Why Consistency Matters Most in Learning Chinese

how to learn Chinese language easily

If you’ve been studying Chinese for a while, you’ve likely experienced the ebbs and flows of motivation. One week, you feel inspired and immersed in study. The next, you struggle to practice as boredom or life gets in the way.

While inspiration comes and goes, consistency compounds over time. Without it, you risk falling into an endless cycle of starting over each time your motivation crashes. So how can you stick with Chinese and make studying an automatic daily habit?

You can read on for an in-depth breakdown of the best way to learn Chinese through consistency or watch this video, where Luke from Mandarin Blueprint walks you through everything.

How To Develop An UNBREAKABLE Chinese Study Habit

Become a Chinese learner

Becoming proficient in a language like Chinese is more about the journey than the destination. The initial step on this path is to adopt the identity of a Chinese language learner. It’s a mindset that transcends beyond short-term goals like memorizing a certain number of words or clearing language proficiency tests such as HSK 6. Instead, it’s about having SMART goals and embracing the learning process as a part of who you are, making it a lifelong endeavor.

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Now, let’s jump into the best way to learn Chinese. It’s said that immersion is key. You might have come across the notion that around 1,000 hours of immersion is required to reach a B2 level of fluency. While this may sound daunting, breaking it down into daily or weekly learning schedules can make the task more achievable.

And every interaction with the language, no matter how small, is a step forward. It’s about casting a vote toward your new identity with every study session. The more consistent you are, the more natural it will feel to be immersed in Chinese, making the language an extension of yourself.

Become a Chinese learner

So, do you learn Chinese easily? Well, okay, the term easily is relative when it comes to mastering Chinese due to its unique script and tonal nature. However, there are ways to ease the process. First and foremost, surround yourself with the language as much as possible. This could be through listening to Chinese podcasts or watching Chinese shows.

Consider joining a language learning community or finding a language exchange partner. Engaging with others on the same journey can provide motivation, expose you to different dialects, and offer real-world practice, which is invaluable in becoming proficient.

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Make study a habit

Creating a habit out of your study routine is the foundation for success as a Chinese language learner. Establishing habitual practices leads to a smooth learning curve, making the journey from a novice to a conversationalist a rewarding experience. Let’s look at how you can make studying Chinese a part of your daily routine.

Utilize cues, cravings, responses, and rewards

The habit loop, comprising cues, cravings, responses, and rewards, is a fantastic framework to mold your study routine into an ingrained habit. The cue triggers your brain to initiate a behavior, the craving is the motivational force behind the behavior, the response is the actual habit you perform, and the reward is the benefit from doing the behavior.

For instance, the cue could be your alarm ringing at a specific time, the craving is your desire to learn Chinese, the response is your studying, and the reward could be enjoying a Chinese podcast or show afterward.

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Obviousness is key

Make your study intentions clear with set routines and visual reminders scattered around your environment. Have a dedicated study space and keep your learning materials in plain sight. A routine like listening to Chinese radio while preparing dinner or reviewing flashcards with your morning coffee can seamlessly blend learning into your daily life.

Chinese learning

Make it attractive

The best way to learn Chinese is by associating the study with activities you enjoy. For instance, reward yourself with a favorite YouTube video after a reading session. Being a part of a Chinese language learning community also adds a social aspect to your learning journey, making the process even more enjoyable and motivating.

Ease into your study

Reducing friction points that deter you from studying is crucial. Have your study space and materials prepared so you can dive straight into studying whenever you’re ready. Utilizing a habit tracker can also visually represent your consistency and progress, encouraging you to stay on track.

Celebrate the milestones

Acknowledging your progress by celebrating small and significant milestones makes the learning journey satisfying. Whether it’s treating yourself to a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant after completing an HSK level or investing in fun new language learning tools, these celebrations reinforce your identity as a Chinese language learner and fuel your motivation to continue.

Adopting these practices can substantially ease the process of learning the Chinese language and make the journey enjoyable and fulfilling. The blend of consistency, preparation, and celebration positions you well on the path of mastering Chinese.

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Maintain consistency over time

The journey of a Chinese language learner is marked by a series of tiny, consistent steps leading toward a vast ocean of linguistic knowledge. As you venture deeper into the Chinese language, maintaining a steady pace is what will keep you on track. 

Let’s discuss why consistency is your best companion in language learning and how to keep the momentum going.

The mantra of mastering anything is consistency, and the case is no different for a Chinese language learner. You’ve got your habits in place, and now it’s about keeping the rhythm steady and fine-tuning your routine to ensure every day is a step forward. Here are some suggestions on how to keep the ball rolling.

Regular review and refinement

The best way to learn Chinese is by adopting a fluid routine that grows with you. Regularly review your learning habits, identify what’s working and what isn’t, and tweak your routine for better efficiency. It could be about transitioning from passive listening to active immersion or scheduling a weekly tutoring session to hone your speaking skills. The trick is to keep evolving your study routine to ensure it meets your learning needs.

Embrace new learning avenues

The journey to mastering Chinese is filled with a huge range of characters, tones, and grammatical rules. Dedicating time to learning new characters or tackling topics you find challenging is essential. It’s like adding new tools to your toolbox, equipping you better to express yourself in Chinese.

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Striving for “perfect” consistency

While the aim is to maintain a seamless study routine, life happens, and there might be days when you can’t dedicate time to Chinese. And that’s okay. Strive for “perfect” consistency, but be gentle on yourself if there are slip-ups. The key is to get back on track quickly and ensure you’re engaging with the language most days.

Avoid zero days

The idea is simple — never have a day where you do nothing related to Chinese. Even on hectic days, listening to a Chinese song, watching an episode of a Chinese TV show, reading a couple of phrases, or watching a short video can keep the language ticking in your mind.

Avoid zero days

The two-day rule

A practical tip to keep the consistency is never missing two days in a row. It’s a safety net that ensures you don’t drift away from your routine. Missing one day is a hiccup, but missing two can become a habit.

The path to learning the Chinese language easily lies in blending consistency with a flexible, evolving routine. The beauty of learning unfolds when you stay committed to the process, embrace new learning avenues, and ensure that every day is a stride toward becoming proficient in Chinese.

The blend of habitual study with a forgiving, forward-moving approach makes the work of Chinese language learning rewarding and enriching.

Consistency takes time

Becoming fluent in Chinese means dedication extending over months and even years. But, by seeing this journey as a lifelong endeavor intertwined with your identity and implementing strategies to build sturdy habits, achieving consistency becomes within reach. The focus should be on the process, and rest assured, the results will naturally follow.

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