Mandarin Pronunciation

Mandarin Pronunciation should be the very first thing you focus on when learning a new language. Proper pronunciation helps native speakers understand you, which gives you more confidence. Did you know that Mandarin pronunciation is far more crucial than grammar early on? Even with a limited vocabulary, you can still communicate well as long as you pronounce the words correctly.

Reaching fluency faster with Pronunciation

Connecting the sounds of Chinese to their written “Pinyin” spelling will allow you to read and type Chinese. Do you know what happens when you start reading, writing, and listening regularly? You reach fluency faster. With only 420 syllables (1200 if you include tones), the Chinese language has relatively little to learn in terms of pronunciation, especially when comparing it to the 10000+ syllables of English. Nail pronunciation and you’ll set yourself up with the fuel to take off like a rocket. Go ahead and browse through our articles about Mandarin Pronunciation to learn all about it.