Chinese Characters 101 (Part 2): The 12 Stroke Order Rules

This is Part 2 – The 12 Stroke Order Rules

Handwriting characters is essential as a means of developing muscle memory to further enhance your retention of Chinese characters. It’s also very useful to be able to write Chinese by hand in certain situations. Just to be 100% clear, though, we do NOT advocate rote learning!

We just recommend writing them out once or twice while learning or reviewing them for the reasons stated above. In order to write characters in a remotely legible way, you need to follow a clear set of rules. There are 12 stroke order rules you need to follow. Here they are one-by-one:

Rule #1: From Top To Bottom

Stroke Order Rule #2: From Left To Right

Rule #3: Horizontal Before Vertical

#4: Diagonals Right-To-Left Before Diagonals Left-To-Right

#5: Outside Before Inside

Rule #6: Inside Before Outside

#7:  Inside Before Bottom Enclosing

#8: Center Verticals Before Outside “Wings”

Stroke Order Rule #9: Cutting Strokes Last

#10: Left Vertical Before Enclosing

#11: Top Or Upper-Left Dots First

Rule #12: Inside Or Upper-Right Dots Last  

Thanks to ArchChinese for this list and thanks to for the images!

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7 March , 2019
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