Chinese Grammar

You can acquire Chinese grammar easily through Comprehensible Input. Comprehensible Input means reading and listening to the content you can understand. You must see and hear words in the right context to be able to learn them. After just a few levels of our course, you will begin to acquire grammar by reading and listening to Chinese without the aid of Pinyin. Usually, doing this without the help of translation takes many months, even years. But with our course, it is now possible to go from zero to reading and listening in just a few weeks.

Chinese Grammar is easy

In addition, Mandarin Grammar is simpler compared to other languages. For example, Mandarin doesn’t have word form changes. English does this all the time (e.g., “go, gone, went” or “eat, eating, ate.” Chinese, on the other hand, merely adds characters to indicate these types of temporal distinctions. Much like English, many sentences in Chinese have a straightforward sentence construction. To learn all about Chinese Grammar browse through our posts below.