Study Motivation

In this category “Study Motivation” you will find an array of posts about overcoming study hurdles. These posts will inspire you and motivate you to continue forward on the path towards fluency & literacy. We’ve had a lot of students who say something like “this course is great, I just have been lazy, haven’t yet started with my character learning/grammar building, etc”. Should you expect yourself to have incredible willpower every single day to keep up with your practice? NO! Instead, you should focus on making new habits. Once a habit is formed, it no longer requires willpower to continue. An easy way to start building a habit is to attach the new desirable behavior to a previously created routine.

Break your bad habits

We ARE capable of creating new habits, but it is not reasonable to expect yourself to make several changes all at once. “The small game” is either a good habit you want to create or a bad habit you want to expunge. “The big game” is sticking to your series of small games over many years. To win the big game, you can’t try to win every small game in one fell swoop. So how do you keep your eye on the big game? Write out (literally) what you predict will happen if you A. Continue your bad habits & B. Drop your bad habits & create good ones. Read the below articles to find out more about Study Motivation.