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Our unique video curriculum The Mandarin Blueprint Method will get you to literacy and fluency faster than you ever thought possible.

The Mandarin Blueprint Method in Short

Learn Every Aspect of Mandarin in One Place
As you progress through the 6 phases and 4000 lessons of the course, you will learn how to pronounce like a native, how to read and write full stories, and how to speak fluently. Furthermore, all the content is laid out for you in perfect order, and all of the boring legwork is done for you.

Acquire Chinese the Natural (and Fun) Way
No more boring textbooks, teachers, or classes. Instead, you’ll apply a combination of patent-pending systemized memory techniques with a patent-pending “Optimal Character Learning Order (OCLO)”. All while actually enjoying yourself the entire time.

The Ultimate Personalized Learning Experience
You will learn the techniques of memory athletes. Creating connections to new characters and vocabulary based on people, places, objects, and actions from your own life. As a result, you get a 100% unique learning experience and it is super-efficient. Read through our posts below to find out more about The Mandarin Blueprint Method!