Mandarin Blueprint Featured in China News! 中新社

Mandarin Blueprint featured in the news
Mandarin Blueprint Featured in China News!

Below is the English translation from the video of Mandarin Blueprint featured in China news. Further below is the original Chinese transcription.  

[synchronous sound] You can learn the vocabulary faster by reading this passage. 

  [narration]On December 3, surrounded by lights, facing cameras and microphones, and speaking fluent mandarin, the American young man, Phil, started recording a new video course. His studio at home in Chengdu is only six to seven square meters. But from 75-year-old senior citizens to 18-year-old high school students, more than 7,000 Chinese language-lovers from around the world learn from Phil’s courses through the Internet. And the courses are produced in this small room. For the past four years, Phil has often created online courses in here.

  Fans, black tea made from old tea plants, ink and wash paintings, Chinese elements can be seen everywhere here. Phil told the reporter that he loves Chinese culture, especially the Chinese language and characters. When Phil entered Sichuan University to learn Chinese in 2014, he tried many methods to memorize Chinese characters with his classmates. After several tries, he found a “secret recipe” suitable for foreigners to learn Chinese characters. Through this method, Phil passed the test of HSK-Level 6, the highest level of the Chinese proficiency test, in only two years.

  [synchronous sound] (Chinese language lover Phil) The Chinese language in and of itself is very interesting. Our learning methods are also very effective, we learned much faster than all of our classmates, so we wanted to share with them the methods that can make people learn Chinese characters very quickly. If you can learn Chinese characters, you will realize that the language is very logical.

  [Narration] The most effective of Phil’s learning methods, among others, is called 3D spatial imaging, which is to correspond the initial consonants, finals, tones, radicals, and meanings of Chinese characters with homophonic or meaning related objects, scenes, and actions. 

  [synchronous sound] (Chinese language lover Phil) We use the shorthand skill of 3D spatial imaging in teaching because it’s hard to remember the characters on paper. However, if we could visualize the components of a character, then use our imagination to turn them into an object, person, or place, we can better remember that character. 

  [Narration] Phil shared his “secret recipe” with other classmates without reservation, but from then on, he began to “teach people to fish”. A week before graduation, Phil obtained Sichuan province’s first Entrepreneurship visa by submitting his business plan and started his business. From the live in-person teaching in the early days to the later live webcast teaching, and to the current video course recording, his audience has spread all over the world, and the numbers are growing.

  In order to make the audiences learn Chinese more quickly, Phil’s team also collected various newspapers, magazines, and books, and built a large database of billions of Chinese characters. Every Chinese character can be calculated through big data to find out the high-frequency words that appear in daily life, and then give these words priority in the learning sequence. Phil said that so far they have completed 4,000 lessons and increased their team members to 10. He hopes to create a platform where people in all time zones around the world can learn Chinese together so that Chinese is no longer the most difficult language to learn in the world.

  [synchronous sound] (Chinese language lover Phil) Mandarin has about 420 syllables, 1200 (or so) if you include tones, but as a comparison, English has 16,000 syllables. In English learning,  the rules are vague and not unified, as the language has many origins. However, if you learn Chinese characters well, because Chinese is a very logical language,  a very unified language, the language is actually very easy to learn. Our greatest plan is to help humanity realize that Chinese is not the most difficult language to learn in the world.

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