 - Your Life Raft for Mandarin Chinese

160. Your Life Raft for Mandarin Chinese

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The Mandarin Blueprint Podcast focuses primarily on The Mandarin Blueprint Method online curriculum. Creators Luke Neale & Phil Crimmins answer questions and comments, discuss topics related to China and Mandarin learning, and have special guests.

160. Your Life Raft for Mandarin Chinese

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Ceri Woods on Level 19 Complete

oh my GOODNESS look I made it! Yes it took me longer than I wanted, but I totally made it to the end of this level lol, wanna say again – your course is fab, and you both explain things sooooo eloquently (unlike me in my sleep deprived state right now lol)


Clyde Rossouw on Welcome to Pronunciation Mastery! How to Approach the Course.

I’ve been prone to drowning in learning Mandarin so Blueprint is my life raft. Diving in!


Kolia on 办 in Context

那… 怎么办 ?? About 50 times per day at the office.


Brian Taulbee on Nasal Final UEN (WEN): 问 wèn,问题 wèntí,滚 gǔn

So is it fair to say that gu(3)n is something like “F**k off”?


Eve Boykova on Problem Initial SH: 是 shì as a Conjunction

I knew intonation played a role in general in mandarin speaking, but it so great to become aware of how it impacts real life speech in specific ways at this stage – makes for many more lightbulb moments during listening, big thanks for introducing it like this!


Xevithirus Adrastos on It’s a Word! 米

Interesting to note that a rice plant grows to about 3 feet, or 1 meter, so it’s an accurate analogy word to indicate the measurement of a meter :O


Jim Mcglennon on Special Effects & Memory Athletics

I’ve just begun my journey into the Hanzi Movie Method, and I’m back into long forgotten territory!. about 30 years ago I was going through a tough time and sought ‘self help’ techniques. I bought a book on “self Hypnosis”, and guess what?, it utilised the Memory Palace techniques!. The reason I’ve posted this is because all of us, worldwide have gone through a very tough period recently (the virus), you can, as I did, many moons ago, take yourself, in your minds eye to a far gentler, more relaxing place, and dramatically relieve your daily stresses and worries.

Blessings to you all !. ??



Ceri Woods on 慢慢 in Context


Possibly the phrase said most often to me as a child… nice to know how it would’ve sounded in Chinese lol! (I love getting sentences that appeal to real world me, I feel like I’m eventually making progress even if it’s a small thing!)


Cindy QTrinh Nguyen on Nasal Final ING (YING): 电影 diànyǐng,明天 míngtiān

Yes thanks for the video explanation! I love the ‘eeung’ “twang” when I hear it in Chinese dramas and have gotten used to shadowing that sound. Phil also made a great point that it reduces the chances of a learner mixing the ‘-ing’ sound with ‘-in’ (or sounding very similar to).


Kolia on BONUS: Connector – Saying ‘But’ with 但是 – 可是 – 不过

Is 可 also used as a shorcut for 可是 ? I feel like I already saw that (in instant messages maybe?)

18:15 Vocab Living Links

This section covers “Living Link” mnemonic techniques to remember Chinese words of two or more characters. Here’s a video explaining the theory behind it.

Jon McLeod on Vocab Unlocked from 因: 因为

I used an image of a chicken crossing a road BECAUSE it….[supply punchline].


Annette Bicknell on Vocab Unlocked from 运: 运气

The Chinese adopted, Japanese lucky cat you see in Asian store windows


Xevithirus Adrastos on New Vocabulary Unlocked! 身体

An old Chinese acupuncture diagram/poster of the whole body and all the points to stick the needles. Relates to both the body and health.


Chad Ressler on Vocab Unlocked from 难: 难受 – 难过 – 难吃 – 难看 – 难听

For 难听, I used a picture of fingernails on a chalkboard.


Tina Clark on Vocab Unlocked from 对: 对…来说 – 对不起 – 对面

I just found this cute song for 对不起:


Annette Bicknell on Vocab Unlocked from 会: 机会 – 一会儿

一会儿 : used a cartoon image of a child with a scrape on the knee and a star of pain emanating from it > the pain will go away in a little while


Xevithirus Adrastos on Vocab Unlocked from 来: 来自 – 上来 – 下来 – 过来

过来 has to be Scorpion from Mortal Combat saying “Get over here!” as he pulls people to him with his kunai.

Christine Miller on Vocab Unlocked from 来: 来自 – 上来 – 下来 – 过来

“Where did you come from, where did you go?”

“Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?”

12 October, 2021